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My Cheating wife caught.

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Default My Cheating wife caught.

Me & my wife have been married for about 7 years. She is 28 years old I am 32. We had pretty good sex life; my wife was a horny bitch when ever where ever she is ready to fuck. it took me quite a long time to find out she was cheating on me. It would not have happened if she had not fallen asleep that night.
I was late from work. it was around 1:30 am at night , I came and saw that my flat door was open , I thought my wife was giving me a horny surprise, it was a surprises alright I found her butt naked on our bed deep asleep covered all over with cum. She had been fucking a guy or guys because the amount of cum she had all over her face and body it could not have been one guy. I kept quit & went to bed beside her. I could not sleep all night. At around 7 am she woke up & saw me laying at her side sleeping, she jumped up & ran to the bathroom to wash herself. She came out after half hour & asked me when I had come last night & whey I did not call her, I Said she was so deep in sleep that’s why I didn’t call her. Her face was full of the same question all day ‘did he find out? ‘And I was thinking who were the guys fucking my wife.

It did not take time to find out who the guy was. It was the two bachelors staying next door. And they have been fucking my wife everyday one after another for the last 8 months since they moved in to our next flat. In the morning when I left for work one of them comes and knocks at the door as soon as my wife opens the door he grabs her by her big huge breasts and strips her naked through her cloths on the door step & carries her to the kitchen table, my wife cries out oh! Ricky my husband just left pls fuck me I want to feel your huge cock in me oh! Pls fuck me. Ricky takes his huge cock and pushes it in my wife’s wet pussy. She cries out “oh! Yes fuck me.” Ricky fucks her real hard in the kitchen table, my wife crying out loud “ oh! Oh! Yes! Fuck ! yes oh ! oh ! fuck me harder Ohh! Yes ! oh! Oh! More! more ! oh pls pls fuck me harder oh ! oh! “My wife was in ecstasy, this guy was fucking her hard, balls hitting her ass. She would always tell me she wanted to be fucked like this, but I was more of a gentle lover I guess. Her beautiful boobs were dangling. Every time he finishes, he through his cum load all in her mouth and tells this is your breakfast and she sollows the whole cream and want to have more. Then he fucks her again this goes on for an hour or two. Until she is covered all over with his hot white juice. Then he leaves.
After two hours when she has finish with the cleaning of the house the other guy comes knocking at the door, this guy is a monster, as soon as my wife opens the door he jumps on her like a wild cat and strips her butt naked in seconds and puts his huge cock in her ass she screams in joy or pain I could not understand cause after 6 or 7 strokes she screams for more, the guy grabs her ass so hard and starts fucking her ass harder & harder as she screams for more & more “ oh! Oh! Yes yes! pls fuck my ass oh! Oh! Yes! Harder pls! I want to eat my shit oh! Oh! Yes more hard! Pls yes!” At around 10 minutes of the huge cock banging her ass you could see the shit turned to cream and pouring down her ass. He takes his huge dick out & turns her around in a second & puts it in her mouth before she could say anything his huge dick is down her throught. I have never seen my wife licking & swallowing her own shit from another guy’s cock so wildly. While she is licking the shit of the guys dick he asks her” how does it taste” she replies this is the best after breakfast snack she had ever had.
As soon as she is done licking the shit of his cock he starts fucking her wet pussy the doggy style, she scream as she come 3 times as he continues fucking her wildly for around one & half hour suddenly he puts her on her knees and asks her to beg for his cum. She loudly shout out “oh john pls pls I beg you give me your hot cum all over my pretty face pls pls I beg you”. Then he says “tell me that you’re a cheap bitch of your husband and you would do anything for a fuck”. “YES YES … I am a fucking horny cheap bitch of my hubby & I would do anything for a fuck, tell me what you want I’ll do it but pls pls give me your cum on my face” she begged. “ ok then after I finished pouring my cum on your face you will go to the balcony of your flat and show the whole world you fucking body that I just fuck and you face full of my cum & stay there until I finish my shower”. And he poured his hot cum all over my wife’s face. And like a obeying student my wife walked out to the balcony of your flat and stayed there butt naked fucked in two holes full of shit in her mouth and cum on face seeing the people on the street walking by watching her for twenty minutes while john took a shower in your bathroom.
This was a routine work of my wife & these two guys next door for 8 whole months. I would not have know if I have not fit a camera in the flat and stood outside the street where everybody who passed by could see her in the balcony, this was a week after I found out she was cheating on me.
This made me mad, so I wanted to punish my wife by beating her in her known game. So I checked in papers for guys who would fuck for money. I found three guys with huge dick and would fuck anything for money, so I hired them to fuck my wife as wildly as they can ‘NO LIMITS’. I also invited the two fuckers who had been fucking my wife for dinner one night. I told my wife few of my friends are in town I want to invite them with the two guys next door, because we have not been introduced yet as it has been more than 8 months they have moved in in apartment. My wife was more than happy to know that these two guys were coming as she did not anticipate what was going to happen. Because I knew as soon as all boys came in one of the two would not miss the chance of fucking my wife while I was in the house. I knew that john would be the one to start. I was the one to help them start just after dinner I asked my wife to show our family photo albums that we had in your bed room, john took the chance & requested to help her bring it out, I polity said “of course you can help her go ahead”, john didn’t waste a second, I could also see my wife’s eyes sparkle by the chance of having him alone in the bed room,
