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her mom caught us

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Default her mom caught us

`True account of my past..
In college I was dating a gal named linda for some time.
The first time I met her mom was coming over to pick her up to go out on a date and linda and I had not even had sex yet..
I had lost my virginity at a much earlier age to an older woman and she taught me well.

As linda and I made out the first few times and she got to feel and see my cock for the first time, My cock's 11 3/4" length and thick girth really shocked linda.
, She was up front that she was not a virgin either, and that even so , She was worried that I was to big in the dick for her down there...
It took us a few tries and once I got a few inches into her with my cock, she found that even though it barely fit, Non the less still did and she and I started to have sex often.

We had been doing it for about two months almost daily and we was going at it and never heard her mom come home early and as linda was doing me in a cowgirl position and really screaming away in her orgasms, Her mom suddenly entered linda's room and seen her daughter on me and as she pulled off, ( while her mom was yelling at us), Her mom got a eyefull of my cocks length and girth and she looked at me in almost a shocked state as she ordered her daughter to get dressed and watched me as I did also.
Her mom never looked away the entire time as i tried to tuck my big cock into my jeans and get out of there and for several days we did not meet at her home.
Things cooled down and apparently they talked and linda was on the pill anyways so her mom was only made because she seen that I also was not using a condom.

That summer her and her mom often layed out in their bikini's and tanned and I was over and linda asked me beforehand "to swim with her" and while her mom was there also...
Linda had to go to work that night and I was off.
Linda had seen me in my speedo at swim team practises often as she usually waited for me and did her studies, But she knew well that my cock when limp is a real stand out in my speedo's and so I think she was showing me off to her mom this way now...

I changed in her bedroom and walked out and her mom spent a good amount of time looking at my crotch and I tried to pretend that I had not noticed..
This was the closest she had been since busting us having sex that her mom had come to seeing me nude again...

Her mom is a hottee herself and was wearing a white thong bikini and it was obvious that she shaved her pussy, as I could see no hair and her thong was so skimpy that it showed alot of her pussy at the sides and her slit and clit was the only parts covered.
And I too had to look the other way to avoid getting an erection myself.
Between the both of them in their bikini's , I was barely able to not get a hard on.

Linda has nice full 34D's herself and just like her mom, and her bikini top barely covered the nipples and not much more and her thong was see thru when it got wet, and the sides of her breasts and also her mom's both stuck out of the sides of their bikinis.
I was able to maintain not getting an erection and enjoyed the warm water and in the late afternoon her mom went in to make something to snack on and returned with a tray of veggies and some dip and some chips too.
We snacked on the tray of food together and I was sitting between her and her mom and my penis was laying towards linda and my legs where spread slightly to be more comfortable...and you could clearly see my cocks head and balls with alot of detail, and being that when limp I hang around 8' to 9" inches long, If it was not for the slight curve my cock has when I am limp... t would seem that I am semi erect, but I am not..
When I am erect my cock is almost a foot long at 11 3/4" inches long, and very thick.
I seen her mom looking right at it as we talked and she did not always look away as she did it either...
I am Thicker than a beer bottle when erect , and erections in my speedo are very uncomfortable and it tends to work it's way out of my speedo anyways when I get hard in them.

Linda had to go get ready for work now and as she went in to take a shower and all, i stayed out with her mom and as we chatted her mom hiked one leg up in her chair and lit a smoke and was holding onto her ankle, and it also offered me an unblocked view of her crotch.
She smiled at me and I looked and she asked me about my job and as we talked she moved her other leg up also and I suddenly seen her pussy hole become openly exposed!
I could not help it and started growing a hard on and soon my cock was totally hard and I dared not touch it and it was sticking out to the side along my waistband and my cock was leaving a pre cum wet spot on my left side hip against the fabric.
I felt it throbbing and looked at myself and she looked at it too, and then me and back down to it again and then back at me.. Eye to eye and I seen the surprise of her face!,, It turned to a smile.

I knew from linda that her mom had only been on a few dates lately because of her work scheduale and knew it had been awhile since she had had some dick.
Her mom did not have a boyfriend even thought she was so beautifull and also knew that her mom did not like going to bars and such and was mostly a homebody after work..

When she moved her legs back down and I no longer could see her pussy, My erection slowly went to normal and we talked as if nothing had happened by the time linda returned with us and said she was ready to leave.
I said I had to go also and as I got up to leave I again seen her mom stare at my cock in my speedo.

I left and on other times that summer they both had me come over to swim and hang out and I seen her mom in the same thong again and again..

