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My sister

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Thumbs up My sister

You my have read in one of our earlier posts, that I have a sister. She is two years younger than me. Well. a couple of years after Mark and I got married and she was getting ready to get married. She had stayed with us occasionally and had heard Mark and me fucking ,in the room next to hers. She ask me about sex and even though her boy friend had fucked her, she knew that sex could be much more than a big cock going in and out and then shooting cum on your bare belly.

Well ,as we had been" VERY" close as young girls and teens I thought it would be nice of me to teach her a thing or two, to make her wedding night unforgettable , for her and her husband to be. We, Mark was in the room with us, pulled out some of our photo albums. We had taken hundreds of pictures. I leafed through these with her. We had pictures of everything you could imagine. Starting with nude shots of our friends and us. Shots of our friends with hard-ons. I told her about different cock shapes ( show and tell ), different pussy shapes and shades of color. We had pictures of us fucking.Me sucking a few different cocks. Mark eating pussy, mine and others. Daisy chains ,69s ,ass fucking and you name it . If we had done, we had pictures of us doing it.

She was getting quite turned on by the pictures and my descriptions of the acts. It was evident. She was wearing a thin night gown and the nipples of her medium sized tits were trying to poke holes in the material.And then it happened. Like a bolt from the blue. She said " I'm not sure how to ask you, but would it be alright with you if Mark fucked me. I'd like to learn first hand"? I was surprised ,to say the least. My little sister asking to fuck my husband. I looked at Mark, and then at her and at Mark again. He said " It's OK with me, if it's OK with you." I thought for a few minutes and then said. " I will let Mark fuck you under these conditions. NO KISSING,NO CONDOMS(you take his loads where ever he shoots them)(she was getting married in a week. no problem , and Mark did not get her pregnant) and you have to let me TAKE PICTURES FOR OUR BOOK. (today it would have been movies) I was a little surprised when she said" OK, LETS DO IT."

We went into the bedroom. We all got naked ( I didn't have sex with her, but I wanted to be ready just in case Mark had any left) I loaded both of our cameras and it was time for school.

First Mark played with her cunt to get her at ease. He had her jack on his cock to get him good and hard( as if he needed that ,He had taken her out a few times in high school.) He then had her spread her legs wide and bend her knees. He got between her legs ( I know she was ready for his nice big member to go into her. ) To her surprise, he put his head between her legs and started licking her cunt. She moaned and moved her hips to greet his mouth. A man had never licked her before. She loved it. he licked and sucked her pussy for a loooong time. (we weren't timing it ) Now and then he would tease her asshole with his tongue. I was getting some great shots for our book. He rolled her onto her belly, told her to spread and then licked her ass with with long, deep strokes. She kept trying to feed her ass to him by pushing it up against his mouth. He then got her back in the first position. Legs spread on her back with her knees up and bent. This time there was no surprise.(Mark told me afterward , that he was ready to cum, and he wanted the first one in her cunt) Her pussy was pretty sloppy by this time, NO SURPRISE THERE , his cock went all the way to his swollen balls. He started his long hard pumping, she was going oh!, oh! , OH!!!. over and over again.She bucked he pelvis hard and fast against him. He was Mark, doing what Mark does best. Her face got red, Her breath came hard , she screamed and whimpered. Mark let out a yell , and shot a massive load deep into her hungry pussy. This was the first real orgasm my sister had ever experienced. I'm proud to say, it took my husband to do it.

We all rested. My sister took a towel and wiped the up the cum that was running all over her crotch area. She even was nice enough to wipe off Mark's cock and balls. They were ready for more. Mark laid her onto her back. He pushed her legs apart and got on top of her. he had to work a little to get his cock into her mouth. ( she had never sucked cock before ) Once he got it in her mouth , he dropped down on her , with his mouth on her cunt.( the pictures I was taking were so good we could have sold them. ) He started fucking her mouth. I told her how to suck and use her tongue and teeth. In no time she was sucking my husband like she had been doing it for years. He pumped his dick in and out of her, by now, sucking, grasping mouth. He told her to quit sucking and to relax. Then with my coaching and his gentleness. he shoved his cock into her throat. she gurgled and squirmed, but I showed her how to go with it and soon he could stroke into her throat. Her husband was going to love that talent. Mark pulled his saliva covered cock out of her mouth, it was still hard as rock and bobbing like it had a life of it's own.She was catching her breath. She reached over to wipe it off , but Mark stopped her. She looked puzzled.

As soon as she had gained her composure, he told her to get on her hands and knees. He got behind her and spread his legs to straddle her ass. His rampant cock was still dripping with her saliva. He placed his slippery member in her ass crack and slid it up and down. he had her reach back and spread her ass cheeks. This dropped her shoulders down and pushed her ass up to him. He took his cock in his hand and pushed the swollen purple head into her asshole. It just would not go without hurting her. So because she is my sister I handed him the Vaseline. ( NO ANAL LUBE , BACK THEN ) He put a glop on her little pucker and greased his cock good. He then started pushing, with a lot of pressure on his part. And a lot of it hurts, it hurts on her part, the head finally popped into her. She sucked in a deep breath. He was pushing in and out with very short strokes, being careful not to let the head come out. His thrusts kept going deeper and deeper until he was almost all in her. By now she was pushing her bottom back at him. She was still going , UH! UH! UH! , but she was pushing back harder and harder. He grabbed he waist above her hips a yanked her back hard . His cock went in to his balls and with that he went,NNNNNNNNNNNNGHH and she went UGHHHHHHH . His cum load went deep into her asshole. There was no cum, until he pulled out , after a few seconds the cum came rolling out down over her cunt and ended up on ( GASP ) my side of the bed.

Well my sister had a great honeymoon. She never told her husband about her lessons. She didn't get pregnant from Mark. although see had a baby 10 months later (SWEAT SWEAT). Her husband was amazed at here natural sexual abilities. I got some great pictures for our book. Mark had a lot of fun.( last time with her ) There was one thing that I didn't like. I had to sleep on somebody else's WET SPOT. Oh yeah, when ever Mark needs a quick erection, he looks at those pictures.
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Red face sister update

My sister was here for a short visit today( she lives 150 miles from us ). Mark being Mark, Had to show her this site. He also showed her the post about her. When she gets home. she is going to sign up. She remembers the whole encounter and says that our lessons served her well over the years ( she is 69 yo. ) We will try to get her to come back and spend some time with us, later this summer. ( her husband passed away two years ago and she lives with her kids ) Maybe Mark will get a second shot at her pussy after 50 years. I wouldn't mind .

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love it, you should always do what you can to help your siblings through life, well done
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You taught her well! Now they'll get a second crack at it after 50 years? wow
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