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church indescretions led to taking the pastors wife

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Default church indescretions led to taking the pastors wife

I have benn a regular church member at many churches in my life mostly large ones as i grew older but when i was in my 20's i was going to this somewhat rural small methodist church. I also found church a good place to meet girls and i was at this church very involved in charitable works like making meals for seniors and homeless and also believe it or not was in the small choir. The pastors wife was named Elizabeth and she was a sweet woman around 30 i guess and her husband the pastor was a mild soft spoken nice man in his mid 30's. Elizabeth was very pretty having very light blond fine hair and amazing blue eyes. They were mesmerizing light blue and she was trim and soft spoken as well. The story does not start with her but ends in her. I was hot for this other girl named Tiffany. She had blond hair like Elizabeth but green eyes and very well built with a great ass and legs and super rack and she was about my age. She was in the choir too and also donated lots of time like i did. I probably did so much to get close to her which i did over time. Tiff had a boyfriend but he didn't come to church so i never had to be concerned about him and we were getting closer and flirting with each other alot.
We became in time the first to volunteer, the first to show and the last to leave other than the pastor or his wife most times.
We were getting horny for each other and we both knew it and we talked about going out but she was so afraid she would get caught by her boyfriend and she said he had a terrible temper.
One night we had choir practice and when she came and i saw her i was so horny i got hard as we were singing and looking at her. Tiff was wearing what i guess is a called like a body suit. It was a black top opne wide to her shoulders at the top and her tits looked like big mellons in it. She had a plaid skirt on and bare legs and was in bare feet having taken her shoes off and left them to the side. She looked so good and the sight of her tits and sweet round ass in that skirt and bare legs was driving me crazy and i could tell from her looks she knew it and liked my eyes on her. The choir and the pastors wife who was also the organist were the only ones there and after practice as some left Elizabeth mentioned the kitchen downstairs in the basement needed cleaning up for a dinner the next night. Tiff and i quickly volunteered and went downstairs. I turned the light in the stairwell on as we walked down and left the hall lights dark just walking into the kitchen and tuning them on. It was real quiet as we cleaned up and when Elizabeth came down she saw we were taking care of things and said she had a things to do in the office upstairs since we had it under control. We worked for about 15 minutes and were giving each other looks and Tiff was washing things as i brought them to her at the sink and admiring her ass and the back of her legs as she bent over the sink and as we finished and i stood near her i sensed she wanted me to make a move so as she finished a last pot and put it to the side drying her hands i got behind her and leaned over and kissed her neck as i put my hands around her and cupped her big round mellons in my hands. She grabbed the edges of the sink and just put her head back enjoying my hands and my lips kissing her neck and in a soft voice said..haaa..we can't let Ben find out...haaa...isaid though my kissing her neck..he'll never know letting one hand slide down between her legs which she spread some for me and i fingered her pussy over her leotard or body suit whatever you call it. All i know is i felt two snaps and popped them open and then fingered her clit lighlty as she moaned. There was a long counter in the middle of the room and i walked her to it and we kissed as she pressed her tits agaisnt mine and i unzipped my pants pulling my dick out and pulling her hand to it and she gripped it and squeezed and sighed breathing harder. I took my hands and pulled downward on her hips an she squatted and licked my dick head and went down on me but only for a short time standing up saying i don't like to do that. I picked her up and sat her on the counter ans lightly pushed her back to lay down and lifted her skirt and started to lick her pussy and finger fuck her to her delight and then i stood up as she layed there and pulled her top down exposing her tits in a bra and reched under her as she raised up some and unhooked it taking it off her. It was so quiet all you could hear was our breathing and i went back and forth fondling her tits and sucking her nipples as she moaned. I pulled my head up and as i said ..i have wanted to fuck you since the day i saw you i noticed Elizabeth standing just outside the door to the kitchen barely peering in. I made no movements to that would have let her know i saw her and just kept playing with Tiff thinking if she's watching and not saying anything she wants to watch as Tiff said..ohhh i want you to fuck me...ohhhh...Tiffany's legs were hanging over the counter at the bent at the knee and i was rock hard and pushed her back some on the counter and pulled her knees up with her feet flat on the counter and kissed her pussy licking it and sticking my tongue in her and wiggling it around and she was writhing and moaning. The counter was too high to fuck her standing on the floor so i asked her to move back and i got up on the counter on my knees and started to lay down on top of her in the missionary position and saw without directly l;ooking at Elizabeth the expression on Elizabeth's face the first time she saw my big thick cock and she was still and silent pearing around the edge of the door but had this look with her mouth opened like EWWWWW.
