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Mother In Law, Sister In Law & My Wife!: They Move In

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Smile Mother In Law, Sister In Law & My Wife!: They Move In

It was an uncertain start to the week. With my wife's mother and sister set to move out of their homes and in to ours with the intention leave their loveless and sexless marriages and move in with my wife and I so we could all enjoy life together, we didn't know if it was going to happen or not. My wife's mother and sister we going to have a talk with their husbands to see where they stood. We waited patiently. On Tuesday morning the phone rang and I heard my wife answer it in the other room. After a few minutes, my wife came in to the room where I was and said that K, her sister, has packed her belongings and is ready to for me to go and collect her. "What about your mother?" I asked my wife. "I'll give her a ring now." my wife replied. My wife stayed in the room and called her mother. "What's happening on your end?" my wife said to her mother as she answered. My wife then put her mother on loudspeaker. "I'm just getting my clothes together then I was going to ring you." my mother in law said. "So, you're coming to live with us?" my wife asked. "Definitely. It was a waste of time trying to talk to him so I've had enough." she replied. "Great! K is ready too." my wife continued. "Excellent. What's the plan now then?" S asked. I jumped in, "I'll set off now and come and collect you both. I'll go to both of your houses so you're not dragging your suitcase down the road. Ok?" "I'll see you in a couple of hours then." I left the room to get my car keys and when I came back in to the room my wife had ended the call with her mother. "Have you rang K to let her know that I'm on my way?" I asked my wife. "My mum is going to do it." she replied. "Ok. I'm setting off now so I should be back in about 4 hours or so." My wife and I had a quick kiss and off I went.
It took me the usual 90 minutes to get to where K and S lived. I stopped at K's house first. I knocked on the door and waited for K to open it. After a few seconds, the door opened. "Do you want me to carry your bags to the car?" I asked K, who was looking gorgeous. "Yeah please. They're in the living room." she replied. I quickly went in and in to the living room. Sure enough, her bags were packed. Two suitcases in all. "Is this it?" I asked. "I'm only taking my clothes, the rest of the stuff belongs to him." she replied. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just want to get going. I've left him a note but not said where I'm going. He told me that he couldn't be arsed being married. Nice that, isn't it?" K said. "Lovely. Well, you've got people that want you now." I said. "Yep, I do." K replied. I carried her bags to the car and put them in the boot. K was stood in the driveway. "Are you sure that you've got everything? Purse, bank cards..." I asked K. "Yeah, I've checked over and over. I just need to lock the door." K replied. K went to the front door and locked it, posting the keys through the letterbox. We got in the car and drove to her mother's house. Upon arrival, the front door was open and S was stood in the doorway. Before I had a chance to get out of the car, S had shut the front door. S passed me her bags and I put them in the boot. "You ok?" I asked. "The best I've felt in years. Let's go." S replied. S got in the car. S was sat in the back and K was sat next to me. On the journey home, the ladies filled me in on what had gone on the previous night. "It was a waste of time. Only interested in the TV. Told him I would leave and he just shrugged his shoulders." S said. They chatted about how excited they were about their new lives with my wife and I.

I finally brought K and S to their new home that afternoon. I brought them in to the house and my wife was excited to see them. I went back to the car to get their bags. When I finally got their bags in to the house, my wife had prepared two of the spare rooms which would now belong to K and S. My wife helped me take the bags upstairs to said rooms. "Are you going to unpack now or do you both want a cup of tea?" my wife asked K and S. "Tea please." K replied. "Me too." said S. My wife looked at me, "Coming to help?" she asked. "Sure." I replied. We went to the kitchen and made some tea for everyone. K and S had sat themselves in the living room and we brought the tea in. K and S talked to us for a bit about how glad they are to be out of those lives and finally being able to move on and finally have fun. After a while, K asked "Can I use the toilet?" "Of course you can, you live here as well." my wife replied. "Oh yeah." K said. Eventually, we went to help K and S unpack.

Later on that evening, we were sat in the living room talking. S and K had both turned their mobile phones off in case their now ex-husbands rang. With so much going on, none of us had discussed what had led to this situation until K brought it up. "So, what's going to happen then?" K asked my wife. "With what?" my wife replied. "When we have sex, what's the situation?" K continued. "Oh right, of course. Sorry, didn't think for a minute. Like I said earlier, you both live here now so you can do what you like." My wife and I had already discussed the living arrangements but had yet to run it by K and S, until now. My wife continued, "I enjoy having the group sex but if you fancy having sex with him individually then we're fine with that. Kind of an open relationship between the four of us. Is that ok with you two?" "Certainly fine by me." K replied. "Fine with me too. Nice to be wanted." S said. With it being a long day for all of us, we decided on an early night and off we went to bed. My wife and I didn't receive a phone call on our phones from their husbands so it would appear that they're not that bothered.

