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Stepdad and i sharing the help

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default Stepdad and i sharing the help

When i was in college my mom had married a good old boy i got along great with and she had gradually sickened from her drinking and smoking over the years since my father passed away and she was in bed most of the time. We had a woman named Gina that was an old friend of my mothers coming and helping out an she stayed sometimes for a few days. Long story short i had heard and seen my stepdad banging her one night so when he went on a business trip i had her. I had gone back to school and was pretty busy and didn't come home for a few months and when i did i found out Gina had moved on. My stepdad was trying to take care of things but he did need to travel some and one day we talked about hiring someone to help out like Gina did and maybe even live there. I knew my stepdad needed the help and the pussy and i thought we could find someone to take on the After my experience with Gina i was thinking that there had to be decent looking girls that could use a place to live and get paid and
My stepdad and i didn't discuss it in those terms but he did need the help and being a discreet and loving husband still had needs of his own and since he had fun with Gina discreetly i knew he would be in favor of another woman being available to him. I just had to help him pick the right We knew we didn't need a trained nurse. Just someone that we could trust not to steal and cook and clean and help mom and i thought FUCK of course.
My stepdad put an ad in the local paper and after a few weeks when i called he said he talked to a few but wasn't sure about them. He asked me if i wanted to meet any with him and get my opinion so he lined up over the next couple weeks 6 or 8 candidates. We had them all come on a Saturday to meet us and mom and then interviewed them.
The first four were either not good looking or we found something wrong with them. Then this girl named Brenda came. She was a 22 year old black girl that had gone to the same highschool i did and lived in the town my parents did then. She had never gone to college. Gotten pregnant but not married and had given up her child to poor to raise her. She was desperate for a job and had a wicked little
Brenda had a small frame and stood maybe 5'1 and 110 lbs i would say with a sweet little ass and nice rack on her slim build maybe 34 C.
We both liked her and after interviewing a few more woman mostly older we decided to think about it. I went out that next Friday night to a local watering hole and saw some old buddies and found one guy that knew of her. He said she was a cool girl just down on her luck. So i talked to my stepdad and he hired her. I came home fairly often to see mom and my stepdad had told me late one night over a few beers that Brenda was driving him crazy. I said thats too bad i thought she would work out and he said no..she's fine ..but her walking around here in skimpy clothes know she comes into a room sometimes later in the evening in just a bra and panties..DAMN SON.
I hadn't known that but i had seen her swing her little ass around a few times in the house and was looking forward to summer
I said..look dad...your only's cool. He just smiled and said thanks SON. The next day was a Saturday and i hung around. Brenda was looking damn fine in these tight white jeans and halter top and all day my stepdad and i were watching her getting
That night the 3 of us were sitting in the living room drinking beer and laughing and i could tell both my stepdad and i were thinking the same get Brenda feeling good and screw her. She wasn't innocent in it either flirting with both of us more so with my stepdad i think because he was her bread and butter. He was a good looking man too but i was about her age and she was milking it. My stepdad or Brenda would go and check on mom every hour or so and it was about 11 pm and my stepdad said he was going to bed. After he left i was alone with Brenda sitting on the couch and i asked her if she wanted to go out on the back porch and smoke some weed. We already had a good buzz from the beer and i was sure the weed would be all it took. We passed this joint back and forth as we sat on this porch swing and when it was done i dropped it on the porch floor and stomped it out and turned to Brenda and leaned over and kissed her as i put my hand in her halter top. As we kissed i had my hand on her tit and it was firm and felt great and she started to breath fast and i was about to say lets go to my room when we heard my stepdad coming and saying out loud Brenda ? Brenda ? and i pulled my hand out and she hopped up going back i the house and then i heard my stepdad say he needed some help with mom. I am sitting there with wood and frustrated because she was ready to GO. I go back in the house and get another beer and go outside kind of pacing around and drinking the beer and walk into the backyard. I was so frustrated i was walking around in the backyard saying..SHIT..SHIT..LOL.
