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Eve was a dirty little whore

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Default Eve was a dirty little whore

Yesterday in the late afternoon i got these series or texts from JoAnn which shocked the hell out of me. I had just written about tearing her up on New Years night and was sure i would not hear from her again. I had met JoAnn at my gym and she was a fairly inexperienced middle aged woman who lost her husband to a younger woman and her tits and reserved but horny vibe that she gave me made me want to bang her silly so i did. Now, she was sending me these explicit texts that didn't really match with the woman i had been talking too.
It was making me unbelieveably horny reading them so i told her i would be there. She sent one last text saying..THE DOOR WILL BE UNLOCKED..FIND ME AND FUCK MY CUNT RAW LICK
The thought that maybe i had turned this once reserved middle aged divorcee into a cock whore was all the excitement i needed to go back for seconds. After i got home and was showering i was getting hard imagining what i would do to her and knew i had to match the experience i gave her New Years night so i dropped another little blue pill. About 6:30 i left for her place and when i got there i opened the door and walked in hearing the shower going. I was maybe 10 minutes early and thought surprising her in the shower would be fun so i went to the bathroom and looked in the open door and saw the shower and steam but the solid curtain was drawn so i couldn't see her. I pulled off my shoes and socks and then my shirt and jeans and walked to the curtain in only my briefs with a big hardon poking out of them. I stood there and as i was taking off my briefs i heard the door shut and stumbled turning around with my hard on sticking out and it was that freak of a daughter of hers.. Eve..the 22 year old with the piercings and the dark black hair and nails and pale white skin. She had closed the door and was leaning back against it totally naked and she looked high. She was striking in a dark scary way with small tits and dark nipples and a shaved pussy. I think i had my mouth open in shock as i looked at her and thoughts raced through my mind like..what the hell is this and she sure didn't have her moms
She started to talk before i could and it seemed surreal. She was saying SO.thats the dick that was making mom scream like a stuck pig !
I said something like..WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING ?
She said..whats only like old dried up cunt ? with a dirty sly smile. Don't you want some tight young pussy ?
I always have such a shit mouth and she said..why don't you put that big dick in my mouth if you want to shut me up ?
I was thinking with my cock rather than my head when i asked where her mom was and she said she was out to dinner with a girlfriend. I believed was a mistake. Then she said..i heard you banging JoAnn all night..i said your mom.. i thought we were alone...she said whatever...i live here moron..i suppose a big dick doesn't mean a big brain. While she said that she was turning her leg in and out and running her hand over her tit and licking her lips and then said..So..are you gonna do somethin or are you a whimp. This foul mouthed little girl all maybe 5'4" and 100 lbs of her was daring me to fuck her and i got a little pissed.
I am not sure what look i had on my face but as i walked to her her eyes got bigger and she put her arms out and i grabbed her by the wrists and held her to the door as i leaned in and felt my hard cock rub against her and holding her arms up and wide i bent down and licked her nipples and they perked up quickly and as i nibbled on them she was loud want to stick it in my cunt..haaa...and she was struggling.
I slid down to my knees letting go of her wrists and pulled her legs apart and pulled her up with her legs over my shoulders and i licked and sucked her pussy hard and she let out this loud long moan as i had her pressed against the wall and was eating her hard and she was moaning and wiggling against the wall and calling me a motherfucker.
She was vile mother fucking cocksucker...UH HAH..FUCK YOU...UHHHH..her pussy smelled some but i was too heated up to care and after i ate her for a minute or so i stood up pulling her legs off me and grabbed her and forced her to floor at my feet and holding her head and hair in one hand i used my other to hold my hard cock and tried to put in her mouth. She was turning her head side to side to side as my cock slipped over her lips and cheek but i finally shoved it in and she gagged as i started to fuck her mouth.
I had let go of my cock and had both hands on her head drawing it back and forth fucking her mouth as she slobbered and choked. I pulled out a couple times saying ..THIS WHAT YOU WANTED YOU DIRTY LITTLE SLUT..YOU WANT THIS BIG COCK and as she tried to reply i shoved it back in and heard her mumbled sucking and slurping sounds.
I didn't waste much time fucking her mouth..i knew with her lean body her pussy would feel so tight on my cock and she wanted what her mom got so she was going to get it and when i pulled out and said so pulling her to the bathroom counter and turning her around she said..she's my step mom asshole. I was too hot to care and i pushed her to lean over and held her down with one hand and took my cock in hand and wiped it through her pussy and said..I WONDERED WHY YOU DIDN'T HAVE YOUR MOMS TITS..LOL..and she said..fuck you and i said OK and pushed the big head of my swollen hot cock through her pussy lips and in her and she yelled out and i started to go back and forth bringing up my hand and holding her by her sides and as i thrust slowly a little deeper with each stroke she yelled..FUCK..OHHHH..MY i got near balls deep she was yelling and leaning forward lifting one foot off the ground as i went deeper in her and almost cryout..OHH..HO.HO..OHH..HOOO...YOUR HAAA..KILLIN ME...I was going balls deep by then and she was lifting her head and moaning and whimpering and i said..can't take it do have a tight little pussy..or you did..LOL. Her pussy felt so tight it felt like it was milking my cock and i wanted to see her face when i came so i pulled out and she was panting and whimpering as i brought her up and turned her to face me and put her up on the counter spreading her legs and she layed back with her hands stretched out to her sides on the counter to brace herself for what she knew was coming and as i took my cock in hand and teased her pussy with it she had this hard look on her face and said..FUCK MY CUNT..COME ON FUCK ME TO PIECES..HAAA..HAAAA..