The next day, we all woke up bright and early. We had breakfast and got ourselves ready for the day. I had a meeting so, unfortunately, I had to go out for the day. Before I left, my wife told me that they were all going out shopping for new clothes and the like. A good day out for them then. Off I went to work. Can't say that my day was that interesting and I was glad when I finally got home. I arrived home and was very pleased when I walked in to the living room. K and S were sat on the settee, my wife in the armchair and them each wearing very short silky nightie things. I could see that neither of them were wearing a bra. "Do you like these? We got them today and thought we'd wear them for when you got home." my wife said to me. My wife stood up to show me. K and S stood up too, smiling. K was wearing a red one, S a blue one and my wife a black one. "Yeah, I definitely like them." I said. K cheekily lifted the front of hers up quickly, giving a quick flash of her pussy. She giggled and the other two laughed. "I think I had better go for a shower and get changed." I said. "Don't take forever. Tea is nearly ready." my wife said to me as I was going upstairs. "I'll be quick." I shouted. I showered quickly but thoroughly, wanting to get back downstairs and enjoy the company of my three favourite women. I got myself dressed in to my indoor clothes and went downstairs. My wife had prepared a nice meal for tea and I helped her serve it. We sat in the living room having our tea. I admit that I found it difficult to eat; I just wanted all three of them. We finished our tea and sat down for a bit to let it settle.
A little while passed and the fact that I was excited was blatantly obvious. "Are we going to have some fun together?" K asked. "Of course. Do you want to go up to our bedroom?" my wife asked us. "Yeah, come on let's go." S replied. The four of us got up and made our way upstairs. We got to the bedroom and shut the door. My wife pulled down my bottoms and my hard dick was exposed. I stepped out my bottoms and the three of them got on the bed. They all took their nighties off and were completely naked. My wife pulled me on to the bed and she lay on her back. I lay next to her and she moved my hand on to her pussy. I began to rub it and my fingers were soaked as soon as I started. With my wife lay on her back with her legs spread and my hand rubbing her clitoris, this gave S and K a great view. S and K said something to each other that I couldn't make out and then S came closer and took my dick in her mouth. The hot wetness of her mouth wrapped itself around my dick. It was an amazing feeling as her mouth moved up and down along my length. K was just to the side of S, her hand between her legs, masturbating. My wife watched her mother giving me a blow job and her sister masturbating as I rubbed her clitoris. I carried on rubbing my wife's pussy until she wanted me in her. "Just fuck me." my wife said to me. S stopped giving me a blow job and I got on top of my wife. I entered her quickly, my dick parting her pussy lips with ease and I began to fuck her. She put one hand on the headboard as I pounded at her pussy. She loved it as every one of my thrusts brought her closer to cumming. I didn't turn to look at what S and K where doing but I imagine that they we masturbating whilst watching us. I continued to fuck my wife until I could feel that I was going to cum. "I'm going to cum." I said to my wife. "Me too. Keep going." replied my wife. I began to pound faster and harder. As my wife began to cum, so did I. I fired my cum deep in to her as she moaned and groaned as her orgasm took over her body. We both finished cumming. I slid out of my wife and lay next to her. Sure enough, S and K were indeed masturbating albeit slowly. My wife caught her breath and then went to the toilet. While my wife was away, I lay on the bed watching K and S masturbate. I was going to be turned on again in no time at this rate. My wife returned to the bedroom after a couple of minutes. As my wife entered the bedroom, S lay next to me. I guess it was to be her turn next.

My wife had gone to the end of the bed, next to her sister. "I'm so wet." K said to my wife. "I can tell. It's horny, isn't it." my wife replied. "God, yes." K responded. S got me hard again by stroking my dick and giving it a bit of a lick. I was hard and ready again. I was still lay on my back and S got on stop of me but facing the other way. She squatted over my dick and took it in her hand and lowered herself down. I watched as her arse got lower and her pussy lips parted as she lowered herself on to it. I could hear S gasping a little as my dick got further and further inside her until it was completely inside her. S stayed still for a minute. I could hear her still gasping a little. She then began to move up and down. She was leaning forward a little bit and I had a great of my dick inside her pussy and an equally great view of her arse. As she was bouncing up and down on my dick, I gently took hold of her arse. As S got going, she got faster. S was facing towards K and my wife, both of whom were watching as their mother fucked me. I could see that K was still masturbating and that S must have been looking directly at her pussy. This excited me greatly. S continued to fuck me in this manner. I had no problem with this whatsoever. As S was getting more and more excited, the louder she was groaning. Then, S put her feet flat on the bed and began to bounce on my dick quite hard. With every move upwards, almost the entire length of my dick was exposed before she would slam herself back down on to it. I watched as her arse bounced up and down. S started to get louder. I knew that she was going to cum. As she thrust down on to my dick, she began to cum and she wasnt quiet about it. I could feel her pussy getting wetter due to her cumming. She collapsed a little as she finished cumming. She turned to me and smiled. Then she got back in to the position she was in, feet flat and squatting, and began to bounce again. I watched as her arse bounced and her pussy moved up and down on my dick. She was groaning with every thrust down. I felt my dick twinge; I knew that I was going to cum. Im cumming. I said. I began to cum, S knew it. She kept bouncing on me until I had finished cumming. It was intense. She stopped and stayed on top of me for a moment. As she slid off of me and completely off of my dick, my cum began to flow out of her pussy. It was an extremely sexy sight. As S slid got off and collapsed on to her back with her pussy exposed, my wife and K saw my cum flowing out of her pussy. K let out a loud gasp and her eyes widened at the sight of it. By now, K must have been dying to get going. The bedroom smelled strongly of pussy and I wanted to get inside Ks as soon as possible. I just need a few minutes to recharge my batteries.

