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Ass destroyed by my student

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Ass destroyed by my student

Hi, this is my first post, and it is about a story that I want to share about an adventure with a student of mine.
I am 35 years old woman, married, working as a university professor, average looking I would say, although my colleagues would disagree because they always say that I am very attractive and the best looking professor at the university. It’s true that I do sports and fitness whenever I can, and I do take care of my body, but I am nothing spectacular nor an ultra hot chick that every man turns their head on, just a nice looking woman that takes care of her body, with boobs slightly bigger than average and nice and firm legs. Last academic year I had a student in my class (lets call him Tom for this occasion) who was quiet in classes and always avoiding being called upon for a discussion, the type that doesn’t really care about his education or his grades and just wants to get his diploma the easiest way possible. Though he was quite popular among students, especially girls, in their social activities, always acting as macho man, good looking, muscular (he played some sport for the university team). However, I must stress that I was not attracted by him at all, actually he was quite opposite of what I wanted of a man, and on top of that some 10 years or so younger than me and my student.
One Friday evening I was with my students out for a drink (Tom wasn’t around) in a club where they often went on weekends (we did that sometimes, usually at the end of the semester). After a couple of beers my students literally dragged me to the dance floor and we started dancing. Then out of nowhere Tom showed up and everybody got really exited and the girls started dancing around him (truly he was the “star” of the evening). At one point Tom came to me took my hand and pulled me in the middle of our group and started dancing with me. The others made a circle around us and started cheering. While dancing Tom came close behind me, holding my waist, synchronizing his movements with mine, and dancing really close to me that I felt his dick on my ass, and then he pressed and rubbed it from my ass. I was embarrassed and said that I need a drink and went to the bar. He followed me there and asked what was wrong. I replied nervously “how do you mean what’s wrong, be careful what are you doing, I am your professor and not one of your sluts”, on which he said that he just danced and asked why I am making a big deal out of it. I said angry “rubbing your dick on my ass is just dancing to you, don’t play games with me, I can make you expelled for this”. He seemed that he didn’t give a fuck about my threat and said “my big cock deep inside your ass is the only thing you need right now, coz the fact that you are making such a big deal out of me accidently touching your ass with my dick means that you haven’t had some for quite a while”. I became very angry at this point and responded “watch your language you little punk, I am a married woman and your professor and I urge you to forget that this conversation ever happened and apologize because I will take legal action against you”. Tom seemed like he is encouraged and not scared of my words and said “than your husband must have small dick and doesn’t even know how to make use of it since you are constantly unsatisfied”. I was out of my mind and said “you think that you can satisfy me, I bet that you have a micro dick yourself and you are the type that needs to talk and glorify his own sexual capabilities in order to impress himself and hide his inability to satisfy a woman”. Then, he grabbed my hand and put it on his dick and said “is this small” and I must say it felt pretty big and started hardening. With my hand still on his dick he continued “I can fill you in deeper than anyone before, and if I thrust it deep inside your ass you will feel like your whole body divided into two parts”. At this point I became so horny that I wanted him inside me as soon as possible and said to him, now stroking his cock “come on prove to me that you know how to make use of this big dick”. Then we left the club, took a cab and went towards my place (because my husband was on a business trip). We were so horny that while in the cab Tom started rubbing my pussy and caressing my tits and opened his zipper and pulled out his cock, which was enormous, and I started jacking it. When we got to my building we entered the elevator and he pushed me to the wall rolled me over took down my jeans slid my thong on the side and thrust his cock in my pussy. I moaned from pleasure as he pounded me hard from behind, when the elevator stopped and he turned me facing him, lifted me, put me on his cock which was rock hard, and went like that in the hallway. Luckily there was nobody around and I guided him to my door. We entered and he threw me on the bed, undressed himself and started pounding me hard and deep while removing my top and when my tits were released he started caressing and sucking my nipples. He fucked me so hard that I was cumming every time I felt his strong thrusts. When he felt he is about to blow he pulled out his cock and put it between my tits, squeezing them with his hands and sliding his cock between them. I haven’t been titfucked before and it felt so good and I followed his movements. Then he blew his load on my tits and my face and after I licked his cum from his shaft he stood up started jerking his semi erect cock slowly and said “it your turn now, suck this cock, make it hard again”. I knelt in front of him and took it with my mouth and started sucking it slowly. Then I went deeper and deeper but I wasn’t able to go all the way even though it was only semi erected. Then Tom pulled out his cock and held it with one hand at the bottom and with the other he took my head and started mouth fucking me, he change the pace from fast to slow and deep in my throat. I felt him growing in my mouth and he pulled out and placed me on all fours and started fucking me from behind. He pounded me hard and deep for quite some time until I become so exhausted and my pussy just couldn’t take his big dick anymore and told him to stop. He pulled over his cock and when I thought that he obliged my command he slid his head in my ass and started moving back and forth slowly only sliding the top of his cock in my ass. He was so wet from my pussy that there was no need for lube and I didn’t opposed. Then he started going deeper and deeper but slowly and I felt a little awkward coz I haven’t felt anything that deep inside my ass before. I was moaning and I felt his balls touching my ass chicks and I knew he was all in me and I didn’t felt any pain coz he was moving very slowly but then he stopped when was deep in me took my hair and pulled it towards him while pulling out his cock and thrusting it back inside so hard and powerful that was so painful that I started screaming and yelling him to slow down but he continued thrusting me so hard while holding my hair with one arm and spanking my ass with the other that reminded me of his words back in the club (about how he will divide me into two pieces if thrust his cock deep inside my ass). He continued pounding me hard and I got used to the feeling and the pain went away. He fucked my ass until he blew his load inside my ass and pulled out his dick and lied on the bad breathless. I was so exhausted that I needed one hour in order to restore my energy and go to the bathroom to take a shower.
This was the best sex of my life.
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Welcome Professor Kate!!! Great story! Did he ask got an "A"?
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El Suave
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Bangin' the teacher... must be something else! Hot stuff
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I agree with Buz A!!!
was he your first anal?
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Hi, I'm new here
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Of course he got an A, and no he wasn't my first anal, I have had anal before but with guys average sized, and this boy had a monster
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so, did he ever get the chance to bang you again?
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Hi, I'm new here
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Originally Posted by Prof.Kate View Post
Of course he got an A, and no he wasn't my first anal, I have had anal before but with guys average sized, and this boy had a monster
How big you think he was?
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Welcome to TSS Prof. Kate! Oooh WOW!!! It sounds like he really took care of you!! hehe 'A' grade for sure!
Naughty Alice
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Default oooooohhhhh the best story ever !

Great story prof Kate brings back happy memories from when I fucked the tight young pussies of my students in a French university !
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Sounds like you had a good time. I always wanted to have a teacher, just didn't get lucky obviously.
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