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Jill wanted it and her husband was out of town

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Jill wanted it and her husband was out of town

I went for a workout right after work last night and ran into Jill there. I haven't been going to this place long but had met her the second time i went there not long ago and found her a very flirtacious housewife. She was very forward from the start telling me what a good body i had and i was planning on taking her up on getting together sometime
Jill's husband owns his business and travels alot and has no children at home. She is a combination of classy and horny
She looks to be in her mid to upper 40's and is very attractive with platinum blond hair and a nice toned tanned body with nice green eyes and a sweet mouth big and nice lips. She asked me lots of questions about working out and used that as a way of getting to know me but i knew she was horny from the first time i met her.
I would have banged her already but i have been busy and not as regular at the gym lately. She hadn't been at the gym long and we worked out together and she told me her husband was out of town and she was bored being at home and wondered if i might want to come over for a drink and to help her put together a workout routine at home. I knew she wanted A REAL GOOD WORKOUT and said sure and she told me to come over around 8 and gave me her address and phone number.
After the workout i went home and with her flirting and making me so horny took a viagra knowing i was going to give her the workout of her life and then showered and dressed and went over.
When i rang the doorbell and she answered the door there was no mistaking what she was looking for as she stood there with a glass of white wine in her hand and she was wearing a short yellow dress. My eyes scanned her body and saw her smaller tits in what looked like a pushup bra or a bra too tight and they looked good and looking down she was in bare feet and her dress only came to mid thigh. I got a big smile on my face and was starting to get hard and said.. DAMN..doesn't look like your ready to go over a workout routine and she laughed and said..what this old thing. The look of her and her facial experssion as i came in and she closed the door had me HOT AS HELL.
I stood there and she walked just past me and stood putting her free hand on the bannister leading upstairs and said my equipment is upstairs in the spare bedroom and she turned and slowly walked up the stairs as i followed and i could the back of her legs almost up to her ass as she climbed the stairs and her ass was swaying. I was starting to bulge as i followed her into the room and there was smaller universal gym and a stationary bike and tread mill. She put her glass of wine on the treadmill and she went to the universal and layed on the bench press with her legs toward me and looking backwards she opened her legs and bent her feet with her toes on the floor and her calves tighened and asked if she had the weight right. I was concentrating on the beaver shot she was giving me and my cock was bulging in my pants looking up he thighs at these little yellow thong. I walked up saying lt me see and as i stood at her feet as she layed on the bench and looking down at her she looked at me and i said..we can skip the seduction as i started to open my belt and unzip my pants and she looked at my bulge and just layed there and when i pulled my pants down and stepped out of them my cock was rock hard and sticking up proudly and she said..holy shit you have a big dick...i knelt down and slid my hands up her dress and pulled her thong down and off a she did this...mmmmmm and i said i'll take care of you Jill and then i slid her dress up and leaned in bending her legs back and gve her pussy a long lick and she did this EWWWWW and HAAA HAAA as i licke and sucked her pussy which was smooth and shaved. She tasted nice and was holding her legs back as i chowed down on her and she started to moan. I gave her a couple minutes of tongue and pussy sucking and then i pulled up and sat on the edge of the bench pulling her legs up and over my shoulders and took my cock in hand and ran it over her pussy and made circles in her and she was moaning and going..ohh yeah..and when i pushed the head of my cock in her opening her pussy lips wide she gasped and said..ohhhhhhh yeahhh..and said..if you wanted fucked you should have just said so..she was going..haa..haaa and said...i'll keep that in mind..EWWWW....and she laughed a little and was biting down on her lip as i just moved my hips sliding maybe half my cock in her back and forth and she was talking back to me dirty saying..ohhh yeah fuck me with that BIG DICK..haaa..haaa... HARDER..UHHH HARDER...I pulled out and she said..don't stop i'm almost there as i stood and told her to get up and i turned her and made her bend over putting her hands on the bench. Her skirt was almost up to her ass and i slid it up more and smacked her ass and she went..OWW..haa..i took my wet cock i hand and put it at her pussy and slid it halfway in and she moaned and i held her hips and started to pump away going deeper and by the time i heard my balls slapping agianst her she was going..HOOOO..fuck...HAAA.FUCK...i'm gonna cum on your big she arched her back looking up with with her head and she gushed all over me as is stopped and held myself balls deep in her and as she finished cumming she said whimpering..your so fuckin hard in me..haaa.
I pulled out slowy and then she stood up and turned to me all red in the face and i took her by the wrist pulling her downward and told her to suck my cock. She took my cock on her knees and eagerly went down on me licking and sucking as i pulled my shirt off.
She had me feeling really nasty and i grabbed some of her hair as she sucked my cock and you wish your husband was gone more now..huh.. and she never pulled of my cock just garbled out an MMMMM..MMMMM. Her mouth was hot and wet and she was sucking pretty fast and it felt great but i didn't want to cum yet so i stepped back pulling away from her and told her to get her dress off and she stood and just pulled it over her head and off and then without me asking she took off her bra. Her tits were a little bigger than i thought but a little soft maybe 36 C cup. I said now get your ass in bed and she walked past me giving me a very submisive look which i love and i gave her another slap on the ass as she passed and she yelped.
