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ex step mom

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Default ex step mom

this is a true account of my past.
My step mom divorced my dad before we started out sexual flings.

I become sexually involved with my step mom after her divorce from my dad.
I grew up seeing her naked and the like as we where a nudist family, But nothing sexual ever happened until after they got divorced having been married for only 7 years. She has a pair of 36DD's and a skinny waist and long legs,
I tried to stay in touch and see each other on trips back home.

I was still staying in touch with her and just being friendly when she asked where I was going to stay when I came back on leave again?
I told her I was not sure yet and she offered, "Why not stay here at my house?"
I told her I would think about it.
On my next leave I told her when to pick me up at the airport and she did just that.
Wearing a sexy outfit that showed off her hot body that I had seen so much, So often as a teenager.

My brother and I are both in the "extremely Hung" catagorie and she had even commented on that attribute of ours some times in the past even as kids.
When I was 13 I already had my 11 3/4" Penis and it only got a bit thicker as I got older...
Compared to our dad, Both of us have much larger penis both in length and girth and when the subject came up once as kids she confided that our dad has a 8 1/2" incher in length and 6" in girth ( around).
Both me and my brother are larger, I am 11 3/4" in length and I am slightly thicker then todd with my girth measuring 7 1/4 in circumfrince and he is 7" thick. But he is 12 1/4" long when erect.

Now, Growing up we seen each other and even dad knew we was larger as in a flaccid state todd and I hung as long as dad's cock when erect!
I seen how my step mom looked at each of us with lust sometimes and nothing was ever said.
We would swim and stuff naked as kids and unless people where around nudity was a normal thing at home.
I seen she was a true blonde and could tell you things about her most men did'nt know about her in life so far....

Once I was looking at one of dad's dirty magazines and was masterbating and my step mom walked in suddenly and with an arm full of my clothes she had washed.
She looked at my hard throbbing 11 3/4 incher and froze and then said she should have knocked and that she still liked what she seen! As she left me to finish and then later told me that she felt bad about the intrusion and that it was natural for men and women to masterbate and even told me that she often did too.
Now after her divorce she told me that she was living the single life again and after we got to her place she asked if.." I wanted to go get somethiing to eat?"
I told her" I did," and she told me she" knew of just the right place!"
She changed into jeans and white top that showed off her nice rack and skinny waist and proceeded to take me to a local bar that also served a mean steak and we ate and drank a few beers and she convinced me to take her onto the dance floor.
I was having a good time and so was she and she kept telling me so and on more than one occasion I'd swear she was purposely trying to grab my crotch!
I did a few slow dances with her and she bumped and grinded with me and then she asked.
When was the last time I got laid?"
I had been seeing a young woman off base and it had only been a day since I last had her.
I did not lie and told her the truth and she said "Ohh" so you are in shape that way to then!" and chuckled and smiled at me.
She let me dance with some of the other women and was not phased by it and then when she got me back she told me that she was ready to go back home now.
Since she was my ride and place to stay I led the way and she wanted me to drive.
Once in the garage door she shocked me by already stripping naked and she walked into her bedroom and sat on the toilet and I heard her peeing.
When she was finished she came out still wearing nothing and grabbed another beer for me and her and she told me that
Ever since she seen me and my brother naked as kids she has always been amazed at the size of our cock's, and told me how she often masterbated thinking about how she had caught me.
Stroking it off to that dirty magazine"...
"I wished that you was doing me with that big fuck stick of yours and not by yourself"
It was after she caught me that she started bringing them to me instead of throwing dad's magazines away..
Sometimes she even left them open to a pic she wanted me to see and I would find them this way...

