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Zimbabwean Pussy - My Maid

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Zimbabwean Pussy - My Maid

Rose a Zimbabwean girl is my maid. She is probably 1.5m and has a dynamite ass and a lovely rack.

She's working for me for 3yrs now. As a guy who has fucked some good gals its obvious to notice a good thing when it comes my way - im sure most guys do so anyways.

Rose's routine is; arrives in the morning (luckily she doesnt live in - fuck) changes in the guest room and starts work. I really started to notice her one day when it was alone at home...other half was out. It was just accidental...wiping the windows she bent on her get balance she opened them a little..sitting in the lounge a saw her pussy. No was suprised. She kind of saw me but didnt say anything or feel bad.

I never knew she looked that good underneath...really i didnt. My curiosity increased. Next plan was to get a glimpse of the pussy. Only 2 ways..just open the door when she was changing or take a peak through the key hole...the latter it was.

That afternoon she took her usual shower and i waited looking through the key hole. She walked in line but with her ass facing me. I didnt mind that as that ass was divine. She turned to get her panties..then i saw a lovely sight..clean shaven and fresh pussy. It did look great..till she completely changed i stroked my kok..cudnt believe this...i was masturbating for my maid!!

Whenever i got a chance i peeped through looking at her pussy and body. One day i got brave..i grabbed her panties and used them to masturbate my hard dick.
It felt good.

Suddenly the door was Rose..she noticed he panties in my hand on my kok...she was shocked..really she was. She even said sorry.
I told her that i am sorry for doing that and she shouldnt have seen it.

Then she asked me why i used he panties...i was stuck. I told her that i saw her one day and i kept peeping through the key hole because i felt she was sexy and i masturbated to her. She was shocked to say the least. She grabbed her panties and told me that i damaged them and i need to buy her a few more as this was her favorite.

I was certainly in a dilema. Anyways i spent the next day thinking about this - i went to the lingerie section and picked up a few - 3 actually. I took them home...and waited for her to come home the next morning.

I waited for her to go into the guest room and i quickly dashed in as the other half was in the shower..i gave her the 'gifts'. I told her that she needed to wear panties whilst doing work. She just said 'cant you keep your dick still'...i just walked away. Really embarrassed i went to the lounge. Within 2 minutes Rose was out and came to me and said 'nice choices'...'this is what they look like' She lifted her dress and well she had none on...just clean pussy.

I didnt know what to do..just took my left hand and rubbed it..she dropped her skirt and went on her duties. That afternoon i perved through the key hold again...this time the door opened on me...kok in hand.

She called me in and told me to masturbate in front of her...i told her i can but i would love to fukk her and at least get my kok sucked..she said no! So i started masturbating...just before i could cum she grabbed my throbbing kok and shoved it in her mouth...i couldnt hold back - i grabbed her head and started ramming it towards my be honest she was terrible teeth...but it felt good. I loaded her in the mouth and she took some in.

It was good.

I was off course dying to penetrate her pussy. However i did have about 7 handjobs and 4 blows from her...was great.

As elusive as African pussy was i needed to fuck her...i lost it a few days later...grabbed her as she came in..rubbed her pussy under her dress and told her to please give me some pussy...she said 'i think you deserve this' - First suck my pussy and suck it well then only will i allow your fat kok in there...after about a minute i couldnt hold it - i spread her legs..pushed them up and penetrated her pussy...oh man it felt good. I fucked like i never did before.

She told me that i was playing games, she jumped on top and rod e my kok till i jizzed deep within her hole...oh man...she cried with a groan i never heard before..lucky we were alone...she got up and sed 'worth waiting for it?' I told her that i also wanted to pump that African ass - she sed tomorrow or today - if today no work....well i rammed her ass about 15minutes later...her pussy another 2 times that day.

Rose is a true African beauty..i still fuck her and her tight ass.

Please try African pussy...its quite nice.
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Rose sound like a real find. I guess it all started in Africa....humans that you might as well try some African pussy!
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Go to!
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Mmmh... she sounds hot!
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Yea dude African pussy is damned nice!! But I ain't never had any straight from Zimbabwe. hehe
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All i can say is, they are wonderful. Actually, after fucking Rose i think i need to fuck my neighbours maid. She looks fine as well.

They have wonderful tits, ass and pussy...their asses are as tight as anything so a fat kok will enjoy that penetration.

I fingered Rose the other day in the bathroom out of the blue...after that she said 'no more' as she now has a BF. Not good...but i need to fuck her again before that guy puts his 'rocket' into her;-)
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