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First time couple swap

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Default First time couple swap

John and I had always discussed possibly swinging with another couple. I enjoy watching porn that has this sort of thing happening. And I have been with another woman before, so of course John was eager to try with me. We had posted an advertisement in a swinger magazine that had local people close by. We soon got a reply from a couple that was only 6 miles away from us.
We replied back, with our naughty pics and waited anxiously for their return letter. We soon got their letter, with their pics and both of us enjoyed what we seen. We called them on the phone to meet in a local bar. We had our kids stay with my sister for the weekend, so we had the house to ourselves. We nervously went to the bar and waited for this couple.
They finally arrived, and seen us right away and walked over. We all introduced ourselves and had drinks and talked, mostly chit chat for the moment. They we a good looking couple, the man named Jim and the wife's name was Betty. I leaned over to John and whispered, what he thought of these two. He definitely approved, and asked me the same thing at which I said yes also.
We asked Jim and Betty if they would like to come over to our place, maybe play cards and get better acquainted. They replied sure and had them follow us to our house. We started playing cards, having some drinks. Soon the conversation got a bit more risque. Jim spoke up and said I was very attractive, to which John said back that Betty was also.
Jim had nicely asked us if they could have a moment together. We said sure and went into our living room. Soon, Jim and Betty returned, Jim said they were nervous and we were too. Jim asked if we would be okay with closed swinging. John and I looked at each other and knew what the answer was. So we said sure, and with that Jim and I went to the bedroom, while John and Betty stayed in the living room.
After Jim and I closed the bedroom door we both disrobed. He watched me as I lowered my silk panties, and removed my white see through bra. I watched too as he pulled his jeans down. Slipping out of his boxers exposing his semi hard cock. Jim laid back on the bed, getting comfortable. I slid next to him, running my hands on his thighs. watching his cock throb as I got closer.
I slowly grabbed his sweet cock, stroking it, watching Jim. He was looking down as my hand pulled on his fat cock. I slid up nearer to him, kissing him lightly on the neck, flicking my tongue softly on his ear lobes. Moving down kissing his chest, finding his hard nipple. Swirling my wet tongue all around his nipple, pulling harder on his cock.
After teasing his nipples, I kiss my way down. Holding his cock, my tongue finds his peehole, getting my first taste of his sweet juice. I remember moaning as I slid more cock in my mouth. Sucking his head, slurping all up and down his cock. Running my tongue down his underside and playfully licking his balls. His hand finds my ass as he caresses it. I part my legs more for him, his fingers probing my hot wet pussy.
He pulls on my thigh, as I lift my leg over his head into a 69. I continue making love to his beautiful cock as he starts licking my juicy pussy. I rub my lips up and down his face. His tongue teasing my swollen pussy lips, then forcing his tongue deep inside me, fucking me with his tongue. I suck him harder, pushing my ass down more on his face. Jim slides his finger inside me, fingering me, teasing my hard clit. I moan and pant as I get ready to cum on his face.
I cum hard, almost biting his cock. He sucks my pussy, eating all my juice. My hot slit aching for his cock, I lift my leg and turn around. I grab his hot cock and guide it inside. I close my eyes as I get my wet pussy filled. I ride his cock hard, getting every inch inside me. Moaning as I near orgasm again. Jim starts nibbling in my tits, I keep riding his cock, ready to cum. I shudder as I cum saying oh god oh god.
Jim looks up and asks me if I like doggy style. Of course I said and I get off his slippery cock. I get on all fours, opening my legs wide. He gets behind me, I can feel his cock rubbing on my pussy lips as he finally enters me. I reach under me, rubbing my clit,and running my nails lightly on his balls. He grabs my hips and pounds me hard. Going so deep inside me, filling my horny pussy. I push back taking all his cock. I can hear him moaning, and know he's ready to cum.
His pace picks up, faster and harder Jim fucks me. I am saying yesss yesss. I can feel his cock throb inside me as he pulls his sticky cock out of me and jerks it on my ass. His hot cum felt good. He rubbed his cock on my ass, telling me how nice his cum was. Oh god Carla he said that was great. I told Jim he was great too. We both had a cigarette and got dressed.
Jim said he was going to check on his wife and John. He peeked in, and saw that they were not finished yet. Came back and told me as we chuckled and would give them a few more minutes. Soon we seen John coming down the hallway. We got up and went into the dining room. All of spent for the moment we talked a little and said our goodbyes.
Of course after they left John and I were talking about our night. Both of us got very excited at each others trysts. We ended up fucking like crazy again. It was such a turn on for me, when sucking John and tasting Betty on his cock. Oh god, that was hot. We never did this again with Jim and Betty as they moved away soon after. Not a bad first time experience for us. We both wanted to definitely do this again soon.
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Good story sounds like you both had a great time!
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Good story!
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Wink Hot

We have another couple we have been fucking for 40 years. After one of our monthly sessions, our one on one sex is always more intense. Your great story seemed very familiar. Thank you
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