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Cuckold now night continues

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Default Cuckold now night continues

I watched as my wife walked out of the family room her night gown lifting up with every step showing the bottom of her firm tight sexy ass. She turned at the archway and blew me a kiss then disappeared down the hallway. I sat in my recliner turning the channels on the the tv with a raging hard-on I waited a few minutes and couldn't wait any longer. I snuck down the hallway where I found the light on outside our bedroom door. I peeked in the dimly lit bedroom there I saw Billy totally naked with his back facing me his ass thrusting into my wife I could see her legs on either side of his shaking with every thrust.I noticed a tattoo of a grim reaper on his left shoulder blade holding a sickle on the other a lady in a bikini smiling ,almost mocking me with her sexy eyes. He began to us long hard strokes, my wife reached behind and tried to slow his thrusts with her hand on his hip but finally gave into him and pulled her arm back to balance herself under his assault, I could tell she had totally submitted to this man physically and emotionally by the moans and purrs that came from her. His thrust slowed and then stopped he pulled his cock from her and turned to sit on the bed i could see his thick cock had left her pussy gaping open, she stood up ran her fingers thru her hair to get it out her eyes, her stocking was all that remained on her otherwise naked body. RIDE MY COCK BABY, he told her. She climbed upon his thick cock leaning over kissing him deeply while he tugged and slammed her ass down on his cock .she kept kissing him as he mauled her ass squeezing pulling her cheeks apart. she then broke her kiss and sat up riding his cock reaching behind and squeezing his balls almost begging for him to explode in her. CUM IN BABY CUM IN ME PLEASE BABY, I WANT IT PLEEEEEEEEASE . Over and over till Billys legs straightened out under her , she kept rubbing and squeezing his balls to get every drop of his seed. she pulled herself off his cock and laid next to him and started yelling my name. I sneaked back down the hall and then walked back into the doorway.she looked up at me and asked me to get them another beer. I walked back to the kitchen and retrieved 2 beers when came in the bedroom Lynn was laying over Billys torso kissing his belly rubbing his now soft cock even soft it was thicker and longer than mine totally erect. Billy leaning on the wall next to the bed retrieved a small wooden box from his jeans and pulled out a small one hit pipe smiling at me while hitting the device he sad, Just like high school huh little man I'm still getting the girl.He took a big hit and pulled my wifes head up to him she put her mouth to his as he released the smoke into her mouth. Hold it in girl that's it he told her. as she coughed and gagged releasing the smoke from her lungs.Damn I woulda came in visited you guys a long time ago if I new you're wife was such a freak Billy said to me.Lynn reached down stroking his cock as she kissed him hard n deep throwing her left leg over his rubbing up n down the length of his leg. Billy broke there kiss n forced my wife head down to his cock as she eagerly began reviving his cock. You're wife can really suck a dick damn she was born to be cocksucker ain't that right Lynn ,my wife said yes baby without taking him from her mouth.She kept up her assault on his cock taking it deep, I could see the slobber in the corner up her mouth as she took his length in her mouth over n over Billy announced he was cumming n held her head down releasing his semen in her mouth, Cum was oozing from her mouth more and more appeared as she coughed n gurgled on his thick cock until he released her head and she pulled up as if she was drowning. She sat up trying to catch her breath as his cum ran down her chin onto her chest. She smiled and told me to kiss her, I slide onto the bed as she used her tongue to shovel his cum into mouth, swallow it she demanded I tasted his spunk as it swirled in mouth and down my throat. she used her finger to clean her chin and breasts of his seed and stuck the remains in my mouth telling me to suck her finger clean. I was so turned on by the humiliation I felt I came right there in my pants. Billy can't drive tonight hes gonna stay the night with me, you can sleep on the couch ok baby. I shook my head yes and left the bedroom to take my place on the couch.
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Wink Wow!

Your wife is some hot piece of ass. I 'd sure like to throw a fuck into her. WOW! I would eat a lot of pineapple ,so my cum would taste real good, for you.

Mark PS Ann would like to film it.
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That's a wild ass hot story!!!
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Love it. Love it!
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