The bed room was right around the corner near the bathroom. As soon as they entered the bed room we all heard a sound that was clearly the sound of struggle, I called out “is everything alright honey”, I knew how fast john was with his hands, by this time he had already striped my wife butt naked while me and the other guys were sitting in the next room, my wife called out”everything is fine honey I just stumbled in to a huge dic……..” “ be careful honey don’t want you to get hurt”. By this time john had put is huge dick in my wife’s ass & started fucking her hard. He could not control himself the chance to fuck my wife in my house while I was sitting in the next room, my wife she could not control herself as soon as she saw both of them, her pussy became so wet that not only me but all others in the room could see it including the fuckers I hired to fuck my wife’s brains out.
It was around 10 minute’s john & my wife went to our bed room, I was pretty much sure that john had creamed the shit in my wife’s ass by now. To make sure the moment was right I slipped out of the group to peek in the bed room to see the situation. To my astonishment john was vigorously fucking my wife’s ass as hard as he can, the shit in my wife’s ass was already dripping down her pussy, thighs & tummy. John was continuously ordering her to scream or he will not give her his cock full of her creamy shit for her to eat, but my wife was biting her lips hard not to scream in pleasure she just managed to say “pls my husband is in the next room with his friends, they will hear. “ I knew this was the time Ricky needed to come in the bed room. So I want to the living room were Ricky & all the other guys were sitting. As he saw my coming back he asked to go to the toilet, I told him it’s just beside the bed room also added “ can you check on my wife & john while you’re there” Ricky know what was going on in the bed room, he tried his level best to hide the excitement in his face and said “ sure man”.
As he entered the room I knew that john had removed his cock out and put it in my wife’s mouth, while she cleaned his cock full of her shit Ricky finding the chance started fucking my wife hard in her pussy. She said out load in joy “oh! Oh! Guys pls fuck me harder I’ll go crazy tonight oh! Oh! Yes! Harder! Harder! Oh! Yes! “, “you fucking horr we’ll not stop tonight until you make us cum” Ricky cleared it out. I knew that is not going to happen in next one hour. But by the looks of it my wife had come already twice in the meantime.
Then it was just me and the hired fuckers waiting for their chance to fuck my wife. I gave john & Ricky 20 minutes more to fuck my wife then called out “honey have you finished? “She cried out “not……oh! Oh! Yet….. Ohh!... Dear….. yes! Yes! Oh!...... their almost…….. ohhh!... done…. “My friends also want to see you too; I am sending them to you.” I said. As soon as I said it the two of the fuckers jumped up and ran to the bed room. My wife cried out” ON!..... oh! oh! … yes!.... yes! Ohh! not now…. Oh! …. Dear….” But it was too late they had already entered the bed room and before she could understand who and what was going on one of the fucker started sucking her nipples and the pushed Ricky aside and started fucking my wife harder then Ricky, Ricky enjoying the moment started sucking her other nipple, as johns cock was in my wife’s mouth she could not say anything.
While me and the last fucker was waiting for the finial moment. All my wife’s holes were filled with huge cocks. One fucker & Ricky was in her mouth and john was fucking my wife’s pussy and the other fucker was fucking her ass. She had come 5 times already but these guys just started. With four guys fucking her in the bed room while I was sitting in the next room she tried her level best not to make any noise. With the joy of having four dicks fucking her harder every moment the pleasure was too much to be controlled. At last one hour of hardcore fucking she could not keep quite……
OH! MY GOD!....... OH!....OH! ….YES ! YES! ………FUCK ME HARDER BOYS!......OH YES !YES! ….. OHH! YES.. FUCK! YEAH!...... OH! GOD ! ….YEAH! ….OH!OH! FUCK ME HARDER. She screamed out so load that I thought people could hear her from the streets.
I and the other fucker went in the bed room. To my astonishment I saw my wife sitting on john with his dick in her ass, one fucker fucking her pussy on top of her, Ricky & second fucker standing on the bed putting their cock in her mouth. Seeing me standing in front of her watching her get fucked by 4 guys on our bed she cried out “I am so sorry my love I could not stop myself I am so horny, pls let them fuck me.” Then the last fucker jumped on the bed and helped the guys fuck my wife. Seeing this I could not stop myself I also joined them.
One after another all 6 of us kept on fucking my wife all-night long. The 3 fuckers were so good in fucking my wife ass that all the shit she had there poured down like cream on the dicks of the guys one finished and put it right in her mouth. To my surprise she ate all the creamy shit that came out of her. John , Ricky & me nonstop kept on fucking her pussy and filling her mouth with our cum, she ate all of or cum didn’t leave a single drop. I was wondering when she will say “enough” but I was joyfully speechless to see she did not stop for a single minute . she kept on saying “PLS!.... OH!.... OH!... FUCK ME …. MORE…. MORE OH !.... YES !.... YES!... OH !..... OH!..... PLS MORE ……FUCK MY ASS MORE……. OH!..... YES!.. YES!.... HONEY PLS ASKS YOUR FRIEND TO FUCK MY ASS MORE….. OH!..... OH!...... YES!.... RIGHT THERE OHH!... YES !......
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