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Default Turkey


Continuing my ‘world tour’ of love…

This young lady I met shortly after arriving in Sydney. We got to talking at one of the city clubs/bars and hit it off. As a result that night we indulged in some mutual fun. But this isn’t that story. We casually dated for the year I was there and it wasn’t until quite late in the picture that we became very comfortable with each other and her reserve disappeared. And thank god for that!

Camille was born in Turkey and came with her parents, when she was 3. She was on the short side – which I like, so much easier to be active with them. Small but pert breasts, a nice waste, firm buttocks, with a small landing strip to guide you in. Dark, curly hair, not too long. All in all, sweet. No glamour model but then again, the real, everyday woman is so much more alluring.

This night we had planned to catch up. A nice take away dinner, a video – and she would stay the night. Standard fare. She arrived about 6pm, wearing a loose button up top and short denim shorts. With a quick kiss at the door and I grab my keys so we could walk down to the local Thai takeaway. I was living at Milsons Point in Sydney (look it up. Great view of the harbour!) and all the amenities were close enough to go for a walk on a warm spring night. After picking up our meal, we headed back.

While I dished up the food, Camille put on a video (yes, it was a little while ago. DVD’s weren’t so common then!). She put on the film ‘Baraka’. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s basically a music video with a decidedly ‘green’ or environmental flavour. Not bad really. So we ate and talked with this music from the video in the background, occasionally watching some awesome photography on the screen.

Now, I’m sure she picked this video for a reason. No plot and no action to distract us. So, we had finished our meals and settled back, with a wine in hand. After a decent amount of time to settle our stomachs, while we were talking, Camille leaned in and started to kiss my neck. I responded and reached out, caressing her hair and pulling her lips to mine so we could enjoy a deep kiss. I could feel my cock starting to grow even now.

After a short time enjoying the sensual kissing of good friends, my hands started to roam. I reached up and cupped her small left breast. I could feel her nipple getting hard as I did so. I could also feel her hand sliding along my thigh and cupping my balls and cock. She gave them a gentle squeeze and kissed me a little more firmly. I pulled her tighter against me and more aggressively began caressing both her breasts. She moaned through a kiss. I then pulled her onto me and she straddled me, continuing our heavy kissing and petting. I dragged her top up and over her head, revealing the white lace bra she had been wearing. Throwing the top to the side, I continued to kiss and slowly worked my way down her neck, her collar and then the tops of her breasts.

I was about to start removing her bra when she pushed away from me and stood in front of me. She slowly undid her shorts and I watched in pleasure as she ever so slowly pulled them down to reveal a small white lace pantie that showed nothing yet seemed to reveal all. I could just make out where the small landing strip had been and looked up in amazement into her eyes as I realised she had shaved completely. With a smile, she said ‘I wanted to try some different things tonight’.
As her shorts dropped to the floor, I began pulling down mine. She dropped to her knees in front of me and took my hands away, smiling, looking at me and saying ‘This is one of them’. She had never sucked my cock before and I have to say I was thrilled that she was about to! She pulled shorts and boxers off in slow motion, watching with delight as my hard shaft popped up as she got passed it. She then dragged the shorts all the way off. Throwing them in another direction, Camille leaned in and took my cock in her small hand and began slowly stroking it as she licked her lips. She spread her mouth slowly as she bent in and took the head into her mouth.

I could feel the warmth of her lips and tongue, which made me groan. After running her tongue over the head of my cock for little, she started to swallow a little more of it as she started to bob slowly up and down. As I said she was a small woman. I’m no monster in the trousers department but she obviously had a small mouth and was working over my cock like it was a 12 incher. I laid back and watched as she took me all in. I could feel her lips and tongue working their magic and my cock only swelled that little bit more as she gave me a slow, enjoyable blow job.

After some minutes, I was feeling a little selfish, so asked if she could continue from the lounge beside me. She said sure and climbed up, sitting next to me and bending back down to continue her magnificent work. When she did, I laid sideways, sliding my body behind hers. As she shuffled forward to accommodate, I reach under her ass and lifted, making her sit up somewhat. I then grabbed a leg and pulled it over me, so I had a great view of her pussy, and the wet patch that developed on her panties.

As she continued with the cock work, I pulled her panties down, sliding one leg out at a time. I then repositioned myself between her legs and slowly pulled her pussy towards my face. My tongue darted out and flicked the swollen lips of her cunt. She jumped and gave a sharp intake of breath then continued with the cock. I then slowly ran my tongue from the base of her pussy to the clit, gently sliding it between the lips as I went. She moaned through the cock, which sent shivers down my spine. Gently I started to lick at her pussy, splitting the lips and making sure I ran my tongue over her clit regularly. I could feel Camille begin to breath faster as she continued to blow me and was loving it.

I delved deeper and deeper into her pussy, eliciting moans and groans from Camille as I worked her cunt like she worked my cock. Soon I had both my hands on her ass, pulling her pussy onto my face, with my lips and tongue deep inside her and sliding, sucking and nibbling her warm, wet flesh. She was shuddering every now and then, stopping her blowing from time to time to sigh and get a breath, she was breathing so fast and shallow. I could tell she was close and only needed a little more. So, I slipped two fingers into her pussy as I worked and crooked them, sliding and searching for the spot I knew she liked stimulated. I soon found it and began rapidly thrusting with my fingers and tongue, sucking as best I could on her pussy lips. She soon pulled her head up, gave a great sigh, then moaned through a shuddering, shaking orgasm. I continued to work her as best I could, trying to keep her close as she bucked away from me. Finally, she eased down and I slowed too. She rolled off and spun around, saying ‘That was fucking awesome. Thankyou. I feel great!’ and then giving me a long deep kiss.

