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Tool time...when gettin caught does not matter

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Default Tool time...when gettin caught does not matter

I was in my 20's and back living and working in Ohio and had this girlfriend living with me. She was sweet and hot and dumb as a box of rocks. But she was a good lay and did everything she could to make me happy. I lived with her for two years and during that time i fucked one of her friends and neighbors in the apartment complex we lived in. No affairs just fucking. I was not trying to hide it that hard and flirted all the time even when she was around with other women but she adored me and loved what i did for her in bed.
I made extra money doing repairs and handyman work for people including at the complex we lived. I worked out alot and ran and would wear tiny trunks at the pool and was very sought after for service when a horny girl or wife needed a hand.
I discovered how easy it was to get laid one day when we invited one of her friends over for a cookout. I forget what we needed but my girlfriend went to the store down the road for something and when she left her friend and i were standing in the kitchen in our swim trunks and she made a move on me telling me how built i was and putting her hand on my bicep. I just looked at her and pulled down my trunks and she got on her knees and sucked my cock and then i fucked her on the kitchen floor. When my girlfriend came back maybe 15 minutes later she was clueless as we were just standing there in the kitchen. But on the other hand she never invited her over
I also fucked the Asian chick a few doors down. She was single and a hot little piece of ass and her boyfriend wasn't getting the job done i guess because she asked me over to fix her garbage disposal and as my girlfriend sat at home waiting on me i balled that Asain senseless for more than an hour. I remember coming home and her asking me if i got it fixed for her and i laughed and said..yep..she's running like new
I knew my girlfriend knew i fucked around but never confronted me about it. She caught me fopr the first time with an unlikely partner. The apartment managers wife. We were at my place and she was kind of a chubby but horny woman maybe 20 years old than me. I had fixed something for her once and she kind of made a move on me but i passed and left but this time she had come looking for me when her husband was at work and flat out asked me if i wanted to fuck her ..she was so horny. I was on my back on the couch with her riding me and her tits flopping madly and she was howling and my girlfriend came home. She got off me and put this house coat she had back on and dashed past my girlfriend as she stood there speechless. I had only been fucking her for a couple minutes and i made up this ridiculous story about being asleep on the couch and waking to find her ontop of me just as she came home. She was upset and crying but all it took was a good couple hours of eating and fucking my girlfriend to have her forgive me..after all it was not my
I still messed around and she must have worked up the courage and one morning i had that Asian chick over while my girlfriend was at work and i was banging the shit out of her. She had a such a petite body and tight pussy i loved making her scream and was fucking her over and over and left her sprawled on our bed going out to the living area heading for water i the kitchen and my girlfriend was sitting on the couch with the Asian's panties on the tips of her fingers and crying and didn't say a word. She just stood up dropping them on the floor and walked out. Obviously that was the last straw for her and i came home the next night and all her stuff was gone. So, i called the Asian and had her over and banged her all broke up with her boyfriend and we dated for a few weeks until she found another pair of panties under my bed that were not hers. I tried to tell her thet were my old grilfriends but she wasn't as stupid as my girlfriend and blew me come in very handy when it's tool time and getting caught isn't and ending just another
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