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Elizabeth the pastors wife revealed

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Default Elizabeth the pastors wife revealed

Over the next couple of weeks i thought about the pastors wife Elizabeth and went back and forth in my mind wondering. Was she much wilder than she presented herself to be but i thought it more likely she was a frustrated and very horny nice woman who at around 30 was in need of a real man. Tiffany was getting worried we would be found out if we continued to play around in the church and she didn't want us to get caught together in public so we messed around in my truck one night in the church parking lot after everyone left with me finally getting her to give me a blow job but she wouldn't swallow it and it made a mess on her clothing and mine and then i gave her a good long fucking from behind with my tailgate down and he bent over and of course she didn't want me to cum so after she got off i put it in her ass and gave it a few strokes and blew my
I did like the fact that Tiff would take it anyway i wanted but she had a passion for deep strokes from behind. One thing or another always came up for one of us and the church didn't have much going on so we just played around the one time and another time after church one Sunday morning she followed me down a dirt road and we pulled over for a quick fuck but other than that we didn't do much and i was catching Elizabeth check me out fairly often but when i looked at her and smiled she would just smile and look away like nothing was going on.
I was having a real mental struggle with the idea of her being the pastor wife and yet she was so pretty and sweet and i was thinking more and more about what her body might look like and how it would feel to fuck her. Then came a night for another choir practice and Tiffany was sick i found out later but didn't show up. As Elizabeth played the organ i was looking at her all sweet with her blond hair back in a pony tail and wearing a nice white button down dress with pink decorations of some sort on it as i remember and she had on these white average height high heels and no panty hose and she had a decent tan and her legs and calves looked so good she was making me really horny. There was some eye contact with her during the evening of practice and her blue eyes were really drawing me in but she would always look away.
When we finished some of us chatted as others left and then over a few minutes there were only a few people left and Elizabeth was picking bibles off the pews and generally cleaning things up and i told the last woman to leave i wanted to stay and help Elizabeth and found myself alone watching her walking through the pews and bending over picking things up and she don't have to stay i can do this and i said i wouldn't think of it ans she smiled and continued. I picked up a few papers off the front row as she came to it and helped and when i walked to her she was bending over with one knee on a pew reaching for something she dropped to the floor and her dress had hiked up showing the back of he slender sexy legs and the lower part of the back of her thigh. I was getting a hard on fast and walked sillenty a few steps on the carpet to stand right behind her and when she stood up i put my arms around her and held her to me and she gasped. She was probably 6 inches shorter than me and i could look down and see her breasts heave as her breathing changed and she said...whattt......i lowered my hands in a v shape tracing down her body to where i rubbed both against her crotch and pressed my hard cock against her and didn't let her finish talking telling her softly near her ear..i saw you watching Tiff and me...she didn't try to get away but instead just stood there as i felt her up saying..i didn't mean too. did..i said as i grabbed some of her dress with both hand and pulled it up and then slid one hand into her panties and slid it slowly through her pussy lips and up and down and she leaned back and moaned. Then as i rubbed her pussy i put my other hand on her chest over her dress and felt around to feel for and found a hardening nippple and squeezed it lightly and she moved he butt backwards agaisnt me had such a dominant feeling and rush going through me like electricity. I knew this was forbidden and sinful but i couldn't control myself and she had totally given in to me easily. I stuck my tongue in her ear and ran it around and blew my hot breath in as i pulled back slightly and said..YOU WANT ME DON'T YOU..HAAAA....She said nothing at first and just wriggled back against me as i felt up her tit and was running my fingers through her pussy making her wet and when i rubbed soft and quickly against her clit she did this..HUUHH...HEWWWW...HUH HUH...i let go of her and she stood there and swayed in a daze for a second while i undid my belt and unzipped and pulled my jeans down and sat down pulling her to sit on the pew next to me and then as we were turned to each other i kissed her deep and grabbed for her arm and ran it down and pulled her hand to my hot swollen cock and made her grip it as i held her hand there and she sighed through the kiss. She never moved her hand from it or to stroke it so i stood up and faced her sitting on the the pew with my cock as big and full and hard as i ever had seen it and reached out with both hands and pulled her head down and pushed my cock against her pretty little mouth and pushed through her lips sliding a few inches in and out of her warm wet mouth fucking her pretty face and she had her arms outstrectched with her hands opened wide and as i went in deeper she was gurgling and trying to breath. I slowed it down a bit and slid out and then back in a few times and she finally started to go up and down sucking my cock and put her hands on my sides. I pulled out and bent over and grabbed her by her pony tail and kissed her hard and said..TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT...and she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and