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The only time i boned a babysitter

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Default The only time i boned a babysitter

I am sitting here after taking a little blue pill waiting for Rachel to come in for her second interview for employment..HAD TOO...i gave my bosses ex-wife a quickie in my office this morning ( see co-workers ) and she reminded me of the spontaneous nut busting i did in Amy our babysitter years ago. I was in my mid 30's and married for a second time and doing well in business. My wife and i lived high on the hog and went out 2 or 3 times a month on the weekends for some alone time needing a break from raising our daughter. We had used this one babysitter a couple times from the neighborhood. She was a senior in highschool and when she got a regular job with more hours she couldn't sit for us anymore and recommended a friend of hers named Amy. I talked to her on the phone and she seemed sensible and was 18 and a senior and had her own car but when she came the first time to sit for us i saw it was a piece of crap and i had to jump it for her so she could leave. Amy was not a shy girl and had a lot of personality and a banging body. She was a cheerleader and in the drama club and she could make those googoo eyes at you and you thought she is she only did that to me when the wife was not closeby. I had gone to one highschool football game with my wife really just to check her out and it was worth
She sat for us a number of times and she like many young good looking girls knew she was hot and would give me these little kind of naughty looks and just happen to bend over around me to reach for something. We had talked enough for me to know she had dated guys since she was 14 and i knew the way she carried on she couldn't be a virgin. It wasn't like she was and out and out horny slut young girl. She got good grades and seemed well thought of. It was the toward the end of the football season and she had come over to babysit for us on a weeknight because my wife was going to be working very late and i had wanted to go out with a buddy and when she showed up and took off her coat i almost got a huge boner looking at her flip her long dirt blond hair. She had some books with her and carried them to the kitchen table setting them down and stood there smiling at me wearing the tightest white top you can imagine with her nipples showing through her bra from the cold and she had on very tight faded jeans and had a super sweet bubble ass. Young and firm and fresh is all that came to mind as i stood there talking to her with some wood in my jeans. She sat down as we talked and flirted with me telling me how handsome i looked and i better be careful out there with a wink. My daughter was awake and watching tv and i girl if my daughter was sleeping i would give you what you need. I got my things together and saw her checking out my ass as i turned around and said see you at 10. When i came home my wife had beaten me home and was paying Amy and when she put her coat on and walked past me at the door to leave she gave me a and as i held the door for her i watched the way she swayed and shifted her ass in an exaggerated way walking to her car and she gave me a little look over her shoulder with a smile knowing i was checking out her ass.
She made me so horny i fucked my wife silly that night. On the following Tuesday my wife came home and told me she had to go out of town for the weekend to a business conference the upcoming weekend.
I was still thinking about Amy and called her Thursday night asking her to come over Friday night to babysit because my wife was going out of town and i wanted to go out with friends. She told me she had a game but if i could wait until maybe 10:30 she could be there. When i got off the phone i had this fantasy about her and hoped she would still be in her cheerleader outfit when she came over. What Amy didn't know was that i had also arranged for my daughter to have a sleepover at a friends house that night and we would be alone at my house.
I remember being nervous and horny as hell hoping if i made a move on her she would give it up. I knew i was taking a chance but she looked worth it and i could always deny it.
But i was also being cautious and decided to go out for a couple beers and then come back and i could always say i had to much to drink and didn't know what i was doing if she got upset over it.
I KNOW.A SHITHEAD ..RIGHT..but she was such a hot little thing.
Only maybe 5'2" but a great ass and tits and very pretty.
So she gets there and walking in she has as gym bag that had some of her books in it and she stands at the doorway and takes off her gym shoes and socks and walks with me barefoot into the kitchen and puts her back down like nomal and i tell her i won't be late and leave.
I went out and did have a couple beers to think about how i would try and nail her and working up a little courage and went home about an hour later and she was on the couch in the living room watching tv when i came in sitting with her knees under her and i said told you i wouldn't be late and she said yeah but i didn't expect you this soon. I said..hey it gives us a chance to talk..wanna beer and she said sure but don't tell my
She follows me into the kitchen and i get two bottles of beer from the fridge and open one for her and start to get a little wood as she puts it up and opens her lips and takes a sip and some runs down out of the corner of her mouth as she pulls the bottle down and she goes.whoops..and giggles. I laughed and said this is how you do it and drank all of mine at once going..ahhh as i finished and she said i can do that too..i said...yeah right..your going to down that whole beer in that pretty little mouth of yours..and she says..i can do it..i'm very talented and she gives me a wink and as she puts the beer bottle to her mouth she licks the rim of it looking at me and then downs almost all of it.
