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Question Two Girl Fuck Competition

(episode 26) This follows “First Tailgate Party of ‘07)

After that first football weekend and hooking up with both Mary Beth and Jennifer I discovered that they both wanted in relationship more. Jennifer wanted me back! She had broken up with me THREE times, once to be free to do who or whatever she wanted for spring break, once because she believed I had cheated on her (I hadn’t) because of that evil Jackie’s lies, and the last time over a silly argument (no, that was just an excuse) maybe because she was tired of me. I don’t know. I was suspicious Jennifer wanted me back just because another girl she knew very well wanted me. Mary Beth had let me know that she really did want to try and develop something with me. Both girls were deeply imbedded in my social clique with strong ties to my friends. Brittany believed that Jennifer broke up with to to experiment and play around but all along wanted to get me back when she was good and ready. Jennifer had always had a hold on me and could have probably done that but all of the sudden somebody came along, Mary Beth, who might could steal me away from Jennifer permanently.

For a few weeks I had been able to hold them off in a status quo situation with me making no commitments to either but reaping the benefits because they were both fucking the hell out of me. But the friction was increasing and they were both putting pressure on me. I was feeling a lot of stress over it. They both knew I was having sex with the other and I was trying to be careful not to flaunt it in front of the either one. And there was no doubt that both girls were competing because every sexual encounter it seemed like they tried to out do there most recent performance. For me it was fantastic. It all came to a head the weekend of the Ole Miss game.

By mid-week Mary Beth had asked me to a party that her sorority was having on Friday at their sorority house. I told her I’d go with her. As if Jennifer knew about that, Jennifer called me right away and asked me to go to the football game with her on Saturday, which meant she’d be my pre-game tailgate date and after the game. Game Saturdays are an all day event.

I had to dress up nice for Mary Beth’s sorority wine & cheese party and I wore khakis with a white shirt, tie and navy blazer and I even wore socks. I walked over next door to get Mary Beth and she came out wearing a sexy as hell very short blue micro mini dress, light blue stockings and pumps. She looked fantastic. We went to the party and Katie and Kelli were both there with their dates, two of my frat brothers. All the girls were dressed up and looking sexy. There were several kinds of wine and champagne but no beer (NO BEER!!!) I munched down on some cheese and crackers and fruit and wolfed down several glasses of wine. Meanwhile Mary Beth took every opportunity to sneak a grope of me, then walk away and look back at me giving me a really seductive smile. (You women really know how to tease!!!)

I was really getting worked up and caught myself pitching a tent in my khakis and having to find somewhere I could stand or sit and hide it. Katie and Kelli saw me and got so tickled, they just were dying laughing while I maneuvered over behind a large plant in the corner then finally found a chair to sit and crossed my legs with some napkins in my lap to hide my boner. Of course they got Mary Beth involved and then she sat on this sofa straight across from me and started crossing her legs a lot giving me all these upskirt teases. I could see she was wearing a little super sheer pair of baby blue panties and when she gave me longer peaks I could even see her pussy lips through the sheer material. Katie and Kelli snickered while watching the whole thing and even told their dates, my friends about it and soon they were all laughing. Finally after what seemed like an eternity at that party, Mary Beth said she was ready to go.

Once we were in my car we started kissing and making out like crazy. As I drove back Mary Beth was kissing on me neck and nibbling my ears while tickling and playing with my chest. Thank goodness it wasn’t far. We hurried into her bedroom. (Her roommate Nikki was over at my house with Chip.) As the door slammed behind us Mary Beth pushed me against it and started kissing me, pulling my coat and tie off. Then unbuttoning my shirt she kissed down my chest. I grabbed her up in my arms and carried her to her bed. There she undid her dress and tossed it aside standing in front of me wearing only those light blue stockings, sheer baby blue panties and blue pumps. Feeling quite horny and rowdy I eased her back on the bed and then used my teeth to bite her panties and pull them down her legs. Mary Beth really liked that as she growled and exclaimed, “grrrrrrrr you’re my tiger!”

With her panties removed I feasted my eyes on her shaved mound and puffy wet glistening pink pussy lips. I told her how sexy she looked with those stockings on and how much I loved that. Then I buried myself into her pussy sucking those sweet lips and her clit that tasted deliciously musty. I didn’t stop until she cried out that she was cumming. Mary Beth squeezed the nipples of her small breasts and moaned loudly. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm after which she helped me finish getting my boxers and socks off. Then Mary Beth took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to give me a really wet sloppy blow job. Once she had my cock all juiced up she climbed up on top of me taking my cock in to her pussy and fucked me cowgirl. I really enjoyed watching how her wet labia stuck and clung to me every time she moved up, which really reminded me of fucking her competition, Jennifer.