Linda went to spend the weekend with her dad and I got a call from her mom, Whom asked if I would move some heavy boxes in the garage that neither could lift that linda's dad had left that she wanted set out for the trash man.
I showed up and her mom was wearing a pair of shorts and a loose fitting blouse and after moving the stuff she asked me in for a glass of tea and even offered me a beer.
I took the beer instead and she drank one also with me and she asked me to stay for dinner.
I accepted and as we drank a few more and she cooked for me I noticed that her blouse was now unbuttoned even more and I could see the bottom of each breast and depending on what position she was in I caught sight of her nipples too.
She still had a few buttons hooked though and I thought it was an accident and her tight shorts reveiled no panty lines and as she sat with me at the table I could see her camel toe action and my cock started to grow!
The ac was cold as hell and as it blew I seen her nipples get hard through the blouse material and I looked onward myself. and did not care if she seen my erection now and let it snake down my pantleg of my jeans and waited to her to notice it..
I wanted to tease he back...
It did not take long and when she did she stared and barely could say what she started to, and I spread my right leg out farther just to give her a better view of it.
I hear a slight moan and as we talked I noticed that her shorts had a big wet spot where the seam was rubbing her pussy and she moved and ground herself a bit and kept looking at my dick thru my jeans...
She comlained that it was getting hot in here and wanted to go for a dip in the pool and I told her I did not have a suit to join her with me, and she just blurted it out.. "I've seen your big cock already" and she unbottoned the last buttons in her blouse and arched and slid off her shorts and let me see her naked for the fisrt time!
I smiled and she said that she had the "hots for me and wanted to show me what I did to her.." .
She played with her pussy and I even seen a bit of stuble where it was starting to grow back and she mentioned that it "itched" because it needed a shave.
I was still in the chair at the table with her as she got on her knees and unbuttoned my jeans and tugged and pulled them off of my waist and pulling my boxers down with them to my ankles and she stroked me and praised it for it's length and girth and told me that My cocks size really get her " hot and horny".
She licked at my head and stroked my cock with both hands and as she wrapped her mouth around my head she slowly worked it and started down onto me towards my balls..
I was amazed as she worked it back and forth and I always thought linda was good at giving head, but her mom wanted more than just the head and was working at putting me in as deep as she could take me.
I felt myself at the back of her throat and she did not stop and as she slobbered me all up and only pulled off to stroke me a few times and then she immediately went back down on me and I could see my length filling her throat as she bobbed faster on me now that she got it further in and holding my base with both hands she did not stop until I tensed up and shot my seed down her throat and she never pulled off until I was drained..
It took only about twenty minutes and she had the ability to swallow me to my balls!!!!@@
I caught my breath along with her and she led me to her room and layed on her bed and spread her legs and asked me to please take her.
I started licking at her pussy and ass and even tongue fucked both of her holes and she held me to her shaved sex and climaxed and I lost count, but she showed no signs of slowing down or wanting to stop.
I was already hard again and she stared at her own pussy and my cock in amazement as I entered her for the first time and she barely comlained at my girth and as wet as she was we still had to work it to get it in and surprisingly she took my entire length and started rocking her hips to meet my thrusts and she and I fucked for a long time this way and when I spun her around and entered her from behind and pounded her even harder, She cummed several times more and I thrust a finger in her ass and pinched her nipples and she cummed again and again.
We had been going at it for about fourty minutes and she was keeping up with me no problem and as I pulled out of her cunt and aimed it against her ass hole and started pushing, she did not stop me.
Linda loves it up the butt and her mom was no different and she seemed to cimax even harder with me in her ass and as she trembled in her orgasms I kept it up and she started talking dirty to me and told me how she loves to be so well fucked and that I could certainly fuck well ...
I talked back and told her dirty things about loving my big cock.
loving how I filled her holes and even found out she loved the taste of my cum...

I finally emptied my load into her ass and left it there as we collapsed and we regained ourselves and she asked me to pull my cock out of her ass..
We talked about how even when she first seen my cock in her daughter's pussy that it did turn her on and the shock that her young daughter was already able to take on a cock my size.
She asked where I learned to be such a good lover? and I told her I lost my virginity to an older woman and also had been having sex with my ex step mom...
This shocked her and she listened as I described how I used to secretly watch my step mom "make herself cum masterbating" and how she also tanned in the nude and that I used to join her nude in the pool as a kid and all, and then how she caught me masterbating while watching her doing it too and how we started doing it after this...

She in turn told me about how she had caught her son ( whom lives with his dad) masterbating several times and had watched him until he finished without him knowing she was watching, and how it did turn her on also. She confided that her ex husband was only hung with about a 6" cock of average thickness and that her son was actually larger, but maybe by only two inches in lenght, yet about the same in girth...
She told me that I was her first large cock just now and that she had never cummed so many times at one session and that she would do anything for me...
She proved it by started to suck on my cock again and we did not stop until the sun was already coming up.
Linda and I broke up and stayed friends and still are
Linda's mom never once asked me to not tell her daughter what she and I did.. But I never did tell her either.
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Good story, I enjoyed that
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Hi, I'm new here
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I jerked off to this story very very nice
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Originally Posted by smallt View Post
I jerked off to this story very very nice
Thankyou, I am glad you enjoyed it.
To this day she and I are still friends and though we dont have sex with each other because of the distance apart .
She sent me a picture of herself nude for christmas and asked for one of me in return...
She still looks fucking hot even being her age. ( I now live 5 states away).
She says she is always ready for me when I come back there and I know it!
Again, Thankyou for the nice comments.

Grant Eaton
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Great story man! You don't get more lucky than that
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Thumbs up Wow!

Very hot story.You are indeed fortunate to have such a lady magnet. Do you think you could have fucked her , if you had an average size cock? Or is it your enormous member that women are drawn to? You lucky guy.
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That was so hot.
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