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wife with stranger

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Old 06-02-2011, 03:12 PM   #1
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Default wife with stranger

I started fantasizing about my wife with other men after reading a penthouse forum I read about a wife picking up a black man and screwing him in front of her husband.
My wife Lynn and I married just out of High school and neither had many lovers. Lynn is 5ft 3 in 120 lbs blonde hair. She is not huge in the chest area 32B, her greatest feature is her ass, tear drop not huge but just right.
We always have enjoyed our sex life and partying with friends, she always has dressed sexy and loves and gets plenty of attention at bars. I love to show her off but at the same time I can get jealous.
I started of by telling her my fantasy during sex, it took awhile before I could get her into my fantasy but when she came around she would talk real dirty about fucking other guys and not just one guy but multiple guys,and even giving me examples of people we both know that turned her on.Anyway the MardiGras in a near bycity was coming up and I thought this would be a perfect time to put my plan into action. We took of on a Friday and rented a hotel outside the city and I told her lets go shopping and get us some new clothes for our weekend, knowing she just loves shopping.First we went to Fredricks and picked her up a black thong, strapless bra , garter and stockings all black, then she said she wanted a nice dress buying a short black dress just covering the top of the stockings and of course a pair of high heels to match. We then went to the MardiGras dressing casual in jeans. We saw alot of people we knew, and I thought this might not turn out well for me because i knew she would never want anyone she knew to see her with someone else.
we stayed till 11pm and I knew she was feeling tipsy I on the other hand wasn't, I would just sip my drink and throw it out when she wasn't looking. We started back to the hotel and I asked if she would like to go to a strip club she said sure, I then suggested we go back and change her into the new clothes and play a game where she would walk in 1st and I would come in a few minutes later she laughed and handed me her wedding ring and said well if we do this I can't have this on which instantly made me so excited I almost drove off the road.
After getting her dressed she put on her full length leather coat and we drove around to find a strip club. pulling in she got out of the truck and walked in the door. I waited for what seemed like a lifetime but was only 10 minutes. when entering I could not find her but then I seen her at the bar talking with a guy who looked like he was with a few friends.After a few minutes he took her hand and they went to dance in a portion of the bar that said couples only and had a black man in a Tux standing in front of velvet ropes. I was going crazy not being able to see what she was doing. about 20 minutes into this the black man went to the restroom I sneaked in and went to a back table not be seen, I was looking through the crowd of couples dancing and spotted her with him. He had her dress pulled down and was kissing her breast and she was rubbing his head running her fingers through his hair. Then he kissed her and I could see he was asking her something cause I saw her shake her head yes. He then lifted her dress and put his hand inside the front of her panties fingering my wife and kissing her. I noticed a crowd gathering around the velvet ropes watching all the action, when I saw face I knew, a young guy that worked with me. knowing if he saw me or my wife everyone where I worked would know. But I was so excited I didn't care. The music stopped and my wife and the man sit at the table in front of me when sitting my wife smiled at me. They again started making out and then the man grabbed my wife head and pulled it to his lap. I could only see my wife blonde hair going up and down as he leaned back.She then lifted up and kissed him, He grabbed her hand and took her over to my left where there where booths like you see at a restaurant but no table in front , he sat down as she stood in front of him as he fingered her my wifes legs where visibly shaking , then pulling his pants down he guided her on his cock. I could see her ass and legs shaking in excitement as he pulled her by the shoulders down on his cock. My wife began to impale herself on his cock over n over.
I was so excited and in shock that this was really happening. He then flipped her on her back pulled his pants up to cover his ass and slammed his cock into her fucking her as she wrapped her legs around him grabbing his ass. I could tell when he was cumming when her legs squeezed him into her. Giving her a kiss he climbed off her and went to the restroom. My wife quickly straightened her thong that was pulled to the side. I walked over to her not knowing what to say to her. she told me she was going to spend the night with who I found out was named Doug. and she would meet me at the Hotel in the morning. I said I can't leave you here, she said I'l be fine just go baby and reached up and gave me a kiss, leave now before he sees us . and smiled at me. For some reason I left and went to our Hotel. This is totally true and will have more to come.
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Old 06-02-2011, 11:27 PM   #2
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Fun night! I'm glad you enjoyed your wife having sex with a complete stranger. x
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Old 06-05-2011, 01:20 PM   #3
El Suave
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Sounds like a wild night! Were you cool with her leaving with him tho?
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Old 06-06-2011, 08:14 AM   #4
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Wow! Good story! Glad it worked out for you!!!
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Old 06-19-2011, 12:49 AM   #5
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Default Wow!

We have to catch our collective breaths on this one. My wife says she is fine with fucking in front of me. She just wouldn't leave with a stranger. But, hey. If it works for you that's cool.
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