I are she says...yes..i am very talented with a naughty little smile. Thats all it took for me and i looked down at her and grabbed her pulling her up to me and layed a big open mouth kiss on her as i ran my hand under her cheerleader skirt and into her panties running my hand on her ass and she kissed me back giving me tongue and moved up on me as i pulled down on her panties sliding them down her ass and they fell down as she hopped up on me straddling me as we kissed and i started moving to take her up to my bed but we were so horny and caught up in the heat of it i would back into the wall and as i kissed her without looking and ran my hand under her ass getting my fingers in her pussy she went ..ahhhhh..and kissed harder ..she was wet and i went back and forth down the hall hitting the wall and came to the little table in the foyer and sat her on it and pulled off her top and dove into her cleavage kissing her tits as she panted and i pulled at my zipper and pulled out my cock. I was as hard as i could be and i remember my cock felt so HOT as i pulled her hand to it and we wrestled a bit on the table..she felt it and said...ohhh..haaa...wait..haaaa...i wasn't waiting for anything and i brought my head up and saw her mouth open and her eyes closed and felt her hand just over the head of my cock and gripping it tight and i said something like ..fuck that and took my cock from her hand and put it at her pussy hole and wiggled it and she put her hands over me and i just pushed the head of my cock in her. Her pussy was HOT..and tight and she moaned out hard as i brought my hand up and held her by the waist and she leaned back against the wall as i thrust in her more and fucked her. I remember the look on her face as she put her left hand out at the wall to steady herself and i moved up and down in her saying something like...shit..your pussy is tight..ahhhh...
Then she opened her eyes and looked horny and like she was taking more cock than she ever had before..but i could tell i was right..she wasn't a virgin as she started to push back as i thrust into her and she said OHHHH..GAAAA..AHHHH..WAIT..HAA..WAIT...i stopped thinking she was going to be trouble but she sat there with a few inches of my cock in her and said..i'm not on birth control.haaaa.
I pulled out and problem..lets go upstairs..she said what about ****. (my daughter). I said she is sleeping she won't wake up..and i knew she hadn't even checked on her and didn't know she wasn't there and i helped her down and followed her up the stairs admiring her sweet naked ass and when we got to the bedroom i took off my jeans and shirt and briefs as she stood there looking at me and then pulled off her cheerleader top and bra and pulled her up to grab one of her tits and suck it. She was sliding her leg up mine and moaning and i pulled away and walked to the nightstand where i always kept condems for when i wanted to fuck my wife when she was on her period and i opened a pack and told her to come here and handed it to her and told her to suck my cock and put it on. She sat on the edge of the bed and threw her hair back over her head and leaned over and held my cock and said..this is the biggest one i have seen and went down on me.
Oh..her mouth..huh..maybe it was because she was so young but it felt so good and she knew how to go down on a guy.
After she sucked me for a minute or so she worked on getting the condem on and had trouble saying i was so thick and i had to finish putting it on for her and told her to get on her hands and knees on the bed so i could fuck her doggie style. She moved into position and i got down on my knees and licked her young twat and she squeeled and moaned on my tongue with my hand on her ass..i remember she tasted like wasn't that experienced but i worked her pussy with my tongue and mouth for several minutes driving her wild and had to hold her from pulling away as she tried to lean forward and she was moaning and squeeling and came on my face and when i stopped licking her she fell forward on the bed laying face down and panting with her little cheerleader skirt up on her sweet ass.
(This Rachel better get here soon ..she is almost an hour late..damn it )
Anyway...i pull her up back into doggie position and run my cock up and down on her ass after losing some of my hardon and get it back and put it in her and go to town in her from behind. I can fuck like mad with a condem on and i must have balled her for a good 10 minutes as she yelled and moaned and groaned and came again screaming out and and it sounded like she couldn't breath. I had my leg up on the bed as i came to that point and was pulling her back to my thrusts on my cock and she was saying...OHHHH..NOOO..MORE..OHHHH..OHHH..OHHH.OHHH ...and i felt the urge and pulled out taking the condem off just in time shot streams of cum up onto her back and the as i squirted it fell on her ass and i slid my cock on her ass spurting my cum on it and she whimpered and moaned as i finished. There was cum on her back and ass as she layed facedown on the bed again and i stood there panting and admiring her butt. I was feeling great and expected to gomto the bathroom and clean up and go at it for a couple more hours but when i went to the bathroom..OH Rachels here pounding on the door..ok..well i take a piss and wash off and come out and she's gone and i go to the window and see her running in bare feet with her gym bag over her arm to the she couldn't take it. She didn't take any more babysitting jobs from us..too to
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