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Glory Hole

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Old 03-12-2011, 06:34 PM   #1
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Smile Glory Hole

My first visit to an adult arcade was an exciting adventure. I was only 20. I had gotten carded at a local gay club so, a litle tipsy and very horny, I decided to go to the "book store" in Irwindale. The place was empty except for a couple of guys browsing the magazines and the clerk at the counter. I purchased $3.00 dollars worth of tokens and walked down the hall in back to the room full of viewing booths. It was dark and several men were loitering arround so I quickly selected a booth and dropped a few tokens into the slot and selected a gay video to masturbate to. The cloister was litterd with old tisue and smelled like pine-sol. there was a roll of toilet paper above the tv screen and the speaker was broken. I was just getting comfortable when what felt like a finger was poking my side. Startled, I slid accross the little bench in my booth and saw a cock sticking through a hole in the wall. My heart was racing. The fear and desire was so palpable that I tought I would drop dead right then and there. I checked the door latch to asure it was locked and gave the giant mushroom head a kiss. It bobbed aproval and a bead of pre cum formed on its tip. I checked the door latch again, turned to the anonymous tool and licked the bead of pre cum away. "suck it!" A voice whispered from the other side of the wall. I licked it again and began sucking and licking the tool. It was so liberating. I licked its lengh and kissed the tip and sucked bobing my head up and down its lengh. Soon he whispered, "Im cumming, Oh man Im cumming." At that he began shotting his load into my mouth, first three rappid spurts then more and all the time I sucked and swallowed the load. When he finnished, I licked his cock clean like a mother dog cleaning her puppy. Then I kissed the head of the shinking cock and whispered, "Thanks baby, I loved it." The movie had stopped so I dropped a few more tokens into the slot. The cock disapeared and a business card fell through the hole. "Call me." He whispered back. I heard the latch open on the booth beside me and knew that my glory hole lover was gone. I picked up the card and put it into my shirt pocket without reading it. I masterbated, fantasizing about my new "boyfriend" and when the tokens ran out, I casualy exited the booth. I looked arround at the loitering men in the narrow hall between the arcade booths and wondered if one of them was the owner of the wonerfull cock I had just taken care of. One of the men grnned at me with a dirty knowing look that I didnt like so, I exited back to the show room where the magazines and dildoes were. A man who was browsing looked at me and gestured to his shirt as though he were doing the plege of aliegence. Puzzled, I mimicked the gesture and discovered a glob of cum on my shirt. I brushed it off with my hand and wiped it on the wall. I was on such a rush. It was nearly 2, no chance of sneaking back into the Scene One Bar. I drove home, brushed my teeth and fell right to sleep.
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That's pretty neat. Have you thought about doing that again? I've never done gloryholes but you've piqued my curiousity. Too bad we don't have any places like that in my town, at least that I'm aware of.
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Old 03-19-2011, 06:49 PM   #3
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Default Again?

OMG! For a time after I discoverd the joy of sucking cock, I visited the place every day! I did it throughout the 80's and 90's. It was like a sure thing when I didnt score at the bar. They closed the book stores in my area and one of the guys I met is now my partner. weve been together nearly 6 years
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Old 06-27-2011, 04:57 PM   #4
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Unhappy bad

Good story, but I am not a fan of glory holes. My wife and I both like to look in the eyes of the person that we are sucking off. We like our sex to be personal.
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Old 08-23-2011, 02:14 PM   #5
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Last week i went to one.I took two cealis pills, I thought they all closed down but some one told me just over the border in another state there was one so I went to check it out. It was near the ocean a beach across the road. The front was a video porn shop but in the back there was where the booths are. As soon as u walk though the front doors there's about 5 girls sitting there waiting to give u a show. U pick one go out back put $5 in the machine up goes the curtain behind the glass the girl strips and gives u a show. Of course it's more than $5 u keep feeding it to keep the curtain open. They play with them self's. There were holes on each side of the booth about the size of a coke can. I had my shorts down to my ankles stroking when I hear some one next to me. It was a couple that looked to be in there 50's. She was wearing a sun dress with flip-flops as he had flip-flops on with a t-shirt and shorts. They were kissing watching a girl in there booth. She stood up took her dress off and was naked under neath. He started sucking her tits when she seen me watching. She whispered in his ear he turned dropped his shorts and put his cock though the opening. even thou it was flaccid it was thick long and had a hugh mushroom head cut. I heard her moaning as I reached out started stroking him. I stuck my tongue out started licking it's big head. He was now moaning oh yes suck it. I slide him in my mouth he was growing. After he was hard he pulled out started fucking her from behind. She was looking though the hole at me. I stood up put my cock though the hole. She started jerking me licking the head then sucked me. He was saying thats it baby suck him good. I started shooting and shooting. After I finished i pulled out looked though the hole to see my cum all over her face with her tits bouncing back and forth as he started to shoot in her. After he was down they kissed he was licking my cum off her face. I hear hey looked over at the other hole there was a big black cock though the hole. I started to jerk it off. I hear go on suck him the couple next door was watching. I took him in my mouth getting him ready to cum. Once I knew he was ready pulled my mouth away and was jerking him hard cum started flying everywhere.
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Default Love GH's when I can find one

