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My Best friends sister

Incredible Luck Stories

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Big B
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Default My Best friends sister

My best friends sister was 4yrs older then me. I remember this day well as it was then conception of my first born Son. So the weekend started with the drive up to there cabin me scott his sister Jennifer and her friend all in jennys car on a 3hr drive. We laughed when heather mooned all the truckers on the trip played stupid little games. We get to the cabin about 8pm his parents were there drinking with all the neighbors. We unpacked then decided to head down to the lake for a swim we where throwning the football around when I noticed his sister and her friend walking towards us. His sister is 5-4 strawberry blonded up and down just goregeous way out of my league until that night scotty wanted to go eat something I opted out and stayed with the ladies. We dunked each other laughed just had fun. It was dark when heather dared me to take off my shorts and run around the bathroom then back to the water. She said I'd get to see her tits. So off came the trunks its dark out no big deal until I rounded the building cock floping around group of people walking back for the lounge. Got back to the water the girls were gone! Took my trunks and towel. So I jumped back I the water and waited no one was coming. So I high tailed it for the camper. Hiding behind trees made it back and rushed in side and shut the door then heard giggling jennifer was standing there holding my trunks I didn't bother covering up as she starred and my growing cock. I walked towards her she didn't move I grabbed her we kissed making my cock fully erect. She moaned as I heldher ass. Lowering her mouth on my cock almost made me cum just feeling her breath her hand tried to wrap around it she kept saying how big it was and thick as she tried to shove it in her mouth. I slowing laid her down taking her shorts off she hesitated then got up tolock the door I never lick before this day her smell and taste were amazing as she held my head to guide me around. I felt her tense up as she squeezed my head between her legs. I made my way back up sucking on her small nipples as I guided me solid cock in to her she let out a moan letting me know how good it felt. In and out she kept getting wetter and wetter as my cock streched her. For the first time I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she pulled me close to kiss her. Her nails dug deep into my back as I fucked her I fellt my balls slapping her ass as she came her noises sent my head spinning as I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her pussy. No wonder she got pregnant. We got ourselves together and she went out first. We didn't talk at all the rest of the weekend until the following week
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Pretty hot man! But... she got pregnant?
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