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Having sex with my boyfriend, his mom walks in, and we don't stop!

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Smile Having sex with my boyfriend, his mom walks in, and we don't stop!

Before my husband, I had a LOT of boyfriends With one of my boyfriends, we had sex a lot in his bedroom when his mom was home. One time we were fucking, I was laying down, and he was on top thrusting slowly. Luckily we had a blanket over us, because his mom just threw open his door and walked in with a laundry basket, folding it and putting it on his dresser. He pretended he was tickling me, and I laughed, and he still continued to thrust into me as his mom folded laundry right next to us. He reached up under the blanket fondling my big tits as his mom was hanging stuff in his closet. At one point, he even pulled back the blanket and was sucking on my nipples because his mom was so involved in the closet stuff that she didn't even turn towards us for a long time. He pulled the blanket over us and we still fucked with her in the room, and I started to get turned on looking at his mother. This made me wetter, and as soon as he felt it, I saw his facial expression become very serious. His mom finished the laundry, put the basket by the door, and then sat in his desk chair right next to us. She said "alright you two, I know you're not tickling each other like 8 year olds. Let me see you finish...I'm talking to you dear." He began to thrust into me harder as his mom sat back in the chair and studied my face as I opened my mouth in pleasure, and my face sometimes grimaced in lust as her son pounded me. She said "very nice dear, now just let me see..." She slowly pulled back the blanket, revealing my large breasts bouncing around as his cock slid in and out of me. She smiled and said "very nice, sweetie." I saw that under her short skirt, she wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was glistening, I could tell she was soaking wet. She caught me looking, and when my hand rested on her leg from a moment of unexpected lust, she opened her legs wider, inviting me. I felt her amazingly soft pussy, and soon was fingering her, as her son fucked me half under the blanket. He started to pump harder and harder, and she began to unbutton her blouse, revealing some of the most wonderful breasts I've ever seen, about a DD cup. She leaned over me, caressing my head and scooping her nipple into my mouth. She rubbed my head as I sucked on her nipple, saying "there you go, dear, mmm, very nice..." She switched back and forth, letting me suck on the right one, and then the left one. After a while, she hiked her skirt up and swung her leg over me, sitting on my face. I held her smooth legs, and licked and sucked her beautiful pussy as best I can. Her son had pulled out and was now giving me oral too. He switched back shortly after though, and was pumping me hard when we all started to moan and cum together. All of our bodies were shaking and twitching as we felt the pleasure come over us, and afterwards we lay in bed for a while, just cuddling. That was one of the most amazing times I've ever had, and his father never found out!
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wow so hot
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wow... I was caught by my wife(then gf)'s mother - but nothing like THAT happened...
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i fucked my bf sister as he fucked me. thats how i found out how much i like girls. im mostly lesbian.
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Talking Nice

Did you and him, ever fuck with her again? That is so hot.
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Thumbs up get caught by the mother!

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seems like story, so what was boy reaction, u narrate pls also.
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Thumbs up Surreal

That story is surreal... Unbelievably burning hot lol
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Great story! One of my GFs mom caught us in GFs bed going at it, but she just turned around and left. After that every time she saw me she blushed!
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Really enjoyed this!
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