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my step daughters girl friend

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Wink my step daughters girl friend

I was 36, married, not happily, and worked continuous night shift at the time, which didn't help matters either. My interacions with my wife grew to be fleeting and irratic, not just sexually but intimately as well. thinking back it was like a sort of limbo and i always seemed to be alone with myself.
I would come home from work at around 6am, have maybe an hour with the family before they all went to their relevant work and schools. Then have a feed and a beer (which she hated but it was 6 at night to me) and relax before going to bed.
This was "pre internet days" so the only form of entertainment was the tv or video.
After everyone had left the house I would sometimes put some porn on the video and have my way with myself and my ever wandering mind, knowing I was alone in the house I would shower and walk around naked without a thought.
This particular morning I was going about my usual routine and was feeling particularly horny. My cock was throbbing like hell and i couldn't sleep and even though i had already wanked it still wouldn't calm down.
i layed naked on the bed my cock staring at the ceiling and my mind flat out, it was exhausting not to mention frustrating as hell.
i went and got another beer and a video i hadn't watched for a long time and layed back on the bed trying to calm down so my raging cock would let me sleep.
The morning sun was burning through the curtains in the lounge next door and i thought I saw a shadow, but ignored it as I knew I was alone.
I watched the video and looked at my engorged cock and started to stroke it. I grasped it and squeezed as hard as I could and let go, I could feel the pulsing and difference in pressure as it throbbed. I got some of my wifes hand cream and very gently rubbed the head it was so sensitive but it made me feel good and I closed my eyes and continued. I thought back to when I was a lot younger and I used to wank into my mum's satin slips.
i moved my hand down the shaft of my cock and began long slow strokes up and down my shaft sqeezing the head of my cock each time.
I saw the shadow again.
Stuff it, I thought I was seeing things and besides I was enjoying myself.
I continued the long stroking and my cock finally started to respond with pre-cum oozing from the eye eveytime i squeezed the head.
Flat on my back with my cock up in the air I saw it again, it wasn't a shadow. I saw an elbow and the bottom of a short skirt lerking in the next room.
I closed my eyes as much as I could while still being able to see who was there, or trying to. Then I saw her long dark hair fall over her elbow and I knew immediately it was Megan. My stepdaughters girlfriend.
My cock felt like it thickened to twice its size in my hand and my heart was thumping at my throat. I continued stroking my cock as I strained to see more of her and what she was doing.
I looked away from her for a while and then looked back to see her move almost out of sight. Now I knew for sure who it was and I was determined to give her a show.
I lifted my arse off the bed and continued to wank and started making deep noises and mumbled inaudible words.
I could see she had her legs crossed, probably squeezing them together around her young pussy.
My cock was so swollen and ready to explode, i increased my stroking and called her name, I heard her take a deep breath and with that i started to blow everywhere, my balls where tight and high and I had to make an effort to make sure i didn't shoot on my face lol.
My cock seemed to gush for ever, my legs where shaking and i was breathing like a wild animal. I couldn't move after and when I opened my eyes again she was gone.
needless to say I slept very well and that wasn't the last show I put on for Megan.
The thing is though, Megan lived a couple of doors down and always came by in the morning to pick up my stepdaughter.
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Default Naughty step dad

You are a man after my own heart. It is great when you are wanking and someone is watching you in secret, and you know it.Your CUMS always seem harder and have more volume. You always wish they would step out and you could fuck them hard, to teach them a lesson.I know I do.
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not the last time lets hear more of her
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