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First Older Woman (a Latina too!)

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default First Older Woman (a Latina too!)

Hello everyone. This is the first of many interesting sex adventures I've had in my adult life. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed reading your hot, sexy stories.

Before I begin, I'd like share somethng about me. I've been told my women that I have exotic looks. This can be explained by my mixed ethnicity: I am part Spanish and part Asian. I share this bit of information because my ethnicity seems to be a subject of interest with a lot of the women I've had the pleasure of knowing intimately. This will be a common theme that will run in most of my stories.

It was the early 90s and I was 27 when this happened. My hot latina girlfriend was away with her parents and relatives on a family vacation. I was feeling rather horny after thinking about her. I did not make any particular plans for Saturday evening, other than to meet up with some friends at a club. Feeling bored, I decided to get my car washed before heading to the gym that afternoon. As my car was going through the air dry portion of the wash, I saw (through a glass wall) a voluptuous woman wiping down her dashboard. I was mesmerized by the cleavage exposed by her low-cut shirt. I had a smile on my face when she caught me looking. To my surprise, she smiled back and continued to wipe down her dashboard.

A reciprocal smile is all I need to embolden myself to approach a woman. By my account, her smile was both seductive and inviting. So, like a fighter plane falling out of formation, I decided not to go to the gym and quickly parked my car next to her car. I pretended (as best as I could) to vacuum my car. Now that I was closer, I realized that this woman had a pretty face and an hour glass figure. She had short brown hair with slight curls. She had pouty lips and big brown eyes. Her skin was light brown but looked like she had been tanning over the summer. She was wearing tight shorts and a low-cut shirt that promptly showed off her D-cup breasts (I later found out this fact).

At this point, she was vacuuming her mats with both her car doors ajar. Her breasts were more exposed this time, as she was bent over vacuuming the front passenger side of her car. It was clear to me, at this point, that this woman was doing her best to tease and seduce me because every time she "caught" me looking she would smile and make her breasts jiggle even more. She moved over to the driver's side of her car while I was drying wet spots on the passenger side of my car. Realizing that she was bent over, all pretenses of me wiping down my car went out the window. I simply stood there and watched this pretty woman's gorgeous thick, round ass as she vacuumed her car. As I enjoyed the view before me, I also observed that she had slighty thick and shapely legs.

My cock, at this point, was rock-hard and had taken over all my thought process. I had not planned on cheating but all I could think of was how to get this woman in bed. She looked back at me (and saw the bulge in my pants) but this time the smile was replaced by just a "come-hither-what-the-fuck-are-you-waiting-for-talk-to-me-already" look.

Luckily, the vacuum turned itself off soon after. I introduced myself to her so she did the same. Let's call her Myrna. I noticed that she had a slight accent which made her even sexier. Her first question to me was: "What are you? You look Latino but I'm not really sure." I responded by telling her that I would tell her only if she had dinner with me that night. She laughed and then asked me how old I was. With a smile, I told her that I was 27. She told me that she was 43 without hesitation (how I love a confident woman). She then asked me where I would take her. I told her I would take her to dinner and then dancing. She gave me her number and told me to pick her up at the address she gave me. As I drove home to get ready for my date, I realized that I was in a for long night of seduction which was fine by me because I believe it makes for a long, hot passionate love-making.

As we walked in the restaurant, we seem to have caught people's attention. She was wearing a tight black dress that stopped at her mid thigh. The dress also showed her ample breasts. All eyes were on her or both of us. I think they were also looking at the obvious age difference between us (even at 27, I looked much younger, thanks to my parents genes; while she looked very hot she was clearly older than me). I got some approving smiles from the men while some looks of disgust from some elderly women. Neither one of us cared but she seemed to really enjoy the attention. As we talked over dinner, our knees and legs would accidentally make contact. She finally asked me about my ethnicity so I told her. She responded by saying "interesting, i've never met anyone like you" and without warning, she started playing footsie with me. Throughout dinner, she would rub her foot all the way up to my upper thighs and retreat down to my foot. In response, I did the same thing. I also took her hand and I glided my fingers, gently but firmly over her inner forearm and her palm. This turned her on as I noticed her chest heaving as she took deep breaths. Occasionally, I would her voice crack a little bit. In our conversation, I found out that she was a nurse and a divorced mother of two. I also found out that she had not been on a date since she divorced her husband 5 years earlier.

After dinner, as we both got up from our chairs, I noticed that she was looking at my ass and crotch. She then paid me a compliment on how well-dressed I am. As we walked past the mirrored hallway of the restaurant, she caught me with a devilish grin as I watched her hips and ass sway back and forth with every stride she made. When we got in the car, she asked me, "you think you can get a girl with that mischievous smile of yours, can you?" And before I could reply, she leaned over and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Then she said, "tonight, we play but take me dancing first."

I've been told by many latinas, and from experience, that a lot of them judge how good a man will be in bed by how he moves on the dance floor. Maybe Myrna wanted to do the same. I didn't mind because I always thought that this was a good way to seduce a woman. So this had always been part of my plan when I also invited Myrna to go dancing.

She responded well to my plan (maybe it was her plan too). We danced and teasingly rubbed our bodies against each other. Our last dance was a slow dance. I held her tight and I heard her moan quietly as she felt my hard member rubbing against her. She gave me a look that indicated that she was ready so without a word, I led her out of the club. As soon as we got inside the car, she gave me a wild, passionate kiss. She told me in her sexy, accented voice, as she was nibbling on my ear, "take me to a hotel."

On the way to the hotel, as I was caressing her leg, I told her that I had wanted her from the moment I saw her cleaning her car. She grabbed and caressed my cock over my pants and told me that she wanted me too. As I was rubbing her leg, she hiked up her dress to make it easier for me to go up her thigh. After teasing her and having made my way up her thigh, I began to rub her pussy over her pantyhose. I could feel her moistness and it was driving me absolutely wild with passion. I told her to remove her panthose to which she obliged. But before doing so, she asked, "why baby, do you want to feel my pussy?" She then spread her legs slightly and looked at me with those big brown eyes and pouty lips, as if to say, come and get it. I proceeded to gently rub her very wet pussy. In the dark, I could see her pussy glisten. She moaned and licked her lips as she looked at my fingers rubbing her clit. In the meantime, I was having a hard time driving as all I wanted was to put my face between her legs and taste her dripping pussy.

To be continued...
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Part 2 now. Or else. Omg pleaseeeeeee moreeeeeeee

i give you -5/10 for turning me on, but not finishing the story! D:
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Thanks for your comments CuddlyBear. Sorry I didn't finish my story. Being a business owner, I get a lot of interruptions throughout the day. I am trying to post Part 2 of the story but the system keeps telling me that I am not logged in. But it is plain to see that I am logged in as I can place a reply to you. I will keep trying...

I'm sure you'll give me a better score of 5/10 (at least, I hope so) once you read the rest of the story. It gets hotter.
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Nice, she sounds quite hot... and horny!
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Wink Wow!

We are ready for more.
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