didn't speak so i stood up taking my cock in hand and the other on her head and fucked her face more saying..TELL ME......and when i pulled out again she sat back and gasped for some air and rubbed some saliva off her chin and said looking up at me..i want you to do what you did to Tiffany. I smiled a very sinister smile i guess and reached down and pulled her to her feet and then as she stood there i unbuttoned her dress and pulled it down to her waist. Then i said take off that bra and let me see and she loked at me the whole time she reached back and unhooked it and let it slip off her and i took it and threw it on the floor and saw these perky little maybe 34 C tits with rose colored nipples sticking out. They were beautiful and i held them both in my hands and slowl fondled them as she closed her eyes and moaned softly. Then pulling my hands away i took off my short slowly as she opened her eyes and watched and then i moved past her as she turned and sat down taking off my boots and jeans and briefs and sat there with my cock waiting for her. I grabbed her hips gently and pulled her to me and lifted her dress and pulled down her panties and she put a hand on my shoulder as i took them over her high heels and she stepped out of them. I could see her heavy breathing looking at her chest and pulled her to sit on me facing me as i put my hands under her skirt to move it up so it wouldn't get caught under us and took my cock and place it at her hot pussy and with her thighs around me and her feet sticking back i pushed in and she pressed against me and moaned deep and gave out a loud..OOHHHHHUHHHHH...UH..UH as she gently started to slide up and down more and more. I made her lean back so i could kiss and lick and suck her tits and she raised her feet and her high heels came off as she put her feet on the pew on either side of me and fucked me slowly up and down most of the way. She had her hands on my upper arms and was gripping tight and fucking like i never thought would happen but she loved it and soon was moving herself around drilling down on my cock and gasping and moaning loud and i my big cock...mmmmmmm....After a couple minutes she was smiling and making all sorts of animal sounds and going up and down all the way and fast throwing her head around and saying yelling...OHHHHHH.YES...HAHAHA.. Iwas getting close to cumming too and ready baby...and she was going up and down fast and i put my hands under her legs and held her up just a little and thrust upward back and forth rapidly and the sound of my balls slapping against her and all our mixed sounds made me explode and she drove down and wrapped herself around me tight with her head on my shoulder and was huffing and puffing and saying..Ahhh..Ahhhh ..I felt every shot of cum into her and she screamed out ...YESSSSSSSS and her body spasmed and got so tight around me as she climaxed and layed back holding on by my neck and panted and rocked slowly on my cock saying..EWWWWWW..OHHHHHH...then relaxed and layed forward kissing me and and then laying against me. She was SO HOT...she must have been so sexually repressed. Then i helped her off me and she sat back down sideways on my lap like a little girl laying her head against my chest as i gently ran my hand on her thighs and asked feel better Elizabeth and she said mmmmmmm..yes.
My cock was covered with her cum and mine and still fairly hard as she sat on me and adjusted herself with a sigh. After a few minutes i had her stand up and i pulled her dress off and she stepped out of it. The sexual desires between us over whelmed the fact that we were there in her husbands church and just fucked each other silly. I was still sitting and pulled her to me and was kissing and licking her stomach and lifted her leg to put one of her feet on the pew to my side and i licked her pussy and she moaned deep and lustfully. She was pressing against my tongue and running her hand through my hair and i stopped and turned her around and she sat down without coaxing as i held my cock up and sank down on it and i held her by the hips and fucked her while i sat there.
Having already cum i was good to go and i held her hips and helpd her go up and down for several minutes and then when i heard her sounds like she was going to cum again i brought her down and balls deep just sat there and fingered her clit softly and with vigor and she yelled out another orgasm and then sat there slowly rocking back and forth moaning and leaning back against me. She had me so damned hot i just came out and said...mmmm.ready for my cock in your ass like Tiff and she said slowly..haaa..if you gentle i picked her up some and as she crotched i wet my finger and slowly used it to get her butthole to relax and slipped it in and slowly moved it gettig her ready and then i held my cock and pulled her back some and put it at hole but she was puckering and scared and too tight. I remembered the hand lotion in the bathroom on the stairway and got up and said i'll be right back and when i returned she was laying on the pew in the fetal position. I looked down at her with my big cock near her face and said..this will make it ok and lubbed my cock up and said just lay there and got behind her as she had her head and shoulders at the solid wood side of the pew and lightly and gently put alot of it on her butthole and gently rubbed her pussy while i jerked my cock keeping i rigid. She looked like an angel laying there and her ass was so nice. i had my left leg on the floor and pressed up against her saying it's ok..just relax and then i took my dick and pressed it and it popped in her butt and she yelped some. I was in her ass and took my hand away putting it on the side of her hip an slowly moved barely at all back and forth as she moaned deep..i must have down that for a couple of minutes getting her butt used to my thickness and telling will feel so good..mmm and it was good i was going slow slow because she was so damn tight. I knew i was the first man to plant my flag in her butt.
