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a mom loves my tits

Mature Women / Moms / Cougar Stories (Written By WOMEN)

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Cool a mom loves my tits

One of my girlfriend's mom was recently divorced and really liked me. She always was flirtin wit me after my 18th bday, and whenever Crystal had ta step out 2 get ready or whateva she would get all close to me an talk ta me and make me wet. She was always lookin deep in my eyes and sometimes made me wanta do stuff but Crystal always came back too fast. Last saturday I came over to their house because we were gonna go clubbin and Crystal still had ta get ready. She hadn't taken a shower yet and as soon as she told me she had to take a real quick shower her mom just stared at me. Crystal ran upstairs 4 her shower and I looked at her mom wearing this sexy lingerie dress thing that showed her great legs and boobs. Her mom didn't really have big tits they were maybe like a's or b's but she was super muscular and curvy. She flirted with me as soon as her daughter ran upstairs, drinkin a glass of wine in the kitchen. She leaned over on tha counter showin me what cleavage she had and I couldn't take it anymore! I got up on tha counter and slid my panties down from unda my skirt tellin her to be quick. She couldn't believe it and ripped my top down suckin on my nipples hard. She fingered my pussy and licked my shit good fingerin me and everythin makin me whimper and cum quick! She pushed me down on my knees pullin her panties down quickly and shovin my head between her legs. She was roughly sayin stuff like "lick it...yeahhh..." and pushing my head into her pussy harder and harder. She came quickly squirtin clear cum inta my mouth and my face and moanin as I licked her sexy pussy! We heard Crystal comin down da stairs and had ta rinse my face off really quick! Some of her mom's cum got on my top and we had to pretend I'd spilled a drink as we put water on it and tried to wash that shit off. It was really good and I get it on whenever I go to Crystal's house because her mom's da best pussy licker!
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That's a wild mom lol
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hey slutty i meagerly waiting for ur blowjob....can u?
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