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Accident Leads to Amazing Times

Incredible Luck Stories

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Default Accident Leads to Amazing Times

I had a car accident at the end of last year. I had a broken arm, back injuries, and torn up knee. I was in the hospital & rehab at the hospital for awhile. They gave me sponge baths because I wasn't mobile enough for showers. I had a latina nurse who was probably around 40 and lets just say she was curvy. She didn't care about modesty. She would roll me on my side to put a rubber sheet down under me. Then she would roll me back and just strip my gown off. The first time I was embarrassed but she just said not to be because she has seen it all before. She washed me down really well and I did pop some wood when she washed my dick. Again I blushed but she smiled and said it happened all the time.

During my next two baths this nurse was alittle friendlier talking to me. Once in the middle of my bath another nurse came in to get some bloodwork, looked me over really well and said she'd just be a minute. I was semi-hard most of the time during these baths and the blood drawing nurse gave me another look over before she left and then smiled at the latina nurse. During my next bath when she got to my groin she soaped me up by hand and started stroking me. She smiled at me and told me what a big dick I had. She asked if I had a girlfriend? I don't. I asked if she was married and she said she was divorced. She then surprised me by telling me her 18 year old daughter was a candy striper and studying to be a nurse sicne she graduated high school. She asked me if her daughter could give me a bath next time? I was shocked and she smiled saying she thought it would be a nice treat and a learning experience for her. She admitted it was against hospital policy which is why she was asking. I said it would be fine. She smiled and said she figured it would be. She then went back to talking dirty about my dick while she jerked me off.

The next sponge bath was done by a pretty 18 year old candy striper and her mother. The mother taught the girl how to give the bath starting with the rubber sheet and undressing me. The girl was trying to be all profesional but I saw her stealing glances and grinning alittle. The mother then told her how to wash me. The daughter concentrated on a good bath but kept glancing at my penis which was probably erect form the beginning. When she got to the penis the mother taught her the proper way to wash. After that the mother took my penis in her hand and the daughter's eyes got hug. The mother smiled and told her daughter she shouldn't normally do this and gave me a few strokes. The daughter was completely shocked but grinning. The mother then told the daughter it was her turn and she took it in her hand but then just held it. The mother laughed and told her that not to just hold on to it and do somethng already. The daughter then bent over and started sucking me. The mother got this OMG look on her face and then looked over at me smiling. She let her daughter continue until I blew in her mouth and she swallowed like a pro.
During my next bath the mother asked if I enjoyed her daughter's version to which I said I did. So she then gave me a blowjob instead of a handjob. She too swallowed. The daughter wasn't suppose to tell anyone but she did tell one of her friends who didn't work at the hospital. So one time when her mother was bathing me the daughter walked in with her friend. The mother looked upset at first and took the daughter to the side to talk to her. The friend stood staring at my dick which was fully hard. I asked her how much the candy striper told her and she said everything. I asked if she came to help? She got a big smile and said only if the mother allowed her. By now the mother and daughter came back. The mother apologized to me and I said it was fine and mentioned that this girl wanted to help. The mother looked concerned at first but then said fine. The daughter was the first to lean over and start blowing me. Then the friend got her turn and finished me off. She choked alittle but swallowed.

After that the mother was the only one to bath me and blow me. Before I left I was healed enough that during my last bath the mother said she had a treat for me. She then stripped and gently climbed on me. She inserted my dick and rocked back and forth on it. She was gentle the whole time but brought me to a great orgasm.
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