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Peggy took my adult education course in cock

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Peggy took my adult education course in cock

When i was in my second marriage i was working as a sales rep and traveled alot. It provided many opportunities for play on the road and off as my time and location was not easily tracked.
I had a secretary i inherited from the guy i replaced but i wasn't happy with her and she wasn't too thrilled with me either so i asked the boss to let her go so i could get my own girl. While i was interviewing my wife had said something to a male friend co-worker of hers about it and he asked if his wife could interview for the position and i had to do it as a favor to my wife. It eventually turned into a favor for
Her name was Peggy and as the name might imply she was a cute bubbly woman in her early 40's. She was no beauty queen but she had an amazing personality very outgoing and funny and she intrigued me. Peggy was shorter maybe 5'4'' and had a small hour glass figure with a nice chest and nice round ass. She had a big smile seemingly all the time and nice blue eyes..she was cute and had all the skills and we really clicked so i hired her. Over many months as we got to know each other my wife and i started to spend time with them outside of work. Dinner, cards that sort of thing. I became friends with her husband too and we all got along well. During that summer they had invited us over to their house for a barbeque and to swim. Thats when i already very friendly and comfortable with both of them started to get ideas about her.
Her husband and i were laying on lounge chairs by the pool and the wives came out of the house in their swimsuits. My wife had great figure and had a bikini on and Peggy had a two piece but the modest type. But as they walked to the pool to dip there toes my eyes went to Peggy as i watched her walk and her nice boobs were jiggling in her top and when she was by the pool with her back to us her ass looked round and desireable. I had to move my towel over my crotch because she was giving me wood. From that point on i was hell bent on seducing her.
It took a good 6 months or maybe more. As the time went on and we talked at work i was getting her to open up more about herself and was leading her slowly into more sexual talk. We had become so close that we would share things about our sex desires and what our partners liked and didn't like and i was making her more and more horny i could tell.
Peggy had no children and had told me in her own cute secretive way that she was fairly wild when she was young before she got married.
I had our little talks to the point where she shared with me that her husband didn't want sex nearly as much as she did and he was very vanilla in his desires and what he would do with her.
That was the opening i needed to tell her my wife and i had a good sex life but she didn't have the sex drive i did either and she at times would complain about how my penis was too big and hurt her if we did too much.
I left the conversation at that but in the coming weeks i could tell that i had turned Peggy on and she was acting a little
I'm not sure if she even noticed it because it was so subtle. But she would wear dresses with more clevage at times and do alot more incedental touching back and forth with me. I kicked it up a notch one day when she was wearing a nice simple dress but it had a nice open are at the top and at the end of a long day i went to her and stood behind her looking down at the top of her tits and her clevage and gave her a nice shoulder rub. I let my hands work down just a little below her neck and as i ran my hands over her skin i could see her nipples outlined in her dress but i stopped. A few days later she offered to do the same for me and i had the feeling as she slowly rubbed my shoulders that she was enjoying it. It was after 5 and we were the only ones there and i told her how good it felt and she said your so tense. I said..i'm asked why and i asked you really want to know and she said yes.
So, i told her my wife hates to give blow jobs and its making me crazy.
She stopped rubbing my shoulders and with her hands on me she said..oh..your kidding..i thought every woman liked to do that.
I said..not
Then i said..i bet you give your husband head an she lightly slapped my shoulders laughing and said..i enjoy it and a good cum shot...and then she giggled.
I said..GEEZ..where were you when i was dating.
I bet you would do anything for him like swallow too and she laughed and said..sometimes. I reached around and took her hand and turned my chair facing her and pulled her to sit on my lap and she giggled and said...are you getting frisky with me. I said..i bet you like a big cock don't you and she must have felt my cock hardening under her and said..ewwww.... how big is it ?
I said...why don't you find out for yourself and she said..what about saying her husbands and my wives names and i said..she already knows how big it is and he probably wouldn't want to she laughed and said your bad. By that time i was running my hand up her side to her tit and she was sitting sideways on my lap and starting to breath faster and had put one arm around my neck and i kissed her as i grabbed her tit and squeezed it and she moaned through our kiss as i worked open the top button of her dress and slid my hand in and was moving inside her bra and sliding over her nipple and fondling her.
As our mouths seperated i said...will you give me a blow job and gave her a few little kisses on her lips as she want me too..haaa.mmmm...all the months i had put into seducing her were about to pay off and as we kissed and nibbled at each others mouths she was getting very horny and saying in a low you want me to suck you off..huh..i said...oh yeah.. and she pulled away and slid down to her knees and opened a few more buttons and pulled her dress open and then brought it down over her shoulders and unhooked her bra and her boobs popped out all nice and big and round. She then unzipped me and reached in and taking my cock in her hand whipped it out and are
She stroked it a few times and then when i was rock hard she grabbed her own tits and leaned in and wrapped them around my shaft and slid up and down as i moaned and she did's so thick and hot...haa..mmmmm...mmmmm.
I said..oh damn..suck my cock Peggy and she looked up at me still sliding her tits on my shaft and said..mmmm..will you cum on my face and breasts ?...i just let out a small laugh and put a hand on her head and pushed down and she let her tits go and grabbed my cock and started to suck me off. It was easy to tell she loved sucking cock as she worked it at different speeds sometimes rolling her head on it and she was able to take it all in as she wanted and then pull off and lick it and then go down on me again. She was so good at it i was ready to blow in just a couple minutes and she could tell and had pulled her mouth off and was stroking it with one hand and cupping my balls with the other saying..give me my treat...mmmmm....come on...give it to me...and she started to jerk it real fast and in seconds i was shooting streams of cum up on her hair and face and it was rolling down her lips and chin and she turned it to spray some on her tits as i i was finishing she was licking her lips and had let go of my cock and was using her fingers to move my jizz into her mouth going MMMMMM....i sat back and said damn Peggy..lets fuck.