They have this big brass bed and she got on it and i followed her up and jumped on my back and said..get over and ride my cock.. and she mounted me and i reached down and pulled my cock up and she sank down on it all the way slow and went..UHHHHH...and i pulled her down on me and was kissing and sucking her tits as she rolled her hips and moaned fucking me. When i gave her nipple a little bite she went..EWWWWW and started to roll faster onto my cock and then i layed back and watched her face as she rolled her eyes and said...uhhh fuck ...your making me cum ...haa..i'm gonna cum and she gushed again tightening and straining and i felt her pussy throbbing on my shaft as she leaned forward and grabbed a brass rail on the bed. As she finished her orgasm she slowed but was gliding up and down on my shaft out of breath and saying...aren't you gonna cum..haaa...i was worked up an said where do you want it and she said..haaa..cum on my tits..i pushed her back and she let her handhold go and rolled her off me and mounted her and she lifted her legs and bent them back and i drilled her hard and fast and she was groaning and asking me to cum but i was too into punding her pussy and went faster and faster with my hands on the bed holding me up and she was saying HA HA HA HA HA...grrrrr..your fuckin my brains out..uhhhhhh..uhhhhhhh i was grunting..UH UH UH UH and that got to me and i felt the urge and pulled out and took my cock in hand leaning forward and spewed the first shot on her tits and stomach andf she moaned as she felt the first two streams hit her and i moved forward and sprayed it on her face as she opened and closed her mouth and licked her lips and i moved up putting one leg out to raise up and pressed my cock to her lips ad she opened her mouth and i slid it in spewing in her mouth going..ahhhhh..ahhhhhhh and then holding my cock in hand slid it in and out to her lips and pushed it in again as my jizz came over her lips and down her chin and said..ohhh yeah..thats a pretty milf my cock in your mouth and she did this..mmmmm..mmmm..until i stopped cumming and pulled out. I moved over and she sat up wiping the cum from her face and looked at me asking did you like that..i said ..oh hell yes and she said ..mmm me too.
I needed She got out of bed and walked toward the bathroom and i said..sweet ass too and she laughed and said thanks. I heard the water go on and then i got up and went into the bathroom and as she was bent over cleaning up i pressed my semi-hard cock agaisnt her ass and she said..mmmmmm ready for do it in the shower and i said you read my went and started to shower putting her hand under the water until it was right as i looked at her ass and knew i had to have it. She stepped in and i joined her and she used this shower gel on me and i did on her and she stroked my cock hard with the gel with both hands saying i never had a dick this turned her and stopped the water and she pressed her hands to the shower wall as i ran my hands around and over her tits and between her legs and she moved to the feeling of my hands on her. Then i bent her some an croutched some as she spread her legs more and i said to her i love fucking housewives and she said..ohhhh fuck me..and with my cock in hand i wiggled it at her pussy hard and then slid back to her asshole and slid up and in her and the gel made it easier but when i penetrated her ass she yelled out OHHHHHH.MY ASS. YOUR IN MY ASS...OHHHH YOUR BIG DICK'S IN MY ASS. I just slid back a little with my arms around her to hold her tight as i slid up and down in her telling her how good it felt to fuck her ass and she said..UH..UH..OHHH SHIT...I pulled my hands back and pushed her by her upper back to lean forward more and then held her by her waist balling her ass and your all mine huh know you love my big cock in your ass an she was moaning when i said..i can tell you have had a cock in your ass like it and she had her head down moaning and saying..NEVER THIS BIG...OHHH..OHHHHH..Thats' all it took for me and i was reaming her butt with most of my cock and then when i felt myself cumming i just stopped and held it in her and felt my ass cheeks tighten and groaned out loud as i spewed in her butt ans she was saying...HUH..HUH..HUH as i finished unloading and pulled out. She turned to face me leaning back against the shower tile and put a limp hand out to my chest and said kind of out of breath..ohhh your dick felt so good in my butt.
I put my hands on the shower wall leaning in and kissed her and then brought her to me and held her kissing and we french kissed and then showered for real. As i went and picked up my clothes after and dressed while she layed in bed she asked me if i wanted to get together with her again and i said i'm pretty busy but i will try and she said don't say that you are making me feel like a slut. I sat down and kissed her and said Jill you are a slut but your my slut with a smile on my face and she said..what am i going to do about you as she layed back down.
I said..well your probably going to wait anxiously for me to call you to fuck smiled and said want my cell number and i said sure and she said it's so easy you'll remember it and told me. I to go keep it hot for me and she said..uhhhh i'm so damn hot right now i am burning up. I said goodbye and left her in bed.
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What chapter is this now? I've lost track! LOL You are WAY over 200, dude! Closing in on 500, more like.
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Hey welcome back FatherIn thkdicknu is breaking all sorts of records
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Default Give me a break

Hey thkdicknu,

I thought this was supposed to be about true stories. I find it hard to believe.... actually ridiculous, that you have that much luck/fantasy going on in your life. Please find another site to post your dreams at. This is supposed to be for "true stories".
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Default luvtruestory1

If you don't believe don't bother to read them. It's as simple as that.
I got laid 4 times and had one bj over the weekend. Don't read about any of them.
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