I ran my hands over her gently telling her how beautiful she was and slowly started to going in deeper but i only went about halfway as her sounds were mixed pain and pleasure and i didn't want to hurt her. I was real close and said ...mmmmm..when i cum in your butt it will feel great...she was grunting with my slow fucking and moaning and i tried to make it last as long as possible but after maybe 3 minutes i was so ready and pushed in to about 3/4 of my cock in her saying..UUUHHHHHH. and i could feel my cock throbbing and her butthole clenching on it and i unloaded a hot stream in her and shivered as i drained myself and she had her head turnd to the side and had her mouth wide open going..OHHHHHHHHH. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...when i finished i slowly slid it back out of her and she layed there as i stood up.
I said just rest and went to the bathroom and washed up. When i came back she had her dress clothes back on and was standing there doing the last of her buttons on her dress and she looked up at me with a tear in her eye and said i can't do anything else. I held her and said's ok. Then i dressed as she gingerly sat down on the pew and looked lost. I knew she was upset and confused and probably feeling ashamed and when i was dressed i sat down and told her what an incredible woman she was and i wanted to be with her more and not see Tiff that way again. She replied with a mixture of really ? and i am a terrible person. I am an adulterer. Half an hour of conversation encompassed me telling her she was not bad that she was human and had needs unfullfilled and we were together for a reason. I was speaking from mostly a desire to keep banging her but i needed her to be able to do it. She was very pretty and sweet but far too sexual to be a pastors wife. When i have shared this event before i always said it was a one time thing but that was a lie. My desire for her was to much to control and even though everytime i had her she was not the aggressor and sometimes had top be coaxed into it she always submitted and had orgasms and loved being fucked by a big cock even though emotionally she was still marrried to my pastor. It became kind of a dominant taking submissive relationship and she liked it getting a little rough sometimes. think she like feeling a little slutty but when we were done having our sex and cumming she always felt bad. She couldn't stop though. I was addicted to fucking the shit out of the sweet pastors wife and she loved being balled by a big hard young cock.
We carried on that way for quite awhile and i am surprised her husband didn't have a clue because her pussy was being opened up by me doing her several times a week. Here is the worst part. One day she came to my place and seemed in a weird mood but she was real horny too. I practically ripped her clothes off and tied her to the bed by her hands and fucked her without mercy and she was yelling and cumming and after i unloaded a 3 rd. time in her pussy and on top of her trying to catch my breath and covered in sweat she started crying and i kept asking her what was wrong as i untied her. Did i hurt you ? No...It sounded like you loved it....I did....I said kind of pissed..THEN WHAT..she gained her composure and made me pregnant..i'm having our baby...all i could say was..SHIT....she started to cry again..i ran my hand on her and kissed her saying it's ok...i had to ask..are you sure it's not his..she looked at me a little ticked off and said..we never have sex..we haven't in two years. I held her and said it will be alright..Elizabeth..I LOVE YOU..leave him and marry me. I had come to love her but love doesn't seem to last for me. She shook her head and said no..i married once that's it. I don't believe in divorce. i said well we can take care of it..she said quickly ..NO..i am having it..i just found out so maybe i can get him to have sex with me and convince him it's his.
The pastor did have blond hair and eyes like mine i thought but i did try to get her to change her mind but it was made up. She did have the baby and i have no idea if she ever made it work the way she said or if she came clean but she told me she would never tell who the father was but i had to never try to see him and she wanted me to keep going to church for a few months and then slowly stop coming so he would not suspect me being the father. It was hard doing that and see the child grown inside her but Tiff had broken up with her boyfriend and we started to date and made it known to all so i had a cover i thought.
I think it was hard for Elizabeth to see me with Tiff too and Tiff acted very loving in public. Why not i treated her well and we fucked like rabbits for a few months but then after i stopped going to that church i broke up with Tiffany. I have never told this full story and my son is a man by now. It still hurts that we will never know each other. I think the way it went down with Elizabeth is why i am the way i am today and don't want to have a serious relationship again. There have been a few women i regret not beiong faithfull too but she was the one that wanted to stay with her husband so i had no choice.
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Wow, Big D. Don't know what to say. You are revealing some deep stuff here. If you read this, write me.m Maybe we should talk.
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Question Wow!

What a twist. I too have nothing to say. What started out as a to hand full Kleenex Jack off , died just before my cum shot. WOW!
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