Mary Beth and I must have fucked three times that night. I know we did the usual, missionary and doggie. Then I ended up spending the night with her but had to get up and run next door to my place in the morning shower and get ready for hosting our tailgate party for the Georgia-Ole Miss game. Mary Beth knew that Jennifer was going to be my date for Saturday but that didn’t stop her from coming over with Katie and Kelli for the tailgate party. Actually Mary Beth made it easier because she brought a “just a friend” guy with her to the party and for the game after. It made easier for me being with Jennifer that day and since the guy with Mary Beth, was a closet gay, I was sure he wouldn’t try to fuck her.

Jennifer showed about 30 minutes late of course (that’s early for her! HA) She had come up with a really sexy outfit for the game, a short black ruffled school girl skirt, red shoes, red lower thigh stockings that only came up a little way above her knees leaving a lot of skin on her thighs showing. She wore a red stretchy blouse with a Georgia ‘G’ on it, that had long sleeves but was short, bottoming out a couple of inches above her belly button, which had a Silver Georgia Bulldog dangling from her pierced navel, silver GA Bulldog earrings and she had put her long straight dark hair in 2 ponytails to the side with red ribbons and of course the little Georgia ‘G’ sticker on her left cheek (every coed does that.) I took one look at her and wanted to fuck her right away, but I’d have to wait several hours for that.

We had a huge crowd for the tailgate party and lots of food. Then we all headed over to Sanford Stadium to join 93,000 fellow Dawgs for the game. We expected a close game with Ole Miss and that’s what it looked like through halftime. However, early in the 3rd quarter the Dawgs blew the game wide open and turned it into an awesome rout!!! That left us all in an especially festive party mood, though most of us had nearly lost our voices from yelling at the game.

We converged on the frat house and another huge party ensued. Mary Beth had played it low key at the tailgate but I think she was getting smashed and kept coming by just to chat or something while I was with Jennifer. Jennifer was getting quite pissed off, I was trying to play referee and keep things cool, so finally I realized it was best to take Jennifer and leave. So I told her that her sexy little outfit had been making me horny all day and I wanted to take her back to her apartment and fuck her brains out. That worked like a charm!!!

We were out the door in a flash and as soon as I was driving Jennifer’s little BMW Roadster down the road, she had unzipped my pants and had my cock out bobbing her head up and down on my cock. We had to stop at a few red lights and at one light, for sure a car load of chicks noticed what Jennifer was doing to me. They all started screaming, yelling and laughing out the window at us and shaking their red shakers they still had from the football game earlier. I heard them yelling stuff like, “suck that cock!” “oh yea baby!” “suck it whoooeeie!” I believe they were somewhat drunk! HA

We rushed into Jennifer’s apartment and caught Brittany giving head to Randal, a fraternity brother of mine, on the sofa. We ran by them going down the hall with Jennifer yelling, “don’t stop for us! I was just doing that to Buz in the car!” She had her hand in my pants as we ran down the hall. I really was horny as hell.

I made Jennifer keep the red stocking on. I gave her a quickie lick job, I wasn’t up for those long ones I usually gave her because I just needed to get my cock in her! And thank goodness soon we were fucking. I did feel especially wild and I was holding her legs straight up fucking her pussy and slapping her ass. She let out a cheerful yelp when I’d do it. Then I had her turned around on all fours pumping her pussy doggie style. I was making as much noise as Jennifer which can be hard to do, especially being hoarse from yelling at the game. The bed banged against the wall, bang! bang! bang! over and over.

Then Jennifer begged me to fuck her in the ass. She had my cock so wet, no lube was necessary and soon I was pumping her ass from behind with my arm around her, hands massaging her clit. In a while Jennifer let out a “Oh Damn! Fucking Yes!” and started cumming.

We laid in her bed and recovered somewhat before putting on robes and going to her kitchen to get a couple of beers. When we did, Brittany and Randal came out of Brittany's bedroom wearing bath robes too. Brittany was her usual mischievous smart ass self commenting on how much noise we made and asking if we’d knocked a hole in the wall. We hung around and drank a couple of beers in the living room talking with Brittany and Randal before going back to bed where we had another great round of sex.

