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CFNM at the pool

CFNM Stories (Clothed Female Naked Male)

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Default CFNM at the pool

First of all, let me say that this is a fairly tame story but just the same it is true and still turns me on to think about it.

Years ago, my wife (divorced since then) and I found ourselves at home on a quiet summer weekday and up for some sexual play. Our kids were away at camp for several days. Being a weekday, we knew our neighbors would not be home.

Let me describe our back yard. We had a swimming pool surrounded by a wooden deck and sundeck area. When we had the pool and deck built, we decided not to put up a privacy fence because we enjoyed being able to have an open view to the wooded area between our house and our neighbor to the rear. Our house was "L"-shaped so one side of our rear yard was hidden by the garage. The other side of our house was in full view from the neighboring house, but that house was occupied by my wife's sister and her husband, and we knew they were not at home. To the rear of the yard, our closest neighboring house was about 150 feet away, through some somewhat thick vegetation that did provide some slight privacy (although anyone who wanted to view our pool and deck from the rear would have had to make very little effort to see us).

At the time of this story, about 13 years ago, I had begun to formulate fantasies about being sexually controlled by my wife, being teased by her, and being naked while she remained clothed. I fantasized about her and her sister "discovering" my "secret" and using it to embarass me by making me be naked around them. I had no idea that these ideas were fetishes shared by others, until years later when I was divorced and began surfing the web. I had not shared these fantasies with my wife, although I had also begun trying to make subtle hints to her to see what her reaction would be. Anyway, on with the story.

The idea came to me late on that hot summer morning to approach my wife with the possibility of her letting me be her "cabana boy" and serve her out at poolside while she lounged. I told her it would turn me on if she would "order" me to serve her in the nude, while she sunbathed in a very sexy and skimpy bikini that would keep me aroused. Somewhat to my surprise, she smirked and told me to do just that: get naked and remain naked for the rest of the morning and afternoon while I served her at poolside. I was ecstatic!! I could not believe that she was ok with the idea and possibly even a little turned on.

As we both started to get up from our casual lounging in our sunroom, she told me I could start right then, and she held out her hand. I immediately understood and removed my shorts and t-shirt and handed them to her. She took them, and before she walked away she looked down at my growing cock and smiled. She said she was going to go to the bedroom and put on a swimsuit. I asked her what I should do while she was getting dressed. (I had hoped she would say that I should go out to the pool and clean out any leaves that might be floating in it, but she unfortunately didn't think of such a daring line.) She only told me to prepare some iced tea and get some snacks ready.

I got the items ready and waited in the kitchen for her, not wanting to seem to anxious but wanting to give her every opportunity to "order" me around. She returned to the kitchen wearing the tiniest, sexiest bikini she owned, and she strutted her best runway walk as she drew closer to me. She then turned to the back door and as she opened it she told me not to wait too long before bringing out the refreshments.

I paused just a moment to let her to out to a lounge chair and get comfortable. Then I put the snacks and drinks on a tray and did my best to resemble a Chippendale hunk as I eagerly left the privacy and safety of the house to head out to our not-so-private poolside. While I was not fully erect I was hanging pretty solid, and I was excited to watch my wife's reaction as I actually went through with this.

As I approached her, she squinted in the bright late morning sunshine and smiled a smile that told me she wasn't sure I would really follow through. She wouldn't have been disappointed if I hadn't (after all, this was my fantasy, and not one that she had exhibited any particular interest in). I handed her a glass of tea and set the snack tray on the table beside her lounge. I offered to put suntan lotion on her body, and she quickly agreed. I enjoyed touching her soft skin all over, while I was acutely aware of my own nudity. Occasionally I would steal a glance in various directions, wondering if my sister-in-law was actually gone and wondering if I was sure that all of the other neighbors who could see into our yard were really gone during the weekday. But my nervousness was overcome by my excitement at participating in this fantasy for real. My cock swelled to full erection as I carefully applied the lotion to all parts of my wife's body.

I hinted and encouraged my wife to make me do things such as clean the pool or go get more snacks. After my suggestions she would make such demands, and I tried to let her know just how much I enjoyed being "forced" to do these things while kept naked. She was having fun but at the same time I could tell that she just wasn't quite as into this fantasy as I had hoped.

However, it was having an effect on her, and after a couple of hours she laid on her stomach on the lounge chair, untied and removed her top, and untied her bikini bottoms and let them dangle loosely on her sexy butt. She made quite a show of all this, and I was sure she watched through her sunglasses to see if she was getting the desired effect out of me (which she was, of course!). She told me to put more suntan lotion on her, which I happily agreed to do. As I massaged the lotion into her skin, I gradually started pushing her bottoms off of her butt. She did not resist and finally I pushed them enough that they slid between her legs. She lifted her hips and I removed them so that she was now completely nude on the lounge chair. I took the hint and began massaging between her legs. She sighed and spread her legs. I then fingered her to a nice orgasm, enjoying watching her hips buck as she responded to my fingers on her clit.

After she came, she rolled over and told me to fuck her. I readily complied and shot my load very quickly inside of her, since I had been highly aroused all afternoon. We kissed and held each other for a little while longer, then she asked me to hand her the pieces of her swimsuit. She sat on her lounge chair enjoying my nakedness as she replaced the tiny bits of cloth that hid her most interesting physical body parts.

I hope you enjoyed this true story from my past.
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You certainly have a hot and daring wife.
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Anyone snooping in the woods?
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i love it.
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cfnm story

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