It's been a long time since I have had my 7x5 uncut cock sucked through a glory hole. Reading your stories has my cock hard and leaking pre cum. I would have loved to have sucked each and everyone of you and the lady, mmmm would have love to have fucked her while she was sucking her mans cock.

I wish more would post here, great post!
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I've never been lucky enough to find a gloryhole but fantasize about them all the time but I have been to an Adult Video store before. I was up in Hamilton Ontario going to school for 4 months and after school I would be very bored. On my way to school each morning I would pass by a huge Adult theatre so finally decided to check it out after school one day. On the main floor were lots of magazines and Movies you could buy but right when you walked in the door there were stairs leading down and a sign that said video booths with an arrow pointing down the stairs.
I went down there and there were little booths lined up all along the walls and there were some guys walking around. I quickly found a booth and put on a gay porn video and put the volume loud enough so anyone walking buy my booth would know what I was watching. I got hornier and hornier and finally decided to remove all of my clothes. I was now in the booth completely naked with a raging hard on watching gay porn movies. Than a thought went through my head that I had to act on. I wanted the guys walking around to see me naked. As soon as the thought crossed my mind I had to act so I opened the door just a crack and leaned back in the big chair and started jacking off.
Within seconds someone came walking up to my door and through the crack I could see that he was watching me. I opened the door for him about half way. He now had a full view of my naked body and not only that but another guy walking around behind him looked into my booth and saw me naked as well. What a fucking turn on that was. By now I was as horny as I had ever been so without even thinking about it I looked up at the guy looking into my booth and asked if I could suck his dick. Without a word he entered my room and pulled out his cock. As soon as I saw his dick I gobbled into my mouth and began sucking him off. The guy was really concentrating on the blowjob I was giving him and I don't think he noticed that I reached for the door and opened it up a little ways. I continued sliding that beautiful cock in and out of my mouth and about a minute later another guy was standing at the doorway watching me suck cock. He pressed into my booth a little bit and pulled his cock out of his pants as well. I reached up and played with is cock while I continued sucking off the first guy until he finally came in my mouth which I eagerly swallowed. As soon as he came he pulled up his pants and brushed past the new guy leaving the booth. The new guy stepped into the booth, never bothering to shut the door and shoved his dick into my mouth and I sucking and slurping on this second beautiful cock. The guy I was sucking off reached down and began playing with my cock and finally asked if he could blow me. I leaned back in the chair and the guy dropped down to the floor between my legs and took my dick into his mouth. I asked him to get naked with me and to my surprise actually started stripping while continuing to suck me off. About 2 minutes later we were both completely nude with the door to our booth still side open and guys walking by were watching us have sex. The guy stood up and pressed his naked body down onto mine as I laid back in the chair and my cock began to rub agaisnt his. OUr hands explored each others bodies and finally his lips pushed agasint mine and we began making out. We were completely engrossed in each other and when another guy stepped into our doorway we didn't even pay any attention to him even though he had pulled his cock out and was jacking off while he watched us. The guy I was making out with slid back down my body and took my cock back into my mouth and went back to sucking me off and I finally turned my attention to the guy in the doorway. I pulled him closer to me and took his dick into my mouth and proceeded to suck him off. He was the frst to cum and came in my mouth and feeling his cum shooting inside of me pushed me over the edge and I started cumming soon after. The guy sucking me off swallowed my entire load and than finally stood up in front of me. The guy I sucked off pulled up his pants and left so I took the naked guys cock back into my mouth and sucked him off. Two guys outside out booth stood and watched me suck this guy off through the open door but didn't come over and join in and about 5 minutes later the guy I was sucking, started cumming in my mouth. I pulled my lips off his cock and jacked his cum all over my face before taking his cock back into my mouth and licking him clean. He finally got dressed and left and I just sat in the booth jacking off, still completely naked and my face covered in cum and my door wide open for anyone to see me. Acouple minutes later another guy came to my booth and I sucked him off as well. I think seeing cum all over my face turned him on because when he started cumming he pulled out of my mouth and shoot his entire load over my face as well..

Before I left that video store about 2 hours later I had sucked off 3 more guys and I was completely covered in cum.
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