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bi 3 some

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Default bi 3 some

When I was 28, I went to aruba on vaction by my self for 2 weeks. The 1 st week got laid twice by a girl then she left just a drinking night. The second week met a couple in there 40's in the bar on there second night there. Janice was a big women, red hair, freakels everywhere, blue eyes, big tits, big ass, big tummy, big thick thighs, she wasn't very fat just a very big women. I would say she was 5 ft 7 ins tall about 180 lbs. Bill was about 6 ft on a about 220 lbs frame, totaly grey hair, brown eyes, not in shape but not fat. After 2 nights of drinking and partying with them, they invited me back to there room. In there room we started drinking again. (yea like we realy needed more drinks) Bill out of the blue said do you like Janice? I said yes like both of you, your both fun people. He said no I mean do you like her body? I said yea but why? He said fuck her I want to watch. I looked at Janice then Bill. He said show him your tits. She took her top and bra off in seconds. Her tits where hugh as was her nipples, big pink nipples with lots of freakels all over tits. I looked over at Bill, he said there they are, all yours. At 28 and always horny, I jumped at her. She was sitting in a chair, I got on my knees. As I was sucking playing with her tits, she took my shirt off. I next unbotton her pants sliding them down with her panties. I found a red flamming lots of hair bush. I spread her legs then parted her pussy lips. She had very pink big pussy lips with a big hooded clit. I dove in licking and sucking her pussy. As I was eating her I looked up she was sucking on one of her tits. I started unzipping my pants. She had her 1 st orgasm yelling oh yes eat me oh ah ah yea fuck. After she was done, I pulled her to her feet bring her to the bed. She sat down watched as I got naked. She then took my very hard throbbing cock in her mouth. She was pulling on my nuts then started sucking a ball licking it. Then she layed back spread her legs and said fuck me. I got on her slide in her very wet pussy. We started humping, then some where Bill got naked. He got on the bed with his hard cock and stuck it in Janice's mouth. I watched her suck him as I was fucking her. Bill's cock was about 7 to 8 ins long, nice and thick with lots of blue veins going though it, he was uncut to. He had a thick brownish grey hair above his cock with hairy big nuts. I started to pound her as I sucked on her big tits. She was going to town on Bill's cock. I wanted to test the waters to see how far they would go. I started kissing my way up to her neck. Then kissing her cheek, all of a sudden she pulled his cock out of her mouth and sticked in my mouth. I started sucking Bills cock. She was now cheeking me on telling me to suck him good. She started to cum wildly, her legs digging in my my legs. Bill now was cheeking oh yea fuck her, suck me thats it. I lost it shooting my load deep in Janice, I had to stop sucking bill. After I was done I went back to sucking Bill. I started working his cock good, grabbing it stroking it in my mouth. Janice started playing with his nuts telling me to make him cum. I felt Bill throbbing in my mouth. I knew it wouldn't be long. He started moaning loudly. I felt him swell up then he explodes in my mouth crying out in pleasure. His first blust hit the back of my throat, sliding down in my stomach. He shoot a good seven times in my mouth. After he went limp he pulled out of my mouth. He told Janice to get on her hands and knees. He slide under her started eating her sloppy pussy. I watched as they were 69ing stroking my cock. I went to Janice's pucker ass. I started licking her ass hole. She told me and Bill not to stop. She started cumming again. After she was finish she said she had enough. I was roch hard now. She got off Bill and looked at my hard cock. She sat on the edge of the bed and said come here let me suck u. I did as I was told she started sucking my cock. Bill sat next to herAnd shared my cock. I shot a load all over there faces. Then they licked each others faces clean. That was the begining of a hot sexy fun week. All 3 of us went to bed sleeping. They were swingers from Ohio I found out talking to them the next day. Hope you enjoyed the story, it's all true.
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Smile hot

I can just picture me and my husband doing that with you. What a great vacation that would be.
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