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a story about cheating

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default a story about cheating

So if you're not cool with it, don't read it & certainly don't tell me about it.

I'd met her through a long time friend, she is/was his sister in law. There'd be many parties & fun times at their place. She wasn't the hottest woman I know, but she's definitely game. We chatted a bit, and had some flirting, even a few 'touches' in the hot tub. Eventually, I kissed her in her basement, she had followed me to the washroom knowing everyone else was outside.

We're both married and in good marriages, but we're both the kind of people that need a little excitement every now & then. Not an on going affair, more like a once a year 'get together'.

She's about 5'7", I'd say around 165lbs, nice curvy thick hips, a 35yo mom of two, two years older than I am.

One day, we're texting back & forth, just some chit chat & flirting. She's going to be in my area of town to do some shopping....I jokingly texted 'bj?' to which she responded 'yes, meet me'.

After some back & forth, we decided to meet a Walmart parking lot. I pulled in, not even noticing her vehicle & began to wait. Within seconds, she jumped in & said 'drive'.

I unzipped my jeans, she went down on me in my SUV, giving me one of the best bj's of my life. Her skilled mouth sucking my cock from bottom to top. Wet, sloppy, slow and fast. The kind of bj that makes your eyes roll back in your head. It seemed to go by too fast. I had to park to keep from crashing. As she was near finishing me off, I was losing my mind. I thought she'd swallow, but I was wrong. It's a good thing my wife was out that evening when I went home with my shirt & jeans covered in the biggest load of jizz I'd ever shot.

The reason I felt compelled to tell this story, is that we've decided to get together my's been so long...I can't wait to finally fuck her, to have my cock balls deep in her pussy. When she shows up tomorrow, I know at first she's just going to want to suck my cock, but I can't hold back anymore, I need to feel what a new pussy feels like....
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Keep us informed, wanna hear how it works out
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