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Riding Lisa's moms ass.

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Riding Lisa's moms ass.

I had a movie date with Lisa Saturday night and then we went back to her parents house. It was only like 9 pm or so and her son was still up and her dad was in the recliner watching tv. Lisa's mom was in sweats and blue button down shirt doing a few things. It was tough seeing her and not being able to grab her sweet tits but we sat down and Lisa made coffee and we all watched tv as her mom did her thing.
Lisa needed to get her son to bed but he was resisting and Lisa said why don't you stay over with a little wink her parents couldn't see. I said i didn't want to them out but she said the guest bedroom is always made's and she went up with him. Maybe a half hour later Lisa's mom went up to check on her as i sat there on the sofa and her dad had dozed off in his recliner. When she came back down she said Lisa had fellen asleep on the bed next to him.
I gave her a look with a raised eyebrow like lets fuck and she said..well the room is ready anytime you want to go to sleep and then she went of to the kitchen. I looked at her husband snoozing in his recliner and got up and went into the kitchen and walkd up behind her as she was reaching up putting a couple dishes in the cabinet and put my arms around her and felt her tits as i pressed my cock against her butt sliding up and down in the crack of her ass and she sighed deep and said..ahhhh Derek.not here..
I said ..they are all asleep and kept fondling her tits and she moaned softly and bent forward some and i pulled my hands down and with one tug pulled her sweat pants and panties down some and pressed my hot thick cock against her soft butt and she went ..ohhhh.ahhhh no..not here please Derek. I kissed her neck and i think she was taken aback when i reached down and pulled them up and said you know where to find me and i heard her sigh as she looked back at me and i walked back into the living room and shook her husband arm waking him and saying ..i am staying over in the guest room and he said in a sleepy voice fine as he got up and followed me upstairs going toward the other end of the hall where their bedroom was. I got naked and into bed and entertained myself with thoughts about Lisa's mom and Lisa and chcukled out loud wondering what would happen if i ever married Lisa. Would i be fucking her or her mom more at least i thought since they were both named least i wouldn't screw up calling out there name.
I layed there and got frustrated looking over at the clock as it went past midnight and feel asleep. When i felt a running of a hand on my upper chest i woke up thinking maybe Lisa had awakened and come to my bed but through sleepy eyes i saw it was her mom sitting sideways on the bed waking me. I looked at the clock and it was about 3:30 and i ran my hand over her arm as she said..why do you do this to me..haaa.
She was wearing a housecoat with a tie and had on a nightgown under it and i slid my hand down her the inside of her housecoat and pulled it open some to see her full tits in her gown and her nipple was hardening and i mean what we do to each other and i pulled on her housecoat taking her down to me and we kissed deeply as our mouths and lips rolled over each others we were starting to breath faster and she said...ahhh..Derek...we can't get caught..haaaa...and i sat up saying take that off and she stood and opened her housecoat and dropping it on the floor and i said..take it all off and she reached down and pulled her nightgown off over hear head and got into bed with me as i slid over and we started to kiss passionately as i ran my hands over her laying sideways and partly over me an i said...go down on me and she went.haa and slid down and took my cock now hard in hand and started to blow me.
She was quiet and steady in her cocksucking and all i heard was her breathing and i started to moan and wanted inside her so i pulled her up and rolled her onto her back and got over and between her legs as ash spread them and i kissed and licked her tits as her breathing got shallow and fast and she went.haaaa..haaa.ohhh..very quietly.
I slid up putting my hands to the side of her heard and started to slide my hips up and down with my cock running through her wet pussy lips saying i love your smell and she looked up at me hungrily and sighed going..haa haa as she rolled her pelvis trying to get me in her but i nust slid up and down teasing her pussy and she was moving her head up to kiss my lips and back down panting and i said...Lisa..looking down into he eyes...i had sex with Lisa ..but i want you more and her eyes were glassy and she just went..haaa..haaa...please...and leaning up again she rolled her mouth over mine kissing me hungrily as i leaned down to her and she said...take me...haaa..please,..ohhh take meeee.
