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An unwanted gift

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Default An unwanted gift

An ultra-conservative relative that I really don't like gave me a present recently. It was an ugly brown cardigan with massive buttons. The first thing I thought when I saw it was "I am never wearing this ever!" but then I realised she'd given me the perfect flashing outfit. It buttoned all the way down and finished at the knees and while I'm sure she thought it should be worn over some sensible trousers I realised that if I was naked underneath it was great to flash with. She kept talking about it over dinner and at one point said she thought it would look good in the library. It was a weird thing to say but it made me determined to get up to no good in a library in her cardigan.

So last week I wasn't working for a day and I went to a suburban library wearing the cardigan and nothing else. I was hoping to flash a lot and maybe even do something more but I had no idea how packed those places were during the day. I expected it to be nearly empty but there were lots of people around and hardly any private nooks and crannies to explore my own nooks and crannies in. I decided I couldn't leave without at least getting slightly naughty so I quickly lifted the cardigan up to my shoulders and for a few brief seconds the books got a glimpse of my full naked body.

I left disappointed but I wasn't done with the cardigan just yet. There was a park not all that far away and so I decided to leave the car where it was and take a walk. I undid the top button and then a few paces later undid the next one and then undid some more. Eventually I was walking down the street in a low cut cardigan with a plunging neckline. My boobs weren't out but they were only barely in. I got oggled by a few passers by and I just smiled as if almost having your tits out was perfectly normal (and I really wish it was).

I stopped in a small bookshop on the way because it was a lot like a library. There were a lot of people around but the older man behind the counter noticed me as I walked in and looked very appreciative. I figured the people in the shop were part of a group and I buttoned myself up to a more respectable level and decided to wait until they left. They took forever to leave and I was close to giving up when they all left together (I think it was a mothers group of some kind). When they were gone the guy came up to me straight away and asked if I needed help finding something. I told him I was looking for books on public nudity. He said that was an unusual request and I told him it was a special area of interest. He was clearly intrigued and aroused but admitted he didn't have any books on the subject. "So there's no public nudity in the shop at all?" I said and he said no. So I lifted up my cardigan and showed him my pussy and said "There is now"

He looked like he was about to die with embarrassment, fall over with shock and cream himself all at the same time. I said "that was book one, would you like to see the sequel?" He obviously did but he said his wife was in the back room and could come out at any minute. I definitely don't want to break up any marriages but he looked like he really wanted to see my boobs. I told him that if he went behind the counter where he could see the back door I'd find a place to browse. He stood behind the counter and looked really nervous while I found a place that was hidden from view but visible to the front counter. I hiked up my skirt and bent over to look at the lower stacks giving him a full view from behind. I was going to turn around and continue the show but there was a noise from the back room and he almost died with panic. I decided to let him go before he had a heart attack and sadly left without showing him my tits.

I continued my walk to the park with my low cut cardigan look. When I got there I found a few dog walkers and a couple of people out for a walk. There was a guy picking up litter and i went over to him and said "Excuse me you haven't found a bra around here have you?" Sadly he didn't speak English really well and didn't know what I was asking. So I went up to a couple on a bench and asked them the same thing. They didn't believe me and I said "I've lost my bra- see!" I opened up my top and showed them my boobs. They laughed so I had to show them that I'd lost my panties too. They laughed again. They were a fun couple but there was a bunch of kids and mothers too close by and I had to stop what I was doing. I left them too it and walked back to my car.

It had been a disappointing day so far but I knew how to end it well. I have to be careful not to reveal an identity but there's a guy I know who is always ready for pretty much anything. I rang him up and said I was going to drop in and pay him a visit.

So to cut a long story short not long afterwards he was sitting in a chair and I was standing over him in the cardigan. I told him I wasn't going to take the cardigan off but he was to feel my up as much as he liked. He unbottoned a middle button and reached his hand in to play with my nipples. Another hand came up from below and fingered me while he felt me up. I was getting really wet and he was getting really hard. I loved the fact that my relative would have a fit if she could see. Still wearing the cardigan I bent down in front of him and dropped his pants to his ankles. I kissed and licked him a bit before i said "Tell me when you're gonna cum" and started to suck and stroke. He held off for a while before he said he was going to blow and I pulled him out of my mouth and used my hand to finish him off all over my nice new cardigan. It was covered in a heavy spattering of cum drops. I even wiped him clean with the bottom.

I know I'm a bad girl but I really got off knowing that I had a guy's cum all over my conservative relatives cardigan.
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I'd love to see you in that cardigan!!! Or just barely in that cardigan!!!
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Well, you know what to do now right? Dont wash that cardigan and next time you see that relative, wear it!! If she asks what are those stains, say shockingly that you didnt notice and that its probably yogurt!
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Great exhibitionism as usual!
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god i love your stories that was fun for me but more fun for you
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What is your body type and race exigirl? Skinny, healthy, lil' chubby, chubby? I love it all, just help with picturing your stories better.. : )
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Wow, very nice ending. I wish I lived in Australia now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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loved the story :-)
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