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!!!!!!!!!! FUN with a LARGER lady !!!!!!

Appearance: Hairy, Big Boobs, Cameltoe, Tall, Geek, Big Cock, BBW Stories

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Default !!!!!!!!!! FUN with a LARGER lady !!!!!!

As i have said in previous posts I have been using the internet to meet different women across Great Britain . I would like to tell you about one of my favourite experiences .............
Around October last year I started exchanging messages with a certain 37 year old lady from the North Midlands . She was a divorced mum of three children . She had photos on her web page but her face was not shown . I love women with full voluptuous bodies , I dont know I just find them very sensual and feminine . I got turned instantly as I looked at her photos where she showed off her lovely full ass and curvey figure ............
Anyway , we sarted off exchanging messages and I eventually got her phone number . We texted and chatted on the phone . She had a gorgeous North English accent , warm giggle and came across so sweet , friendly and easy going . It was clear there was chemistry between us so we arranged for me to visit her . So I went over to England and booked a double room and waited nervously and excitedly for her to arrive . All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door . I opened the door and was transfixed with what I saw ....
A gorgeous lady stood before me .....short , voluptuous with jet black hair tied up accompanied by a warm , inviting smile . So she entered my room and we had a cup of tea . We both sat on opposite sides of the bed and chatted . As we talked I could not help but get more and more horny asI looked at her fuller figure and my cock was hardening I looked as I bided my time before moving in to kiss her . Luckily the conversation flowed easily and I could make her laugh alot .
But I could not wait any longer and simply asked her .....
" Can I kiss you ? ''
She consented and with my cock ready to explode from my pants , I moved across the bed towards her and we started to kiss passionately . Our mouths and tongues pressed pressed against eachother's and we were both ready for a good fuck . I roamed my tongue down her neck and towards her chest . Pulling down her shirt and bra I proceeded to suck and lick her cute little tits with mad desire . I could hear her panting and moaning as I did this and I proceeded to undress her . After undressing her a little I got up and undressed myself and came back back to the bed . By now we were both naked and I was in a better position to appreciate her voluptuous body .
I kissed her all over , sucking her ears , her cute little pink nipples , roaming my tongue all over her milk white body . She had a very , very sensitive pussy and she soon began moaning and crying aloud
" You fucker ! " , " Oh baby " ,
as I fingered her , my fingers soaking from her juices . I got her to lie on her stomach as my tongue licked every inch of that glorious ass and I proceeded to lich her neck and back . I got her on her back again and sucked and licked her tits . They were small , beautiful and with pink nipples . I licked out her pussy and it tasted great . Then I slipped on a rubber and we fucked missionary position and she screamed
" You fucker " , " Oh baby "
as I rammed my dick into her pussy , her little tits and large belly bouncing up and down bouncing up and down . Then we moved from the bed towards a sofa , she got on all fours , her knees resting on the cushions , facing the sofa and we enjoyed some great doggy style . Otherwise I just sat back on the sofa , threw off the condom and she knelt before me and gave excellent head , deep throating me .
We finished off with me standing in the middle of the bed room and her kneeling patiently before me , she had a real talent for blowjobs and she sucked eargerly . But it was time for me to come and I proceeded to masturbate and I did so she remained kneeling before as I stood in front of me . As i jerked off , she licked the tip of my dick , it felt amazing , feeling these gentle jabs of her tongue on the tip of my cock ..................
I eventually came and squirted my load all over her lovely tits . I cleaned her up and we snuggled on the bed laughing and talking . She caressesd my chest with her finger tips as we laughed and chatted .......
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I've always heard big ladies have more to love!
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