Was that good, Mum? my wife asked S as she lay there. Yeah. S whispered in response. We could tell. my wife replied with a smile on her face. I looked over at K. She was at the end of the bed. Her legs were open a little and I could see that she was wet. Are you ready yet? K asked me. I will be if you get over here. I replied. Go on. Youll probably cum as soon as he puts it in you. my wife joked. I probably will you know. K replied. I was still lay on my back and K climbed on top of me. She began to kiss me. We kissed of a while when K took hold of my dick and began to rub her pussy with it. After a little while this got me hard again. Once I was hard, K said to me Get on your knees. I happily obliged. S moved next to my wife at the end of the bed. K got on all fours diagonally across the bed. I got on my knees behind her. K wanted to make sure that my wife and S could see my dick sliding in and out of her, doggy style. Ks arse was in the air and her pussy presenting to me. I moved in and my dick easily slid in to Ks pussy. K took a deep breath in as I entered her. Her pussy was very hot. I turned to my wife and S. Their eyes were focused on Ks pussy and my dick moving in and out of it. I noticed that K had her head turned towards S who had her legs open and was exposing her pussy. My wife was not in Ks view but her pussy was also exposed. I took hold of Ks waist for leverage. I could see that my dick was covered in Ks wetness as I slid in and out of her. I began to pick up the pace and K was enjoying it. K started to get in to rhythm with me. She was pushing back against me as I was thrusting in to her. The sight became too much for my wife and S as they began masturbating over the sight of K and I fucking. I was staring down at Ks pussy and arse, watching it bang against me as I thrust forward. K and I continued to fuck. After a few minutes, she began to cum. I carried on fucking her as she came. K finished cumming but we carried on fucking doggy style. Cum in me please. Cum. K whispered to me. I pulled out of her and flipped her over on to her back. I then moved and stood on the floor at the side of the bed. I pulled K towards me. Lay on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed, I took hold of her legs and held them apart. I pushed my dick in to her pussy and began to fuck her using her legs for leverage. I had the perfect view of her gorgeous pussy as my dick moved in and out of it. I want you to cum inside me. K whispered to me. I looked at my wife and S. Both of them were rubbing their pussies. I looked back at K. She was looking at me, biting her bottom lip slightly. Im going to cum again! K said, out of nowhere. Sure enough, she came again. This started to set me off. I thrust in to Ks pussy as I came, making sure that I got my cum as deep inside her as I could. I finished cumming and slid out of her. When I slid out of her, K took hold of my dick and rubbed it gently for a moment. K smiled at me. She then got back on the bed properly. I sat down on the bed. K put a pillow up against the headboard and sat up slightly. After a minute or two, my cum began to flow out of Ks pussy. S and my wife watched as my cum flowed out of Ks pussy. Thats really sexy. S said to K. It is. I didnt think it would be but when I saw it coming out of Mums it got me really horny. my wife said. Im going to have to make myself cum again. S said. Me too. said my wife. My wife and S continued to masturbate whilst looking at Ks pussy. I sat next to K on the bed, watching them both masturbate. S and my wife masturbated for a few minutes before they came again.

Its fair to say that we were all a bit tired after that. We lay on the bed for a few minutes and eventually we decided to get ourselves ready for bed. My wife and I used our en-suite to get cleaned up and ready for bed and K and S used the main bathroom. We all said our goodnights to each other. K and S both gave me a kiss before they went in to their bedrooms. My wife and I changed the duvet cover as it had cum on it from when it flowed out of K and Ss pussies. The room still smelled strongly of pussy but it was a sexy smell. My wife and I had a brief chat about the evenings events before going to sleep. I think I'm really going to enjoy having them living with us. Most definitely.
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Ablecain you and your in-laws are a very interesting family!!! Family outings and holidays have to be quite entertaining at your house! Thanks again for another great story.
We can always give your stories the 'family entertainment' rating! just a play on words... Great story!!!!
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you are a lucky man
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Default Dude..what are you thinking

Fucking your wife, sister in law and mother in law is hot but letting them move in ?
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pm sent

Originally Posted by longdong View Post
whats the old saying... you give money to a prostitute.. and gifts to your girlfriend/wife...
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cum, dick, milf, pussy, wife

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