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My First Black Guy

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Default My First Black Guy

Last night I planned on going out with a friend of mine but she called and told me her kid was sick, so she stayed home. So I went to a local bar by myself. Of all the days, to wear the least amount of clothes. I picked the coldest day of the year to do so. I was wearing a very short blue strapless dress with no bra, panties, or panty hose. I got to the bar at 9:30pm and it was crowded. I found a small table to sit in and ordered a drink and scanned the area. My eye caught a hot black guy sitting alone at a table across the room. So, I got up from my table with my drink and walked over to him. I smiled at him and asked if I could sit down. He said sure. I sit down and I said Hi, Im Kate. He said Hi Tony and we shook hands. I asked him if he was waiting for someone and he said no and I said me either. We then made small talk and he asked me if I wanted to dance. I said love too. We danced to a couple songs and went back to the table. He ordered us another drink and as we were enjoying our drinks. I said to him to be perfectly honest, Im here to find the biggest cock to suck and fuck. Do you fit that bill? He looks at me and says fuck yeah! I reach and feel his crotch. I smile at him and say I found a winner ! He laughs. I then say to him want to get out of here and you treat me to my first taste of chocolate? He replies sure, you're in for a night you'll never forget! I reply I hope so. He pays for our drinks and I tell him to meet me at a nearby motel. We split the cost of the motel and go into the room. We take off our coats and get undress and when he takes off his briefs. I lick my lips and say damn, you're hung like a bull! (12inch cock) He smiles and kisses me. We are french kissing and he lays me down on the bed and starts eat my pussy. I am moaning and after a few minutes am begging him to fuck me. He puts on a condom and slides in to me. I say oh shit. He starts to thrust slow in me and I am moaning loud. He goes faster and is going balls deep in me and I am screaming oh yea harder. After a few minutes , I yell Im cumming and spasm on his cock thrusting hard and fast. He continues to pound me hard and fast for another 10 minutes and I am screaming my head off with moans. He then grunts and cums. He pulls out of me and lays next to me. I say holy crap, I now know why they say once you go black, you never go back. He laughs at me. We catch our breaths for a few minutes and I then go down and take his cock in my hand and start to go up and down on it slowly. It barely fits in my mouth and I gagging on it some. I suck him for a few minutes and then pull off and get on all fours. He comes behind me and pushes his cock into my wet pussy and I gasp and he starts pounding me hard and fast. I am moaning loud. He continues to thrust balls deep in me for 10 minutes. He then says Im cumming and grunts and cums. I collapse on the bed and say damn thats fucking hot! We fuck and suck on and off for a few hours and then I say I need to get going home. I get dressed and kiss him and tell him that he was one of the best fucks I ever had and I won't forget this night! He laughs and says of course not bitch. I laugh and say goodbye and leave. I get home and am walking alittle funny and feel like my pussy is on fire and stretched like never before. But it definitely was worth it!
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Jag that was a wild one! Great story!!!!
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Oh so nice. You know they say once you've gone black you never go back. I hope that's not true, I wanna experience you baby!!!
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Great story real hot I bet you were sore haha.
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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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That's a gr8 story! It was time you tried some chocolate!
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Great story!
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do u want another black cock? i got one for u,if u dare.
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