I held her hand as she stood and said....i'll have to think about that..we are both married you know. I said..ohh..come just sucked my She reached down and picked up her bra and stood saying yes..but thats different. Your only the second guy i did this for since i have been married. The other was a longtime ago. I asked did you fuck him and she said
Then she said i need to clean up and she went to the bathroom and came back all dressed again and hugged me and said...lets just wait and see ok. About a week later i got another BJ from her as she sat at her desk after work and this time i asked her to swallow it and she did. She said i was came alot but she manged to take it. She was great at giving head. Somehow we got into how she came to blow that other guy and she said it was a work thing with a co-worker about 5 years after she married and she did it a few times. He was married too and lost his job so thats how it ended.
It must have been 3 or 4 weeks later and she had given me several blow jobs by then but i had to have more from her.
So, one night just after work i asked her to have a drink with me and she came in my car with me to the bar but before we went in i was all over her and had her blouse off and her bra and was for the first time using my mouth on her tits kissing them and sucking on her nipples as i pushed my fingers into her under her skirt at her panty hose and she was so worked up and rubbing my cock when i said lets go to a motel and fuck she said ok.
After i paid fopr a room and we went in we both just stripped down and embraced and somehow moved to the bed with both of us running our hands over each other and i was saying..i have waited so long for this and she said too...ohhh give it to me...i rolled her onto her back and held her hands down with mine and sucked each of her nipples as she moaned loud and spred her legs raising them and i settled in between her thick thighs and was sliding my cock through her pussy and then when i felt the head in place i went in all way with one stroke and she yelled out..OHHHHHH..YESSS... I let go of her hands resting on my forearms i balled her good and she moved with me rocking and moaning as i grunted and i was ontop of her fucking her for a couple minutes and pulled out and said come here as i slid off the bed and stood and pulled her to me and lifted her leg and put my cock back in and held her leg uop and worked her pussy with nice long strokes and she was turning her head and moaning loud and opening her mouth saying..YEAHHH.YEAHHH..UHHHHHHH....and i thrust in and out fast a few times and then stuck it in hard and out a few times and she yelled YEAHHH..and gushed a streams of CUM from her pussy. I had my cock out of her and as she finished cumming i rolled her over and pulled her to the edge and she got on all fours and i put it back in and fucked her doggie style some as i squeezed her ass cheeks and she yelled HARDER..OHHH..HARDER...we were both breathing hard and i pulled ou saying i want your ass Peggy and as i took my cock and put it at her butthole she lowered her head and shoulders and i slipped it in and gave her a couple minutes of butt fucking and when i was ready to cum i shot the first load in her butt and pulled out and started top spray it on her ass but she turnd over and slid down and has it spit onto her belly she was running her hands smearing it and bringing it up and running her cummy hands over her tits and moaning. I was really turned on by that never experiencing that before. When i finished shooting i crawled over her and she reached up and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it and licked it clean as i got harder again and then i moved off and she got ontop of me and was riding me hard for a few minutes and gushed out another orgasm and finishing she pulled off and basically lunged down on me french kissing me and rubbing her body on mine unitl panting she stopped and laying ontop of me she told me she never had a penis that big in her and she had CUM SO HARD.
As the months passed we found our times to suck and fuck in my office after work or at a motel if there was time and when there wasn't in the car somewhere. It was a simple and fun fuck buddy situation and it was even more exciting when we got togather as couples and could give each other little discreet looks knowing we were fucking each other behind our spouses backs.
She wasn't the best fuck ever not moving alot but one of the best BJ's and she loved our secret sex and my cock.
She liked to be kinky too. We didn't always fuck and suck. There were a few times where i would finger fuck her to gush in her panties before she went home and she would jerk me off with a hand job for fun at the park.
We were taking more chances because it was exciting and she was worried one day when her husband decided to do the laundry and touching her panties found them wet and smelling of cum and she brushed it off as she had masturbated thinking of him on the way
She had really come to like being fucked in the ass by my thick cock too and i loved to fuck her butt and one day we came close to getting caught when i had stopped by one morning after he left for work and she was dressing and after she answered the door letting me in i bent her over the sofa pulling down her panty hose and fucked her pussy some and then gave her a good hard ass fucking and just as i wass getting close to cumming we heard her husband yelling to a neighbor out front and had just enough time to pull ourselves together before he came in saying he had left his briefcase behind. He said hi and i told him i had stopped by to see if i could catch him and see if he wanted to go to a game with me. He said he would but he had to go. After her left and we saw his car pull out we exhaled and laughed and i took her to bed and fucked her silly giving her the cum shot she adores.
This went on for almost a year and then one day she came in sobbing and said he had been transferred to Los Angeles and she had to quit.
They didn't leave for about a month and we fucked as oten as we could before she left. I was sorry to see her go and she had told me she would never find another man like me and i told her she She had too much to offer the right lucky guy.
She did ever so lightly bring up if i ever considered leaving my wife and i shut that down right The last time i saw her was 3 days before she left and we met in a park and she gave me sexy long BJ and finished by deepthroating me and taking all the sperm i could give her home in her belly. Peggy was an amazing friend and fuck buddy.
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Great story! Im sure she missed you.
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