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Rough bondage with my husband

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Smile Rough bondage with my husband

One day I got home from work, and as soon as I got inside, my husband quickly pulled me by the hand into the bedroom. Before I could even say anything, he began tying my hands behind my back with some sort of rope, and threw me on the bed. I was so shocked, I couldn't even say anything as he yanked my panties out from under my skirt, blindfolded me, and tied my legs to the bedposts using some soft cloth. He turned up the radio loud, and I felt him pull my top up, reach under me and undo my bra, pulling it up and slapping my breasts as soon as they were out...firm the first couple times, and then harder, and finally as hard as he could with the slaps being audible above the loud music, each one forcing me to yelp "Aah!" and making my eyes water under my blindfold. He got up on top of me, straddling me, still groping my big breasts and slapping them as hard as he could, asking me "do you like that, bitch? You'd better like what I do to you, and take what I give you." With that, he moved up and jammed his cock into my mouth, holding my head with his hands and fucking my lips as I lay helpless on the bed. I was a good girl, twirling my tongue around the head of his cock every chance that I got, and teasing the bottom of his cock with my tongue when he was deeper in my mouth. He fucked my mouth for a good fifteen minutes, as he continued to reach back and slap my breasts and all over my body as hard as he could. His slaps hurt even more now as my breasts were tender and way more sensitive. He pulled out and got between my legs, and started slapping my pussy really hard, making my eyes tear up even more. I was beginning to cry when he started fingering me, and licking my pussy, making me moan in total relief. It felt so good, and was a complete surprise when he pulled his mouth off of me and started slapping my pussy again! It was so confusing as he would make it hurt with slaps, and then glide his tongue inbetween my legs and finger me. He did this for a couple of minutes until I couldn't take it anymore and started to cum. He just kept working his tongue on my pussy and fingering me, and I was screaming and moaning in a high pitch tone as he licked me out on the bed and brought me to one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. He took off my blindfold, and undid the ropes around my arms and wrists, as well as the cloth bindings around my ankles that tied my legs to the bedposts. I took off all my clothes, and he started to kiss me, wanting to get his by fucking my wet pussy. I kissed him briefly, and then fully slapped him in the face...a real slap. He looked completely shocked at me, and I did it again, I slapped him in the face hard. I reached down and started giving him a handjob with one hand, helping him to relax and enjoy it, and then smiled as I slapped him as hard as I could in the face with the other hand. I bent over, swallowing his cock in my mouth as I sucked my own taste off of him. He moaned, closing his eyes and tilting his head back as I gave him a wonderful, slow blowjob, and then stood up, and slapped him in the face, again! It was so liberating, and felt so good, because I was now exerting power over him. I pulled him so we were both standing up, turned off the radio, and then opened our bedroom sliding glass door, leading him to one of the chairs in the backyard. I knew absolutely that our next door neighbors were definitely watching, as they love to hear us fuck, and are always on the side of their house it seems, right by our bedroom when we make love. I sucked him off as he relaxed in the chair, and then lowered myself onto his big dick, giving him a good lay for his performance. I rocked back and forth on him until we both came, and then we held each other for a bit after that. That was the roughest time we'd ever played, but it was very fun! I know that maybe reading it is different than it actually was, and may give a wtf? but it's interesting to have some true variety
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Can i have some variety with you:-)....What a great story!!! Im sure it felt good getting your panties ripped out and being pussy licked in that fashion.
Your husband surely knows what to give you.
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You and your husband certainly are living up to the Southern California reputation!!!! Great post!!!! And yes you would make for some great neighbors!
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Reading a story in the Interracial Section
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I did like that story girl! You know it! That was one hot read!
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That's gr8 post girl!!!!
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hey horny slut.......... u r so hard bitch
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What the hell...............

I want to live next to you!!!! :(
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That was good reading
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Smile Wow!

Your story inspired my cock to get very hard.
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