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First time giving Road Head

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default First time giving Road Head

Another true story I wanted to share, enjoy!

So last night I was insanely horny, so I logged onto YIM and started chatting with some of the guys I chat with. As usual we just chatted about either the last time we hung out, or how bad they wanted to hang out. But poor them(or me?) I am staying at home currently so I cant host just anytime. But this guy was just as crazy horny as I was, and he's a married 32 year old, and his wife was outta town. So he was desperate. I thought about it for a long time, and finally decided fuck it.... So I got dressed in most of my girly stuff, (thong, fishnet thigh highs, pink DD push up bra,) and I covered up with a baggy hoodie and jeans and slip on shoes. I threw my lipgloss in my pocket, and stuffed my wig in my pants, and grabbed 2 water balloons. Then I told him to meet me outside my apts(gave him the building address, not my apt #, for safety) and snuck outside.

Once I was safely away from my apt unit, and standing in the shadows by the road, I slipped the water balloons into my bra under the t-shirt i had on under my hoodie, and put on some lipgloss and the wig. Within a few mins he pulled up in his car, and i got in. I immediately slipped off the pants and hoodie, revealing my body almost naked except for the thong, fishnet thigh highs, tight white t-shirt(with big boobs simulated quite well), shiny pink lipgloss and my blonde wig. It was a lil awkward cuz we hadn't hooked up before, but i could tell he was excited. I guided him to the dark empty parking lot behind some near by office buildings, and we parked.

He reached over and felt me up, commenting on how smooth i was and how girly my figure was for a boy. I sat up and showed off my bubble butt, and let him spank and squeeze it. Then he pulled his dick out through his pants and asked if i was ready to suck it. So, I leaned over and got to work. I always start with licking; licking the tip, the balls, etc. Get them really worked up. Then i like to suck gently on the head, and then suddenty surprise them by diving all the way down to the base. Showing them i can deepthroat like a champ. So i did that, and he gasped, his dick was as stiff as a rock. I felt his hand on my head, squeezing my hair and kinda pushing down.

I bobbed up and down, deepthroating him often, and licking the tip everytime i came to the top, and he started bucking. I had only been sucking maybe 2 or 3 minutes, when i felt his grip tighten, and he thrusted up, and exploded. A big gob of cum splashed the back of my throat, causing me to choke a bit and gag. I tried to pull back by reflex but he was holding my head in place, and i felt the rest unload in my mouth, splashing my teeth and my tongue. He held me there for a minute until it was completely empty, and i sucked a lil more, draining him, then he released and i pulled back. I licked my lips, and took a deep breath. He said "sorry bout that." I dunno if he was referring to cumming so quickly or holding me down, but either way i didnt care. It was hot He zipped up, I covered up, and he drove back and dropped me off. I threw the water balloons away outside and snuck back to my room.

Mission accomplished.
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El Suave
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lol he didnt try to feel your big boobs?

p.s. I'll move this thread to the "general" sex story section... since it is more appropriate there..
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Hi, I'm new here
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I am a CD. So this is technically a bisexual story. Right?
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Wink Hi

Them damn water balloons break very easy, get some silicone bags , they work much better ,and you stay dry.
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