I slid my cock down and found her and pushed up in her about halfway and in a deep low voice she let out this...huhhhh haa haa ohhh as i started to fuck her slowly. It was a great long slow fuck back and forth with her rocking with me pushing back as i went in her and her arms around me as i put my head down next to hers and i fucked her slow and steady for quite awhile as i breathed my hot breath near her ear and she was going...huhhh ohhhh..ohhhh....Her pussy felt like a wet warm glove around my cock and i must have balled her that way for a good 6 to 8 mintues before i started to pick up the pace and started to grunt..ah ah ah.ah..with the force of my fucking her getting hard and hearing my balls slap on her and she was going..ha ha ha ha ha.. and i pulled my head up and put my mouth over hers and muffling her as she came and yelled out through our locked lips ...OHHHHHHHHHHH..OHHHHHHH..OHHHHHH.. and i tightened my ass cheeks and filled her with a huge hot load as she shuddered and when i pulled away from her mouth and we looked at each other she looked dazed and so happy.
I pulled out and got off to her side and she sat up and rolled her leg over me and as we caught our breath she said..i love you..ohhh.i love you.
I ran my hand over her ass and pulled her head to mine and said..i love you too Lisa..but we can't ever be together that way..we both know that and she said....haaa i know.
We layed in bed and touched and kissed and it was near 5 am and she was stroking my cock and i was fully hard again and said..yuo have to go back to bed soon...and she nodded her head in agreement and we started to kiss more passionatley again and i rolled over her and she was face down and raised her butt and i put my cock back in her pussy and stroked her and she went..ohhh...mmmmm...yessss...and i said lay down honey and she did and my hips moved back and forth as i fucked her slow and then i pulled out and moved up and put it in her butt just a little and she let out this...UH..and buried her face in the mattress to muffle her sounds as i held myself up on my hands and gave her a nice slow butt fucking and through it she went ...UHH..UHH..UHH..UHHHH
I could feel her asshole clenching down on my shaft and i was ready to cum and i went balls deep in her to her yell into the mattress as i busted my nut again this time in her butt with a long low groan.
When i felt my cock stop spewing i pulled out and layed over totally spent and she layed there moaning softly.
Then i sat up and moved back on the bed to get up and i could see her butthole and pussy opened up and reddened with some cum coming out her butt and i said..i'm going to get you a washcloth and she just layed there going..uhhhuh..ohhhh. I warmed one up in the sink and came back and gently ran it over her butthole and pussy and the she turned over taking it from me and cleaning herself more with it and then's almost morning and she got up as i layed back down and put her nightgown on and and her housecoat and then her hand over my arm and left my room. I woke up about 8 am and showered and went downstairs and everyone was in the kitchen and Lisa and her mom were making breakfast and Lisa asked..sleep good as she hugged and kissed me good morning and apologized for falling alseep.
We had a nice breakfast and then Lisa and i went for a walk and talked about spending sometime alone this
Lisa is so attentive and sweet and has a great body...
I couldn't help but have thoughts about boning her mom the night before when we talked about alone
I know this will come crashing down sometime..but at least it's in the open for Lisa's mom now. She knows her daughter and i are screwing too. She is a nice lady though and i wonder when her morales will kick in and she won't be able to deal with me fucking her and her daughter but i know she will never tell.
A quick side note. Courtney was all smiles and nice today. She left work a bit ago and i have a feeling she is warming up to
I would love to try her out. But right now i think it's time to call Rachel in for a 2 nd. interview. Barb sent me a nice thank you card for her professional. I wonder if she would give it
The few i interviewed this morning are all no go's lol.
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Nice women with morals slip up too. Lisa(mom) knows you want her more then her daughter and if she telling you she loves you. She might just leave her husband for you. Or atleast think about it. If she getting great cock, that might cloud her judgement and think why not go for it. But you never know. It could be you just released her sex beast in her. lol. Great sex is a powerful thing and can make people do things they wouldn't think they would do. But I'm sure you know that. lol.

All you needed was Lisa(daughter ) to come in and say my turn next after mom. lol.

Great story though as always!
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That took some balls. In more ways than one!
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