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Initiation story

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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Initiation story

When I was in CEGEP, that's the level between high school and university in Quebec, I was part of the soccer team. Now the girls' volleyball team had quite an initiation for their rookies. They had to come into our showers after our practice and shake the hands of every guy that was there.

The shower heads were all lined up along the wall, the rest was all open space, no stalls. Only a few vets knew about it. They were actually in on it. So about 8 of us got an handshake from about 6 girls. The girls were not shy at all and were totally checking us out. The funny part is one of the guy had a dick nearly the size of their forearms.. lets just say the girls took their time when shaking his hand lol
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El Suave
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Welcome to the forum Spike, that's a great story! Hope the water wasn't cold
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i remember back in college, we had an initiation for our department's club..and our dept head was actually an old-maid but she wasnt the uptight type, she was even more into boys than us students! so for our initiation, she asked us to break into the boys' dormitory and take one boxers each belonging to the occupants of some rooms! but we had to make sure the boys didnt find out! so we went there when most of them had class or sleeping, we even had to ask assistance from the guard and the guys we knew who also stayed there but weren't our targets...
oh boy! was it fun to go briefs/boxers hunting! haha...
we had to choose the most unique set of boxers/briefs..i got one which had a winnie the pooh print on it...
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ohh I miss high school and college hahaha always fun parties and initiations
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