I put it in her pulling my hand back as she winced and lurched back saying..OHHHHH...and i put my hands at her throat and pushed all the ay in and started to long stroke her as she moved her body and head and yelled out how big my dick was. She started to roll back with her hips meeting me as i went in her and had part of her shoulders up against the mirror and i slid my hands down to her hips and stepped back so she could lay over the sink and she was arching her back huffing and puffing and rolling her hips and pussy on my shaft and wriggling around as i was about to CUM and i started to fuck her fast and she screamed out as she felt my CUM shoot in her and i heard the water in the sink turn on as she had turned the knob with her back and i unloaded in her BIGTIME.
My mood softened somewhat seeing her laying out there and i pulled out and saw my cum flowing from her pussy and rubbed it softly as she moaned.
She struggled to sit up and then got off the sink leaning against me and looked up at me with this submissive but nasty look and without saying a word she walked out of the bathroom. I thought she had gotten what she wanted so i picked up my shoes and clothes and followed her and to went into her step moms room and crawled up on the bed.
I was standing in the doorway as she layed on her back and spread her legs and asked me to make her cum.
I walked in dropping my clothes at the foot of the bed and crawled up and was over her and she took my cock in hand running her hand up and down and this time she took it in her mouth and sucked me slowly hard again and i turned around and in the 69 postion licked her clit and fingered her pussy as she moaned and played with my cock and balls.
I had her breathing fast from my finger fucking her and turned again and getting over her and between her legs i put it back in and at first she winced but then as i slowly stoked her pussy she was writhing under me and moaning louder and louder. I must have slow balled her a good 5 minutes as she made all sorts of noises and then when i could tell from her breathing she was close to cumming i started to thrust in and out with short fast strokes and she went..HAA..HAA..HAA.HAAA...and did this twiching and orgasmed trying to wrap her legs around me and as she came she made this short squeeks until she went limp panting fast.
I pulled out and sat back on my heels and said turn and got off the bed and pulled her to the edge in the doggie position and she was still panting and more..haa haa...i said..funny..where have i heard that before..LOL..and then i said..oh yeah..i know when i was screwing your step moms brains out and i gave her a light slap on the ass and took my cock in hand and rubbed it on her ass and then put it in and she yelled out as i slowly sank it all the way in and went into a nice long slow poke mode. I made her say those special words to my ears...HOHHH...OMG...HAAA...HAAA..FUCK..UHHHH..UHH HHH...I had only been fucking her doggie style for a couple minutes but her sounds were making me ready to CUM again and i started to fuck her faster and i unloaded hard as i grunted and held myself balls deep in her and as i finished cumming and had yet to pull out i heard this scream from the side. It was JoAnn and she was looked horrified. That put a jolt in both Eve and i and i pulled out as she moved forward and curled up on the bed saying ..he made me..he made me....JoAnn screamed again and threw her purse at me saying she was calling the police as i was putting on my briefs and shirt. I was pulling on my pants when i remembered the texts and i said you better look at your cell phone before you call the cops as i walked to her and she said don't come near me. I said..easy..listen..she texted me luring me here making me think it was you and then she seduced me.
I'm sorry..i know it's wrong but she's a grown woman and knew what she was doing and planned it and as i was talking Eve was yelling..LIAR...HE FORCED ME...
I said JoAnn just look at the sent text messages on your phone and you will see i am telling the truth. She calmed a bit but was still shaking when she said where is my phone and Eve ran to the kitchen as we followed and took it off the counter and was trying to open it when JoAnn pulled it from her hands and got into it and read it as her eyes got big and she said loudly..OHHH..Eve..why...i said..i'm so sorry JoAnn..i couldn't control myself but it happened and i will leave and let you two work it out..ok...she was starting to cry and said..i never want to see you again..i said you won't. I'm sorry.
I left and felt the rush of adreline for quite awhile..what a nasty little slut she was. If she had thought to delete those texts i might be in jail right now. I am still feeling the butterfiles as i write this bizarre experience down.
I think i will stick to the friends i have now for
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Lucky for you she didn't delete the texts. But you had her texts on your phone if she did delete, so you could had proven she texted you. Unless, you delete your texts right away. Good thing you keep calm when you explained to JoAnn. If you would gotten upset or pissed she may not have believed you.
Sticking with friends might be wise for now.
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You were lucky this time dude, you're gonna have to be a bit more careful. The consequences without the sms evidence would have seen you go down. Bit of a chiller thought that one.
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