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Amish Cherry Pie

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Default Amish Cherry Pie

I have Amish friends and their single son Jake called me earlier this week and asked if he could hire me to take him to his sister's home across state on Saturday. I said sure. Now Jake is my age. I was wearing a low cut sweater(not too revealing) and jeans. I got to his house at 6am this morning. He was ready to go and I told him that we can pick up breakfast on the way there since it was a long drive. As I was driving i said since we was going past my place, why don't we just stop at my place and I can fix us breakfast. He asked are you sure? I said no problem, besides home cooking is better then restaurant food anyways. He agreed. We got to my place and walked in and I told him to take off his coat and make him self comfortable. I went into the kitchen and started making blueberry pancakes for us. I asked if he wanted coffee and he said ok. So I got him a cup of coffee as he sat at the table and talked with me as I was cooking. I put our food on the table and we ate breakfast. After we was done, I said we have some time why not sit on the couch and visit. He said ok. We was talking and got on the subject of being single. He asked me if I liked being single and I said it was ok, but I miss the comforts of a man, since my divorce. (a lie) lol. I then asked if he has ever been with a woman and he got quiet and looked down and didn't say anything for a few seconds. I apologized and said it's none of my business. He then said I kissed a girl once when I was 16. I said oh. He said I liked a wife but never found the right girl. I said well you're cute enough and nice, so it must not had been you. He smiled shyly at me and said thanks. I then touched his knee with me hand and said we both are lonely for companionship, what would you say to making love to me now? He blushed and said I never been with a woman. I replied there's always a first time for everything. Do you want to be with a woman. He answered yes. I said well why not? No one has to know. Im not looking for you to leave your family and become English and I don't want to be Amish. We just be helping each other out in friendship. Understand? He said umm I guess. I said don't worry, I can't get pregnant. I then lean forward and gave him a small kiss on the lips and he kissed me back. He then started to kiss me hard and put his arms around me. We kissed for a few minutes and I asked if he wanted to be with me and he nodded. I took his hand and got up and lead him to my bedroom. I told him to get undressed. As I got undressed, he watched me and when I was naked and laid down on the bed. I asked him if he was going to get undressed and he shook his head yes. He quickly got undressed and I motioned for him to come to bed and get under the sheet with me. He did and layed there staring at me. I told him he didn't have to be afraid to touch me and I took his hand and guided it to my breast. He held it there for a second and I told him to carass my breast and he started to. I told him he could suck on my breast too. He looked at me and I said all men do it. There not just for feeding babies. He then put is mouth to my nipple and I encouraged him to go on and he started to suck lightly on it. I asked if he like it and he pulled off and said yes. I started to moan lightly and he said is anything wrong and I said no, woman moaning means she likes what you are doing to her. He smiled and went back to my breast. He then started to devour my breast and I told him there's another there too and he could run his hands over my body. I would like that. So he started to devour both breasts like a hungry puppy. He then started to lightly run his hand up my leg and back. I asked him if he was ready and he said yeah. I then told him to get on top of me and guide his penis into my hole. He did that and when he entered me. He said you are wet and I said that's normal for a woman during sex. It's ok. He started to thrust back and forth fast and I told him slow down alittle and enjoy it. He slowed down some and I was moaning. After a few minutes he grunted and came in me. I then kissed him and said that was nice. What to go again? He said yes and I said ok, lay down. I got on him and guided his cock in me and started going up & down on him slow. I took his hands and placed them on my breasts and told him to massage them. I was moaning loud and telling him how good he feels and he got this big smile on his face. After 10 minutes, he grunted and shoot his cum in me again.
I got off and we cuddled and kissed some. After a few minutes, he wanted more and I said ok. I got to the edge of the bed on all fours and told him to enter me from the backside standing and hold onto my hips. He did and started to thrust slow in me. I told him to go faster as I moaned and said oh yes that feels great. He went balls deep in me for 5 minutes and grunted and came. We then cuddled and kissed some more and after awhile he wanted more. I told him I do something different this time. I told him to stay on his back and I started to stroke his cock with my hand and then told him I was going to suck his penis and when he was ready to cum, I would swallow it. He was surprised and I told him he would like it. I started to slowly kiss and lick his cock up and down and then put it in my mouth and went up and down and he moaned lightly. I kept going alittle faster and in a few minutes he grunted and shoot down my throat and I swallowed it all. I got up and asked if he liked that and he said yes.
We fucked a couple more times. He was horny and hungry for sex. When we finished, I told him I was gonna take a shower and he could get dressed. When I was done with the shower and dressed. He asked me if I was happy with him and I said yes. It was great. He got this big smile on his face and thanked me. I told him we could try and get together sometimes if he wanted more. He said yes he did. I reminded him I didn't love him. It was just to help each other out. He understood. I then said since you are a carpenter. He could make some furniture for me and odd jobs at my place and we be alone to have sex. He said ok. I assured him that this was a secret between us and no one will know. We both have needs. We then left my place and headed to his sister's. We got there an 1 hour and a half late. I told her we stopped and ate breakfast on the way down. She said ok and thanked me and asked if Jake had paid me and I said with a smile oh yes he did.(no money)lol. I said goodbye to them and left.
Besides blueberry pancakes, I got some Amish cherry pie too for breakfast. lol.
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I guess you earn a few stars for seducing an Amish guy! That's a very good story!
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Go Jake
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Smile secrets

Oh! you bad Englishers are all the same. just kidding. I want to thank you for your great outreach program.
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