I was at the back of the yard near some trees and needed to piss so i opened my fly relieving myself and after zipping up and walking back toward to house to go to bed i see my stepdad and Brenda through the hall bathroom window. Brenda's halter top if off and her tits which were outstanding by the way were out ans she was bent over the counter at the sink with her jeans down and my stepdad was behind her with his pants down fucking her from behind.
He was really nailing her hard and i croutched down and sneaked to the side of the window with my head just to the side and i could hear her making sounds as he banged her and then it went quiet. I went back to the porch and sat down thinking that old bastard got to her after i got her buzzed and warmed
I sat outside for maybe 20 minutes and heard Brenda come back into the kitchen through the open screen on the door and she must have thought i was in bed. She was naked other than some tiny little white panties.
I opened the door to walk in and when she heard the sound of the door opening she slammed the fridge door shut and turned to see me putting her hands over her tits saying...ohhh Derek ..i couldn't sleep i thought you were in bed. Apparently she didn't want me to know she had just been fucking my stepdad and i walked to her saying ..damn are HOT ! and came right up to her with my dick getting hard in my pants and put my hands on the fridge above her looking down at her and what are we going to do here.
She walked out from under my arms and turned and her mood changed from being surprised to being horny and she dropped her hands and said what do you wanna do. I said lets go out back and she turned and walked to the door. WOW ..her sweet chocolate ass as her cheeks moved in those white panties had me getting harder as she walked out and i was right behind her shutting off the lights and closing the outside door in case someone got up. We were by the swing and i was in my bare feet and undid my jeans and pulled them off and my cock was huge and rigid as i grabbed her and had her dit down on me and i put my hands around her and cupped he tits saying..i'm gonna fuck that tight little black pussy and she was laying back and wriggling around and i put my hand down and played with her pussy pulling her panties off and then stood her up some and put my cock in place and she sat down with my help and i went in her a couple inches with her moan and then held her hips as she rocked back and forth taking it deeper and deeper wriggling around and rolling her ass. She was a lively fuck and obviously since she had just fucked my stepdad a half hour before A COCKWHORE.
i stood up and pulled out and took her into the yard and it was warm but the grass was wet and i put her on her back and balled her hard and fast on the grass for a couple minutes and then pulled out to shot my load on her stomach. She was pretty loud the whole time i was fucking her and there was no way i was going to cum in her and get her knocked up.
We got off the ground and i told her next weekend were gonna have some real fun and she put her panties on and i put my jeans on and we went back in and went to our seperate rooms.
It was only Thursday of the following week when my stepdad called me and told me he had to leave for business that came up and he would be back Friday night. I called home about 8 that night and told Brenda i was coming home for the night and she should be in my bed when i got there about 11. The house was dark when i walked in and i checked on my mom sleeping and tucked her in and then went to my room seeing a light on from under the door and walked in. There she was laying on my bed in just a little blue pair of panties. Her tits looked so good as she layed with her head on the pillow and said..hey...this what you wanted with a smile.
I knew my stepdad had probably been screwing her but so what i could share and she didn't know i knew so i you didn't have to get all dressed up for i stripped down and she giggled. She didn't giggle anymore that night i can tell you but she took alot of pussy pounding and sucking my cock and we were up all night fucking. I went through 6 rubbers and soaked them
When i got up and showered had some coffee and was ready to leave she was still sleeping naked face down on my bed. I set the alarm for 7:30 am for her to wake up for my mom and took one last look at her feeling great but exhausted and went back to school.
School was set to let out in a couple weeks and i came home to stay at the house for the summer while i worked. My stepdad and i were both balling her regularly but i was the only one who knew about her fucking both of us. She was careful not wanting to get fired by the guy supporting her my stepdad and i found out she was dating this black guy she had known from school secretly. He got her knocked up and asked her to marry him and that was the end of the fun with Brenda for my stepdad and
Time marched on and as i finished school th next year i was dating and my stepdad did get help again but she was an older heavy set woman. I don't know maybe he was banging her too but i would not have. I moved south after school and had fun and my mother passed and thats what led me to move back as much as anything.
My stepdad dated some but never got in a serious relationship just a woma now and then and we remained close and i saw him as often as i could.
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