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NYU GIRL at a party! ;)

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Jack Jetson
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Default NYU GIRL at a party! ;)

For those who didn't see my introduction. I am a 21 year old highly sexual guy living in NYC! I am somewhat into the party scene at NYU but not a student. But know many who go there.

The night started off like any other. Just getting out of work and ready to go to a party in brooklyn. I walked with a swagger and confidence knowing that i go for what i want and no one can stop me. I stopped by the liquor store to pile up on the alcohol and headed to the party. I walked in and the music was blaring loud and all my friends cheered when i walked like a big italian family. I went around talking to everyone. Meeting everyone new. I was talking very loudly to a friend of mine and this HOT asian girl standing next to him shouted "WHO ARE YOU??" in a flirtatious way. I smirked turned to hear and said "guess." she got this shocked look on her face and said "Thats bold!" i continue talking to my friend and this girl is hovering right behind me. I then turn to here and we chat and I say "You look like you would be terrible in bed!" she shrieks "WHAT THE FUCK?! NO I AM NOT! I AM AMAZING" (I am very aggressive and bold and will say pretty much anything) I teased her for a good 10 minutes and everyone in the party was constantly coming up to me asking me how i am talking to the hottest girl there. I say "ITS ME GUYS!" several times throughout the interaction she says "I am single and ready to mingle." DING DING! Her friend is very drunk and is trying to flirt with me too. I pretty much ignore her and say with confidence oozing out of my mouth "Meet me outside" I don't even look at her and walk out to the front of the house. I stand agains the brick wall like some james dean poster. She walks out looking for me. She is dripping with desire for me but she doesn't say it. I tell her "You are looking at me like a fat kid looks at a cheese burger" she laughs and hits my arm. I cup her waist and pull her in to me. My hand just above her perfectly formed ass. We make out. I am teasing her lips making her ache for more. I bite her lower lip she bends her knees and lets out a sigh. she goes for my cock and i swat her hand away. I tell her "We better go back inside before people get the wrong idea." we walk back in and i slap her right on the ass as we go through the doorway. Her silky black hair hypnotizing me as we walk to the backyard where everyone is at. I chug some drinks with more friends and tell them i am heading out. I tell her lets bounce

We are walking to the subway and I mention how i have to get up really early in the morning and if it would be alright for me to crash at her dorm. She says "yeah no prob"

We are on the subway making out at 2 am. I am continuing teasing her. Telling her "You are so going to get whats coming to you" she is moaning on the subway. we are in the corner seat. she several times tries to go for my cock and i move it away. we get to NYU and go up the elevator. I grab the back of her hair and slam her against the elevator wall and makeout aggressively. Kissing her neck all the way up to her ear lobe. she is moaning loudly. Saying "I am so wet!" "I need to be FUCKED!" I run my hand along her leg as we walk down the hall towards her dorm. We walk in and we can't control ourselves as we are making out and knocking things off her desk. she goes for my cock and i tell her "Your a dirty girl and you don't get my cock". She starts loosing it and clawing at me with sexual desire. I bend her over her desk. Her firm ass staring right at me in tight tight short jeans. I spank her ass with my hand and say "You are going to be my naughty little slut tonight" she moans loudly "FUCK YES" I begin teasing her again saying "I dont know.. your such a little girl.. can you take all of my nice hard cock!" she starts squirming and begging for my cock "YES!! OH YES!! GIVE ME YOUR COCK!" She gets on her knees and i tell her to start tracing the outline of my cock bulging through my jeans. she is licking her lips aching to taste it. I say i am about to eat her out if she doesn't go for my cock now! She starts ripping through my jeans trying to get my cock out. My cock is soo hard and huge when it pops out. She right away puts it in her mouth and sucks like crazy. her head bobbing up and down on it. I start talking dirty to her. "You like that big cock in your mouth dont you?" barely able to speak she nods her head and sucks even hard. "Oh yeah! Suck that dick!" her black hair waiving around as she goes buck wild getting it all in her mouth.. licking it up and down.. sucking on my balls... my cum is about to blow. I push her off and pick her up and carry her to the bed..

