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Someone wrecked her pussy

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Someone wrecked her pussy

I was in my 20's and selling cars in Florida and had been given the boot by this georgeous older woman i was shaking up with after she caught me fucking her maid. Good thing she didn't catch me when i fucked her hot daughter but i regress.
I had grown tired of selling cars and had family issue back home so i decided to quit and go back to Ohio. But before i did i wanted one last piece of fine Florida ass. One of the other salesman had this smoking hot latina wife and whenever she came around all the guys would talk about wanting to bang her. She was really provocative in her attire and she knew she was hot. So did her husband a couple of times i saw him get in another salesmans face for eyeballing her. He had a temper and i was always smart enough to be very discreet when i gave her a look and believe me if her husband wasn't watching she would give you a look right back. Not just me but most of the guys that were younger and good looking. She may have been in her early 30's and was a real saucy number. Her husband was so jealous he didn't do much with most of the guys but her would talk to me and we had lunch a couple times and he had told me where he lived and said i should come over sometime. He didn't know i was planning on it but when he wasn't
One day she came in. Her name was Vero. She looked smoking hot wearing spiked high heels and a tight see through red blouse and red bra and she had on these tight black spandex pants that came down to her calves.
I was talking to someone about a car when i saw her and her spandex pants were so tight you could see the outline of her pussy and she had no panties on that i could see. I saw he go talk to her husband and he pulled some cash out of his pants and gave it to her and she gave him a little kiss and walked out sexy as hell. I was finishing up with the people i had just in time because she was giving me a hard on as she walked by and i could smell her perfume from 10 feet away. It was one of our long days and we all worked very late. I had already packed up my things and had them in a U-HAUL except for what i needed for the next couple days and was going to quit anyway and thought..this bitch wants i'm gonna give it to her and hit the
So after dinner i tell my manager i'm feeling sick and am going home. It's about 7 when i get to her house and ring the bell and she answers the door still wearing what she had on earlier and says in her broken english with a big husband is not home Derekkkk.
She is standing there with one hand on her hip looking horny as ever and i say..yeah..thats why i'm here and i walk i as she takes a step back and throw he door shut behind me and grab her around her waist and pull her to me and put my mouth on hers kissing her deep and putting my tongue in her mouth and she wraps her arms around me and is flicking he tongue to meet mine. She is HOT as hell and as i pick her up she wraps her legs around my waist and i walk into the living room with her and lay her back on their plush white carpet and as her legs open we are kissing real sloppy and frantically and i am grabbing her pussy hard with my hand as she moans hard through our kissing. I sit up and pull off my tie and start to unbutton my shirt and she reaches up with both hands and rips it open running her hand on my chest and stomach. I scoot back and take both hands and put them into the top of her spandex pants and pull them down hard to her knees as she lifts her ass and then one at a time over her feet pulling her high heels off with them and i have a raging hard on in my pants. I dive down between her legs and sleek tight tanned legs leading up to this wrecked lips were big and spread and looked like she had a well used
It was nasty looking but i was so turned on i just buried my face in it as she arched her back and moaned loud and i licked it hard and sucked her lips. I pulled and pushed her legs back and up and had her bent back with her legs in the air and was licking and sucking hard on her pussy and she was writhing around and talking in spanish and then i let her lay back down and got over top of her kissing her mouth and fumbling with my zipper and she had her hand down trying to help get it open and pulling at my belt. I yanked it out and slammed into her and she yelled loud as i started to pound her latin pussy hard and fast. I have to tell you she was a great wild fuck but her pussy was loose and fucked her hard and fast for a few minutes as she bucked and yelled out and then i unloaded in her big time. As i finished cumming and pulled out sitting up i could see her gaping pussy and cum starting to flow out an she was wanting more..alot more.
I was sitting back on my heels and she sat up and undid my belt and slid my pants down some and started to suck my cock like a hooker.
I stopped her only to rip open her blouse and unhook and take off her bra and feel up her small soft tits which also had seen lot of manhandling from the feel of them. She moved over and got up only to bend over the couch and i sat behind her and fucked her. I have always found latina women to be wild fucks but she was as wild as it got yelling at me in her broken english to fuck her harder and telling me what a big dick i had.
We were like animals an sweat was covering both of our bodies and when she was close to cumming i wrapped both arms around her and held her tight an thrust up and down into her until she screamed out her orgasm and i let her fall forward onto the couch and pulled out and say back on the floor watching her lean over the couch and we were both panting. We never left that room an she sucked my dick a couple times and i fucked her with her ontop of me on their couch and then rolled her over and doggie style fucked her grabbing her hair hard and holding her head up as she moaned and yelled out and i grunted with every thrust into her and came again.
I layed there sprawled over her as we caught our breaths and then i got up and she did too and she walked slowly and sexy naked to the kitchen and got me a beer and then after i finished it with her playing with my dick with her hand she went to the bathroom to pee and i followed her. After she got off ther toilet she walked to me as i leaned against the countertop and she fel for my dick and i was getting hard again as sh slowly stroked it. My dick was so sticky her hand was not going smoothly over it and i yanked at her arm and she went down on me sucking slowly all the way down and all the way up and then holding my cock up with her hand to lick my balls. I pulled her up and turned her around and bent her over sliding her up some on the bathroom counter in front of the mirror and her head was near it and i took my cock in hand and stuck it in her ass and she yelped out and put one hand on the mirror as i started to fuck her ass deeper and deeper and she was groaning and telling me my cock was too big for her ass but i didn't care and pumped away and wanted to cum on he face like a real whore and when i was ready i pulled out and pulled her down turning her around and held my dick in my hand as it started to spurt and jerked it shooting all i had left on her pretty face as she just sat there on her knees.
I was totally drained and stepped into their shower and she picked up a towel wiping off her face and stepped into the shower with me and from behind was kissing my shoulder and reaching around playing with my dick and i said DAMN..Vero..don't you ever get enough..i have to go your husband will be home soon. She was holding onto me and asking me if i would come over tomorrow and i told her sure baby. I went home and after a good nights sleep called my boss and quit and headed back to
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