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Super Bowl Party

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Default Super Bowl Party

I went over to my ex boyfriend's Randy's house for a Super Bowl Party. I went earlier then others to get in a good fuck session with him. I wore a black skirt that went just below my crotch(no panties)and a yellow sheer blouse(see thru-no bra).Guess we know what team I was for. lol. He lets me in and when I take off my coat. He says wow, you look hot. The guys are gonna love this. We go to his bedroom and have sex for a hour with me riding him and doggy. Then we get dressed again and go out and get ready for his 9 guy friends that are coming over. The first guy gets there at 3pm and I answer the door and he is happy to see me. I have him pick a piece of paper out of a bowl and say keep that. The number on the paper will be used later.
As guests arrive, I answer the door for them all and they all have a number. The last guest arriving at 4pm.They all like my outfit. No one brings nothing because Randy is providing it all for the party. When the guys were in the living room visiting. I went in and said before the game. We are going to play a game. I will give a blowjob to every guy here and whatever you paper says will be your number that you go in order for the blowjob. 1-10. (Randy had a number too). To determine if I swallow or take it on the chest will be by a roll of the dice. Odds is swallow. Evens is chest. All the guys cheer and I say who has number 1? I take off my blouse and a guy named Mike comes up and smiles at me as I am kneeling and I tell him to roll the dice. He rolls even. I tell him to drop his pants and he does and I take his cock in hand and put it in my mouth. Sucking on it slowly, he moans lightly and says now this is a pre game show. The guys are cheering him on and I keep going up and down on him faster and playing with his balls. After 5 minutes he says gonna cum and I pull off and he shoots his load on my chest. The guys all cheer and I smile at him and take my finger and wipe my breast and lick my finger going mmmm. Randy gives me a towel to wipe my chest off and I yell #2 up. He comes up and drops his jeans and rolls an odd. I suck him up and down slowly then fast and after 10 minutes he says cumming and grunts and I swallow his load. The guys cheer and with each guy is the same thing I suck and after they cheer. I swallowed 4 guys and had 6 guys cum on my chest. With me tasting each guy's cum either by throat or with a finger swipe. I then tell the guys to keep their number because during the game between commericals and at halftime. I will call a number 1-10 and will have 5 minutes of fun in half bath off the kitchen. A timer will ring to let us know when the time is up. No vaginal or anal sex but anything else goes. The guys all cheer. I then say and to make it interesting, you can't say what we did in the bath after. Until the last guy is done. By this time, I am only wearing my skirt that when I bend over shows off my ass. The pizza guy is at the door and all the guys yell Kate gets the door Naked! So I drop my skirt and answer the door. The pizza guy smiles at me and hands me the pizza. I hand him the money and tell him goodbye. I put my skirt back on and we enjoy pizza and beer. When the first commerical comes on I say #1. We goto the bath and he starts to kiss me and suck & fondle my breasts. When the timer goes off. I say times up and we go back to the game. Each one gets their 5 minutes of fun throughout the game. I had my pussy eaten, sucked cock and swallowed, titty fucked, fingered fucked, made out, and breasts sucked. I was wet and horny. After the last guy had his turn. I told them they can tell each other if they want. Guys did and some groaned when others told them what they did. Wishing they would had thought of that. They all tried to presude me to have sex with them, but I said no each time. When the game was over guys started to leave and thanked Randy for the best Super Bowl Party! I would kiss each guy goodbye at the door and got quite a few phone numbers too.
When Randy's friend Scott was the last one to leave, he looks at Randy and says you gonna get laid now? Randy smiles and Scott says you lucky bastard. I kiss him goodbye and say maybe next time Scott and he leaves. I then turn to Randy and say fuck me till I forget about my team losing! I was wet, horny , and pissed that my team lost. So, he goes to lead me to his room and I stop him and say right here on the floor and take off my skirt. He undresses and gets over me and pounds me slow and is kissing me and I am moaning and say harder. He pounds harder and I just keep yelling harder as I moan louder. He comes after 10 minutes and we kiss. I then get up and say let's goto bed. We spend the next 2 hours fucking hard. When Im pissed I like being fucked very hard till my pussy is on fire. After, we are cuddling and kissing and I see it's almost 1am and say I better go home. Work tomorrow. I shower and get dressed and he kisses me goodbye. My pussy is sore and Im tired and bummed that my team lost, but I had a wild Super Bowl that I'll never forget! Maybe next year, Steelers!
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Jag you are the party! WOW! That's a wild one! I enjoyed it very much!!!
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Default To the winner

Goes the
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Wink wow

I bet you made those guys's day...........

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So I'm guessing you not only don't know the score of the game but who won the Super Bowl either! LOL

But you turned out to be the leading scorer! LOL

Great story!
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I nickname you "end zone" after that party!!! Cause like Missy said, babe you were where all the scoring was! Damn good party!
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Great party & story!
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That was a hot party!!!
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No Super Bowl party of mine has been this good, i think you just set the bar for the rest of us !!!
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