Unfortunately, Randal spread the word about mine and Jennifer’s loud boisterous fuck that night and it got back to Mary Beth by the next evening. Mary Beth definitely had a plan of action. Spurred on by the fact that she now knew I had a fetish thing for thigh stockings, she showed up at my place in a sexy short black low cut dress, black stockings and heels and fixed up like she was going out for the evening. I wondered what she was doing all dressed up as she walked into my room. I was just laying on my bed studying. She closed the door behind her and walked over to my computer desk spun the chair around, sat in it, leaned it back, looked at me smiled seductively and spread her legs apart allowing me to see that she had no panties on.

Mary Beth just sat there and talked sexy to me for awhile. She told me to stay on the bed and she kept her legs apart so I could see up her sexy short dress and with those sexy black thigh stockings on. Finally, I just took off my shorts and tossed them in her lap and said for her to “get her ass on the bed and fuck me.” Mary Beth stood up and walked so slowly and provocatively toward me. When she got to the bed she crawled up on it and then upon my face and buried her crotch on me while she was still in that dress, stocking and heels.

I performed oral on her, tasting her succulent slightly salty, perfectly aromatically musty pussy. Then we got her dress off but Mary Beth left her stockings and heels on the entirety of our sexual interlude. We started off missionary with me on top and Mary Beth’s tight wet pussy felt wonderful. I pushed her legs way back which looked so sexy & inviting with those stockings on. Then she got on top of me . As she rode me cowgirl I gripped her thighs feeling the stocking fabric on her skin in my hands. As she bent over to kiss me I slid a finger from my right hand into her asshole and a finger from my left I put between us so I could massage her clit as she fucked me, bouncing up and down and grinding on me. he had screamed out loud that she was cumming then she collapsed limp on my chest, her sweaty little breasts rubbing against me.

Just then I heard a loud commotion outside my door. I grabbed my shorts and hurriedly put them on and opened the door just as I heard the front door to our house slam. Chip, Nikki, Katie and Vic were all standing in the living room wide eyed and shocked looking. I asked, “What was that?” Vic looked at me and said, “Oh shit dude! That was Jennifer!” I said, “What?” Then it seemed like they all piped in loudly exclaiming that Jennifer had just come over walked in the front door said hello to all of them and chatted for just a couple of minutes. They said they couldn’t think of a way to keep her from heading over toward my bedroom door. Jennifer not realizing anything yet walked up to the door and heard Mary Beth and I having sex. They said Jennifer just froze at the door listened for a few seconds and screamed “goddamn him and that bitch!” She turned and stomped out yelling, “tell Buz to go to hell!” By the time I looked out the front window there was a huge plume of burned rubber smoke coming up from the road and we could hear the tires of Jennifer’s car squealing all the way down the street.

Mary Beth seemed to take it all very well. My heart was racing, blood pressure pumping and I knew this thing had spiraled out of control. Mary Beth hung around with me for the rest of the evening. I don’t know if she could tell how stressed I was or not. I tried to act cool but inside I was anything but cool. Mary Beth seemed to have a victorious glow about her. I got a text from Jennifer several minutes later telling me what a “tool” and an “asshole” I was. Before I went to sleep that night Jennifer had sent me a long email telling me that I blew it with her. I sent her a reply telling her that she is the one who screwed up when she broke up with me the previous spring, explaining that I would have been content with her had she never dumped me. I sat there and convinced myself that I was finished forever with Jennifer and decided I would take things to the next level with Mary Beth.

Events never work out the way you plan...more to come!
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Buz !!!!!
two days in a row with two girls cumming & cumming ! my God Buz did you have any semen left?
At least Jennifer din't go off on a revenge gang-bang!!!!!
You were so sweet to both of them; it wasn't your fault they made it a competition...
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Oh Buz... I have this strange feeling that this story could go on for many many posts... And I can't wait to read every dirty
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Oh my! hahaha
Well, you certainly were in the middle of some crazy girl loving! hehe
And yes, we girls do know how to tease! It is something we do very, VERY well! hahaha

It sounds like you might have gotten your sexy self worn out with so much sex!! Those 2 girls were obviously crazy about you!! (but who wouldn't be?!?! haha)

This is another AWESOME story Buz!

<3 As Always
Naughty Alice
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Buz I wondered if Jennifer was going to lose it!!! I've witnessed a couple of scenarios similar to yours. Thank goodness as just a friend, not a major player! LOL That was a really fun story to read. You build the drama to a peak. I guess that's how it seemed to you. But I can't imagine you didn't love all that sex with 2 beautiful girls, you studmuffin!!! LOL
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Now that was an adventure Buz. Usually women don't like to know you are fucking another one. Great story!
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Damn dude those 2 chicks wear some sexy ass outfits, no wonder they keep you all worked up! At least those 2 girls didn't get in cat fight. That was one damn good story! I'm sure you got another good one coming up.
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