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I was 18, she was 44 !!!

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default I was 18, she was 44 !!!

This is a TRUE story ! The summer of 1980...
My summer got off to a bad start as I was in a motorcycle accident that busted me up really bad (compound fracture, left femur), ( broken left wrist in 3 places, and busted some teeth out, needless to say i was pretty banged up, and had very little self-esteem, as I didn't have a cast on either arm or leg , new technology as guess. I had 62 staples in my leg, and 23 in my arm. I looked like a monster!

Fast forward 2 months, my younger brother (15) had a party with his little league baseball team one sat, and I was invited to come. I guess it was better than sitting at the house, nonetheless I was pretty bored not being able to do anything except layed on the pool chairs and sweat.

Anyhow, my brother had planned to spend the night at his best-friends house after the party was to end, (his friend played on the same team),

After a while, my brothers friends mother ask if I would like to come over as well and I said sure, so she suggested that I hook a ride with her sister that was at the party, she was getting ready to exit and could see i was ready as well.

So, after we got to there place and got inside she offered me something to drink and told me to get comfortable on the couch. I can't remember her name however, I can remember what she looked like to this day, she had medium length hair, dark brunette, dark brown eyes, olive skin tone, and dd's. After some casual conversation she went to bath, when she was done she came out in her bath-robe, and said the bathroom was all mine if I would like to shower. I said sure and went to get my clothes, It was a job for me to bath with all the crap with my broken bones.

I was in the bathroom trying to get my shorts off and fell, she came in to help me. I was embarressed laying on the floor naked and felt like a moron. So she asked if she could help in anyway, being the mature person she was she eased me by saying "you don't have anything I haven't seen before", so she helped me get in and out.

After I was finished I went back to the bedroom and was laying on the bed when she entered and sat down beside me. What happened next was absoutley amazing.

She ask me if she could ask me a personal question sure I said. She ask me if I have aver been with a female sexually. I told her I was a virgin. She said not anything? Is said nope! She was still in her bathrobe and I could see part of her boobs exposed and she noticed me looking at her and ask me If i would like to touch them. She took my hand and began to massage her, I would so hard I was hurting by now and she could tell.

She ask me if I ever had a BJ. I said no, and with that she lowered my shorts and took my cock in her hands and bagan to stoke it. A little pre-cum began to come out and she reached down and let the tip of her tongue touch the tip of my cock, then she went down on me and within a couple of minutes I blew my load into her mouth.

She cleaned me up and I layed there for 20 mybe 30 min. and she came back and said she would like to show me some things. The next two hours were heaven. She showed me how a woman like to be eaten , and to this day I thank her for ALL the knowledge she bestowed on me that one June afternoon.

We had one other encounter about a month later, I never saw her again after that.
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Omg. So hot. 10/10

Lol she tought you well ehh? (:
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Hi, I'm new here
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Default I have another .....

I will post another TRUE story from my past ....
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Wink Wow!

Good hot story.
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My older woman was when I was just 14and my mother's friend decided that she was going to give me a BJ. Shortly after that I was having intercourse with her about three times and week until we got caught.
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blowjob, mature, older woman, young male

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