I throw her on the bed and get on top of her and unbutton her jean shorts sliding them off. Her shorts are wet from her pussy dripping through her thong. She rips my shirt off. I pin her arms down and she can feel my hard long cock touching her bare thighs and she keeps repeating "fuck me. fuck me. fuck me." Her C cup tits are practically bulging out of her tight shirt. I take her shirt off and start to lick her neck and chest sending her over the edge. Her nipples are SO HARD! i kiss and lick and suck everwhere but her tits. she is thrusting them into my face. Eventually i take them in my mouth and she starts screaming "OH GOD. OH GOD YES" "SUCK THOSE FUCKIN TITIES". I start fingering her SOAKED pussy and she is moving around like crazy.. grabbing me.. tearing her sheets up.. She starts to cum all over my fingers and the bed.. SCREAMING IN ORGASM! I am talking dirty in her ear the whole time "Your pussy is soo fucking wet! I need to fuck you hard for being such a filthy girl" "I am going to do such awful things to you"

I press my cock up to hear tight fucking wet pussy while she is still cuming. "Do you want my cock?" she replies "OH GOD YES PLEASE STICK YOUR HARD COCK IN ME" I say "I am going to make your pussy EXPLODE" Right as i say that I enter her pussy. It is soo warm and tight around my nice hard cock. I start to fuck her missionary. Her tits are bouncing everywhere as she is still cumming from when i fingered her. I fucked her right into another orgasm. "You like that big fucking cock don't you"


I spread her legs wide with my strong arms and fuck her deeper. "Spread your legs i am gonna fuck your pussy deep!" she is SCREAMING "FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARDER. OH YEAH FUCK THAT PUSSY UP"

I turn her around with authority and tell her to get on all fours so i can fuck her naughty pussy from behind. she obeys my commands and presents her tight pussy to me. I start fucking her doggy style hard! she starts getting really primal and dirty when i am taking her from behind.


I am really pounding her pussy now. Her amazing tanned firm ass is clapping against my dick. God it looked amazing. I grab a chunk of her hair and start fucking even harder saying "Your my naughty little slut and i am going to fuck you whenever i want!" she screams "GOD YES! THIS PUSSY IS FUCKING YOURS!" "YOU OWN THIS PUSSY" You can hear my balls banging against her clit. I tell her "You have been a bad fucking girl and i am going to teach you a lesson" I start spanking her ass while fucking her from behind. She screams "spank my fucking ass" I grab it and abuse it. I tell her when she comes again to scream my name. she immediatly starts cumming again. "JACK!!!! OH GOD JACK!!!!"

(people start banging on her door. the poor bastards. trying to sleep)

She gets really aggressive and pushes me back onto my back and starts to ride my cock. Her tits are bouncing up and down as she rides it hard. pushing her hands against my hard chest. I can tell i am getting really close to cumming. I tell her she is soo fucking sexy and i love looking at her body. She turns around with me still in her and starts ridding reverse cowgirl. Her nice ass going up and down on my dick like a stripper booty. I spank it hard and she goes crazy wild. I tell her she is my naughty little cum slut and she is going to make me cum. She starts ridding harder than anyone i have ever fucked and roar as i let out my huge wad of cum into her.

We collapse onto the floor off her bed and she says again "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU??"

We chat some more. she tells me its the best fuck of her life and wished guys would be more dominant and aggressive like that. she gives me her number and I run out the door.. can't be late for work.

1st of many more stories to cum...

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Looooooool great story! Part 2??
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Smile Nice start

Nice start . let's see more.
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Good Story!!!!

I have a friend at NYU!!!!
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El Suave
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Well played Jack
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very lovely
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good use of the c&f technique. the influence of master deangelo is very evident. well done sir.
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