I was horny too and she knew it
My cock was throbbing and aching to be set free of my jeans and she stared at it and then she undid my jeans and slid them down as she herself got on her knee's.
She worshipped my cock and told me that she had to have it.
I watched in amazement as she gae me great head and told me that she "wanted me to cum, So that I would last longer later.."
I ended up shooting it down her throat and she almost had all of me in her as she swallowed my seed and then pulled off.
We kissed and she spread her legs and I lapped at her cunt and took special care to lick her ass and not stay entirely on her clitty and as she orgasmed I let her just scream away and she looked at my hard throbbing cock and in a lustfull voice told me that she has "a large toy that still is not as large as you!".
" I practise with it all the time"... she added.
I aimed my cock at her cunt and as she tried it on for size she told me that it felt so good as she first took my girth.
"Ohh, It's so hard and strong!" she purred
" All the more to fuck you with my dear" I replied
She watched it going in and as we moved back and forth she worked more and more of it in herself and soon had most of me pistoning in and out of her shaved and trimmed cunt and she spoke dirtier than any woman I had ever been with so far and she told me about how she was cumming each and every time before it become like a yoddeling as she climaxed and we switched positions and in the end she had me up her ass doggie style and she almost passed out on me when she came and still on my hard dick she told me that I was the best fuck she has ever had.
I was still hard and as she mustered up some strength she told me to lay back and she followed without ever pulling out of her, she started to stradle me and squatted up and down on my shaft and told me to relax and she bounced on me and totally took all of my 11 3/4 inches all the way to my balls and made my balls slap her ass cheeks as I pumped back and we ended up climaxing together and I totally filled her tight hole with my cum and she suddenly spun around and sucked on my dirty cock and told me that she would do anything for a man that can do what I just did to her !!!
I was not tired, Just a bit drunk and even though she was not married to my dad any longer, I still respected her and now we had just worked out our lust for each other and when I got hard a half hour later she made no complaints as I entered her pussy again and got her off a vew more times and then we fell asleep togehter and I awoke with my limp cock still buried into her pussy and she told me that that was another advantage of having such a long and thick penis.
She took care of me sexually every time I came home and on several occasions she shared me with her best friend and I learned that she was also into women and as I fucked both if them they ate each other and shared me until the sun came up.
I always went back to duty with a sore cock and drained balls.
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Lucky man
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Default yes

A very lucky man
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great story, loved it
thank you for sharing
Originally Posted by longdong View Post
whats the old saying... you give money to a prostitute.. and gifts to your girlfriend/wife...
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Hello, Thankyou for the nice comments.
I had a very active sex life as a young man that has only become better with her advice and "higher learning".
My horny step mom was always teasing both me and my brother, Even though she had already posed for Penthouse, She would tan naked often and she admits she did it on purpose just to get a reaction from us young men to see our larger cocks grow hard and wanting to see our big cocks hard and erect!.
Being as she was more often naked around the home she got the reaction she wanted from us many times, and I also caught her doing herself and more on lots of occasions.
By the time we started actually fucking, We both had long had the desire and the hots for each other.. I feared getting caught doing her, Even though as a teenager I could have fucked her anytime I wanted to, and until she made the first move when on leave, She as far as I know never cheated on my dad ever.
As a divorced woman and no longer married to my Dad , it was finally safer and she taught me and my brother to fuck her at the same time with our big cocks and loved swapping us back and forth between holes until she was cummed out and even liked to watch us fuck her best freind/girlfriend the same way.

Again Thankyou.
Grant Eaton
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nice story, but you sound like you're totally obsessed by the size of you and your brother's dicks. I'm more interested fading about the chic's pussy or wet it was than reading about how big your dick is.
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Thumbs up Oh! Mama!

Most of us will never the power of a 12" cock. It must be great for you. Remember, you did nothing to get this awesome member. It was a gift from GOD. Use it well and bring pleasure to others. Take good care of your step MAMA.
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Really hot story.
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Default I call bullshit

11-3/4 and 12-1/4 inch dicks. Your brother then must ben in the record books. I watched a report on tv about a man with a world record 11.8 inch penis and the problems he encounters. It is cool if you are writing fantasy but you claim this to be fact. If you are going to claim a story to be true at least make it believable.
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