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Riding his dick like motocross racer

General Sex Stories (Written By WOMEN)

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Default Riding his dick like motocross racer

Recently, it was my and my boyfriend’s monthsary and I thought about giving him a present. He has always been amazing to me for the past 20 months we’ve been together – understanding, giving, forgiving, generous, caring, thoughtful, loving, you get the idea. Because of his near perfection, I wanted to give him a gift but he has all the material things anybody would ever want so there’s nothing much left for me to give him that I can actually afford. Lately I have been lousy in the bed just receiving all the good things and so today I gave him my surprise. We did our usual, watching movies and cuddling.I started fooling around playing with his belts, unbuttoned his pants and took his penis out. He was busy watching the movie, he did not notice what I was doing. I took off my panties and pants and rode his penis and I could not believe the shock in his face. I rode his hard cock to my pleasure and stole back the rest of his attention. As a gentleman he tried to reach and support my movement but today was all for him. I would brush off or push away his hands if he was going to try and help me out. I felt his dick scraping inside my vagina and rubbing and squeezing and poking my gspot. It was good and the bed was overflowing with our juices. I did all kinds of position that I could handle by myself. Knees down rocking back and forth squeezing and relaxing my vaginal walls against his throbbing dick. Knees up fucking him up and down, up and down, squeezing hard encompassing his length. Reverse cowgirl which felt really good made my pussy hungrier for his shaft. I rocked back and forth, up and down, side to side everything I could manage until I was so tired and I gave up. He loved it so much when it was his turn above me, he fucked me balls deep so tightly humping me in a fast motion my hungry pussy was overjoyed with pleasure. He got so tired and fell asleep. We ate dinner out and when we came back he asked for more. All throughout movies, he was humping me spooning style and I could not believe how good that was and now I’m all sore and so is he. Sweety, wait til I’m well from this flu and you will get the real action!
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nice story ....
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good story!
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Very hot! You are treating him well
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