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Shy wife no more

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Shy wife no more

My wife of 3 years, late twenties, is cute, small and perky. Nice body, nice small tits. She is very reserved and does not open up much even to me at times. Oral sex is a rare treat and she does not like to experiment much. Our sex life although good at times go through dry spells as a result. We have been going through one of these dry spells recently as she has been stressed at work. A couple months ago I decided to take her on a trip to Austria to a sauna/spa resort. The first few days she slept and regained her energy etc while I hit slopes and went hiking in the snow. On the fourth day we went to a Turkish bath. In Austria they are coed and men and women walk and lie around in them naked. When she saw this she ran out. The next day I reserved the spa and bath in the evening for a couple hours just for us and to loosen her up ordered some wine and drinks beforehand. She was very relaxed and we entered into the the turkish bath a few times. I convinced her to take off her bikini
bottom and the third time we went in we had passionate sex.. She opened up and was running around naked.. She, much to my amazement
said, one more time in the Turkish bath and I said sure.. We walked in began doing it and I heard some breathing it was foggy etc... I asked her do you hear anything, she said no .. A minute later I saw a rather large bald man in has forties I guess, quite muscular but with quite a spare tire, come up from behind, and asked in broken english whether he could join. I for some reason was so curious and a bit turned on that I just sat quiet. My wife was so stunned, and really drunk ( never seen her like this), that she said " I don't know". I was stunned.. This girl who would not let me see her naked after months of dating, did not run but
just stood there in silence.. He picked her naked body up over his shoulder and carried her over to a table across the bath. He laid her down and began feeling her up and put his finger inside her.. She did not
object. He began kissing her hard and then flipped her over rather abruptly. She objected so he stopped but only after a few strong words from her. As she turned around, he roughly pinned her against wall and
began kissing her, she stopped resisting.. He then quite forcefully put her head down towards his penis and he put it in her mouth and she actually sucked on it for a couple
minutes. He was holding her head tight by the hair. At this point, I told him to stop and he turned to me she pushed him away and called him an asshole. He got
a bit aggressive and defensive but walked away and we agreed not since we both did not stop him it was a misunderstanding.

That night though we had sex two more times and I no longer have to beg for a blow job anymore

Interestingly, we saw the guy at the bar in the hotel our last night. He bought us a bottle of champagne and apologized for misunderstandings. of course he could not resist patting my wife's behind as he apologized .

All in all since I got such good sex that week and since I did not care.
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Hi and welcome to TSS! Let's hear more!!!
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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Don't interfere next time

Dude, let her deal with it next time, . She obviously could have stopped this neo nazi guy but did not for some reason. She we turned on by some sexual stimulation etc. Next time just let it be. She may suck and swallow him, etc.l. It is only good for you
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The wife got carried away there
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Thumbs up Nice

It woke her up. Now she gives you more pleasure. You want some real fun. Get her to do a four way. Now that is tops. Good story.

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