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Gym showers

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Default Gym showers

Last summer on a sunday night I went to the gym 2 hours before closing. Went in to the locker room got changed went to the floor got on a bike. I looked around the place was dead. A girl behind the counter, 2 women on the machines, and one guy lifting. After about 45 mins, I went into the locker room undressed grabbed a towel went in the steam room. After about 20 mins I grabbed my soap went to the shower room. A big room with about 12 shower heads. At the entrance there's a set of hooks to hang things on. I hung my towel up went to the first shower head and started soaping up. In walked the guy that was lifting, he hung up his towel walked past me and said hi. He was well toned, very all over tan, it was clear he shaved everywhere as he was smooth, even his cock and nuts were shaved. He was hung with large hanging nuts with a very tight ass. He had to be at least 6 ins in the flaccid state. I started getting horny checking him out. I took looks as he was soaping up. I got a semi hard-on with out even realizing I was getting hard. He smiled and said seems you got a problem and pointed. I looked down and said oh sorry about that it has a mind of it's own. He then got bold and said especially when your checking me out. With that he grabbed his cock and shook it stroking it. I now had a rampant hard-on. He said want a taste? I said not here. We went into the men's room found a stall. I sat on the toilet as he pushed his now semi hard cock in my face. I reached up took hold of his growing cock lifted it up. I started licking his nuts. I took turns gently sucking each nut in my mouth rolling them with my tongue. He grabbed the back of my head and said suck it. I opened my mouth wide as he plunged his harding cock in my mouth. With my left hand I was stroking him in my mouth as my mouth was bouncing up and down his thick shaft. My tongue was dancing on his big mushroom head tasting his sweet pre-cum. Me right hand was pumping my own shaft. He said your a good cock sucker, I moaned. He said I knew the way you were checking me out you wanted to suck me. I moaned again. He said do a good job I'll let u suck me once a week. I moan a yes. He was now throbbing in my mouth. I reached up with my right hand and started teasing his bouncing balls. I felt him tense up, his nuts lifted up. He started moaning then the first very thick squirt shot in my mouth. The second one stronger than the first hit the back of my throat sliding down it. He shot a good 10 to 12 times in my mouth. I kept licking and sucking till he went limp in my mouth. I jerked my cock shooting on the floor hitting his legs and feet. He said thank you lets go and shower and have a talk. In the shower we talked. Found out he is married like me, hasn't had bi sex in years like me. We agreed to try to meet ever sunday night got dressed and left. The next sunday I was there waiting.
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Awesome. Congrats on a great find.
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Yea that's great, glad it all worked out....keep us updated.
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yum yum! i think i should start going to the gym again!
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Too hot. :-)
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That's great! I love public showers, it gives me a chance to cock watch. I'm always afraid I'll get caught though.
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