After a moment of that, she tried to go back to my cock. ‘I want your pussy on my cock now babe. Fuck me’ I said. With hungry eyes, she climbed up on the lounge and straddled me. She was sitting with my balls up against her pussy and she took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it. ‘You want to fuck me do you?’ she said. ‘Oh yeah’ I replied. ‘Ok’ she said, with eyes that smiled. She then raised herself up, positioned my cock at the lips of her pussy and slowly lowered herself down. We both groaned as she did so. Camille is to this day the tightest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of fucking. She stopped about halfway in and began a slow withdrawal. All the time looking me straight in the eyes. She was so wet it only took 2 or 3 goes to have me all the way inside her. She settled on me, moaning with the last push and then leaned in and kissed me as she did so.

My hands couldn’t help but go to her pert tits and caress them, squeezing her nipples and twisting them. She rolled her hips a little withdrawing my cock some and the rolled back. And again. And again. Each time she did this, she let a small sigh escape her lips. I pulled her up, bringing her breasts and nipples to my mouth. Because she was so small, I slipped out of her as I did this. Not too concerned as we both wanted me to play with her tits for a moment, Camille grabbed my head, pulling me harder against her succulent tits.

After a moment, I reached down and repositioned my cock. I pushed her back down by the hips and drove my prick hard back into her. She gasped and moaned as I did this, while I moaned and took a couple of breaths myself. Once settled, I began slowly rocking, partially withdrawing and then penetrating her again. We got into a nice motion with both of us talking dirty – something she liked to do. ‘Your cock feels wonderful baby’ she would say. ‘Fuck your pussy is tight’ I would reply. ‘Do you like my pussy? Do you like feeling it as you fuck me?’ she would ask. ‘Oh yes babe, do you like a cock in your cunt, do you?’ I would ask. ‘Oh yeah, oh babe, yeah, give me that cock. Fuck me’. She would reply. She rode me for some time and we both simply luxuriated in the feeling of fucking.

After some time, I said ‘I want to do something different’. She smiled and looked at me ‘Yes?’ ‘Get up for sec’ I said. She slowly slide her pussy off my cock and stood. I stood myself and, leading her by the hand, took her out to the balcony of the 11th floor apartment I was renting. Naked in the warm summer Sydney air, looking out at the Sydney harbour bridge and waters, I pushed her to the railing and bent her over, looking out. I moved behind her and slowly slid my cock back into her wet pussy, gripping her hips as I slowly thrust and withdrew. She moaned and pushed back, occasionally looking back over her shoulder at me and smiling. My apartment wasn’t far from a nearby hotel and I am sure people could see us by the moonlight. But neither of us cared. ‘Oh baby, you feel so good. Your pussy is so tight’ I would moan as she clenched and ground her pussy back onto my cock. Camille would sigh and occasionally groan in delight.

I pulled her near upright as I fucked her, wrapping my arms around her and fondling her nipples and breasts, while she reached back and held onto my hips as I eased my hard cock in and out. I then slowly moved us back and sat on a chair on the balcony. She sank deeper onto my cock and let out a moan as she leaned back and continued to roll her hips as I pushed up with mine. ‘Oh baby… oh baby… your cock fills me up’… her hands would reach back and run through my hair as I pulled her hips down harder and harder.

I could feel myself getting close and wanted to end with a bang. I pushed off the chair and back to the balcony railing. With her bent over, I grabbed her hips ‘I’m going to ram you until I explode babe. I want to fill you up’ ‘Yeah… yeah… oh god, fuck me baby… do it, cum in me’ she replied. As I felt my cock harden even more, I began pounding hard and fast into her pussy. She was moaning continuously now, one hand grasping for my hip as I slammed into her, the other holding her up at the railing. I ran one hand up her back and through her hair as I pumped and then slid it around and grasped a breasts, squeezing the nipple between thumb and finger, rolling it as I squeezed her breast in my palm.

Suddenly, my cock jerked and I felt cum shoot from my head. I continued to thrust as I throbbed and she squealed in delight pushing back hard with her hips, grabbing my hand on her breast. ‘Cum for me baby, cum.’ I continued to thrust with some force and she suddenly began to shake with pleasure, her own orgasm rocking her body. I could feel her pussy quiver around my cock as it ejected the last of my cum into it. ‘Oh god, oh god... yes, yes, yes…. oh god that’s fantastic!’ she moaned. We both slowed as our orgasm abated.

I pulled us back to the chair and sat with her on me and me still inside her. She slowly slid off and took my cock in her mouth, smiling and saying ‘That was fantastic… do you think I can get you ready again?’ I only smiled and nodded as she bent to her desire…

We had a couple of other memorable sessions while I was still in Sydney… maybe I’ll write of them some other time!
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Wow! Hooking up with all those chicks from other countries had to be just fantastic! This is a great story!
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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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Sounds like you had some damn good fun!
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Very good!
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Wink Wow!

Jealous, is the word. HOT
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