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What Viagra Did For My Boyfriend

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Smile What Viagra Did For My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I got into a discussion about what viagra would do for a younger normal very virile guy. He said that he had heard of college students taking ecstasy and viagra combined for wild parties. Curiosity got the better of us and I talked him into trying to get some. So he looked into it, it was expensive but he purchased 5 black market viagra pills.

One weekend evening we were making out on my sofa after watching rented movies and he asked if I wanted him to try one of those viagras. I was definitely up for it. He popped the blue pill and I downed 4 large glasses of wine while we waited the prescribed hour for the viagra to take full effect. Having drank the wine very quickly I was feeling really buzzed which always adds to my getting horny. By the time it had been a full hour we were involved in steamy kissing on the sofa.

My boyfriend said that he was beginning to feel hot, a little dizzy, and having a slightly hard time focusing his eyes, both side effects of the viagra. We kept kissing and then he started nibbling on my neck and soon he had his hands on my breasts. I checked his crotch and found that he had a full erection.

We frantically pulled our clothes off laughing and talking about how horny we both were. Once we were both naked he wanted to go down on me first and I found myself laying back on the sofa with his face between my legs. He licked me for a few minutes and then said to me that his cock felt like it was raging inside. I wanted badly to feel of it to see if anything seemed different. Once I had it in my hands I could not tell any difference, it just felt like it usually did while completely erect. I took him in my mouth and began to suck him, slowly licking up one side and down the other over the length of his cock and teasing the head of it with my tongue like I love to do. I went down and licked his nut sack and I could feel him quiver. He was moaning non-stop and telling me how fantastic everything felt that I did to him. He said everything seemed even better than usual.

My boyfriend then said he had to fuck me right then. I spread my legs out and he pushed into me rather hurriedly but I was very wet and ready. Once he got started fucking me he was so intense. He fucked and fucked and fucked me. We changed positions several times, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, side-to-side before he finally came. And I had already had an orgasm well before he ever did.

In less than 5 minutes he wanted to fuck again. We started on the sofa, ended up on the floor and finally finished with us standing up bent over the sofa with him fucking me from behind. And little did I know that we were just half way through for the evening.

While standing in my kitchen in our robes having just opened another bottle of wine he starts kissing me again and we ended up fucking with me sitting on the kitchen counter facing him standing up. His stamina was unbelievable and this time we took it to the bedroom and finished with me on top of him cowgirl.

Truly I was exhausted. And in a few minutes when he mentioned he’d love to go again, I thought I’d end up very sore from another fuck, so I suggested anal. I like anal anyhow. I had only been seeing him for a little more than a couple of weeks and we hadn’t tried anal together yet. He said he was good with that, so I got out a bottle of lube and lubed up his very hard cock. We finished our fourth round of sex with him cumming in my ass. (I liked it!)

I think I counted 5 orgasms for myself, he of course had four. I asked him how it felt and he said the sensation to stay hard just never really went away after each time he had an orgasm. He said the fourth one finally made him feel satisfied.

I really liked what the viagra did for him because he was able to satisfy me over and over. Days later when I suggest he try the viagra again he said that he was scared to. He believed that if he did it again he might develop a dependency on it to get erect. He is under 30 years old and in great physical shape. I asked him to find out for sure because I really would love for him to finish up those other four pills he has, on me!!!!
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Wow Missy!
How sore was that kitty of yours????
Multiorgasms had to trump any tender lips!!!!!!!
Sounds yummy Missy!!!
& he got your butt too!!!!! or should it be 'you got what you wanted' ?
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Great story Missy! Viagra eh? Sounds very interesting.....
That sounds like one great night of sex!!!! Let us know if you get him to do some more Viagra so we can here all the good juicy details?
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that is a great story missy. i know what i'd get him for Xmas this year. !!!
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That is really hot Missy!!! I have had a couple friends tell me they tried it with similar results. I do believe the next time that Jenna and I get a day in a hotel room, I am gonna have to give it a try. I hope that you get to be the benefactor of those last four pills he has.
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Performance Enhancing Drug... That's like steroid for the cock!! Sounds like you really enjoyed
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Default Keep taking that little blue magic pill

I use it regularly now even though i don't need it to get up. It is like any other aid or toy and extended pleasure is the result. I have felt hot but never dizzy though it does make me a little congested and gives me a slight headache sometimes. All worth it though.
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I was very excited to find a Missy story! Missy this is a great one! Viagra huh? You're young boyfriend felt like a super stud on Viagra! And you were satisfied & loved it!

I have used Viagra and it works great! I don't think it will make him addictive/dependent but check with an MD. I have used it a lot but still can get erections without it.
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MISSY!!! That is sure one good one! I loved that one! I don't think it will hurt that boy to take some more viagra. I know some guys who take them all the time just to last a lot longer when they have sex. That boy mad you happy that night didn't he? Missy you a naughty girl! YES you are!!!
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Oh my god Missy!!! haha I loved this story!!! LOVED it!! You are about as naughty as me!!! hahaha Love this story girl!!

<3 Alice xox
Naughty Alice
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