I reached down and grabbed my cock putting it at Tiffs hole and she said..please don't CUM in me..haaa..i'm not on birth control.
I put my big mushroom head in and Tiff made this..ewww..mmmm.... and i rested on my elbows on either side of her head above her and started to work back and forth in her pussy as she got wetter and just said...ohhhh..mmmmm....i was getting to the point of almost balls deep in her when she started to show the first signs of losing control and was sliding in and out saying..ohh Tiff you feel SOOO GOOOOD.... and she was saying yes..haa.yes....ahhhhhhh ..i started to fuck her faster and harder and her tits firm as they were were heaving back and forth to my thrusts and i raised my head up too fast in Elizabeths direction and i caught her backing out not be seen and i was humping Tiff hard and we were both doing that UH..UH.UH..UH...and she said haa.pulll out..haa..pull out and i did and slid back as i shot a load at her pussy and on the counter and held my cock down shooting on her inner thigh until i was finished. I got up and went for a dish towel and wiped her off and me then the table and threw in the garbage can as she got off the table and snapped her bosy suit back together and put her bra on pulling her top back up which she sighed about being stretched out.
We were talking out loud then and talked about how great it was and she said lets go volunteer to work the dinner tomorrow night and i said ok.
We went back upstairs and when we saw Elizabeth she looked flushed and i acted like i never saw her and we told her and showed up the next night for the dinner. Afterwards we were cleaning up and as other helpers left we offered to handle the kitchen again. It was getting late and the pastor had left but Elizabeth was hanging around and as we finished we could hear Elizabeth going in and out of the hall even though she was trying to be quiet about it and i had the feeling she was trying to get an eyeful again. Tiff and i wanted to be alone bad and we walked out and asked Elizabeth if she needed any help and she said no..thats fine you two go ahead and we walked up the stairs. This stairway goes up some and there is a bahroom a the landing with the door facing you and then you take a right and go the rest of the way up. I was walking behind Tiff and was getting hard looking at her ass in her tight jeans and stopped her at the landing. We could hear Elizabeth moving tables and putting chairs away and i here..i opened the door and it was a small bathroom with a sink and mirror straight ahead and a toliet to the right and i left the door open but didn't turn on the lights and started to feel her up from behind. I opened her button down blouse and slipped one hand in reaching into her bra and grabbing one tit and squeezed and she said ..ohhh..give it to me...ahhhhh.. i pulled my hand back and as i took my jeans down to my thighs she unsnapped her jeans and wriggled them down to below her knees and i pulled her panties down as she put her hands on the sink. I put both arms around her and we moved together as we went up and down with my red hot cock sliding on ehr cool soft ass and through her butt crack and she said...haaaa.fuck me..ha ha ha...i slid back on the floor some as she moved back some and bent over and i took my dick and rubbed it through her legs and then drove up into her and she had to muffle her own voice and groan and then i held her by her hips and started to thrust back and forth slowly all the way in and almost out and back again and she was trying to be quiet and moaning softly. I was looking into the mirror trying to see Tiff's facial expressions but she had her head down and i saw Elizabeth had silently moved to the bottom of the stairway and was leaning at the doorjam and had her hand on her skirt at her pussy rubbing it and watching us. She must have thought the angle of the stairs would make it impossible to see her but i did. I was excited by her watching and slowed my thrusts back and forth in Tiff to real slow and all of a sudden Tiff shuddered and said..i just came..with an ohhhhh...but then she said..pull out..when you have too..i said...don't worry Tiff..but then a few strokes later i said..oohhh Tiff i need to cum inside you...Tiff quickly't and i slowed to a stop with her pussy throbbing on my cock in her and i said..come on Tiff..she again said you can't...i was breathing fast and said...mmmm..does Ben ever do your butt and she said..haaa..sometimes ..when i am real horny. I said real horny now and she lightly laughed and said yeah..but we have to hurry.
I pulled out and saw a bottle of hand cream on the sink and picked it up and squeezed it out in my hand rubbing it on my cock and then told her to bend over more as i stood back further. Then i put a dab on her butt hole and wiped the rest off on the sides of my shirt and as i put my cock at her butthole she said go easy..or i'll make too much noise. But i knew Elizabeth could probably here every word and i put it i her butt gently and wroked it slowly as she moaned more and more the deeper i went. When i started to thrust slow back and forth almost all the way in with one hand on her back and the other around her hip she was moaning and groaning deep and saying..ohhhh..thats good..ewwww..uhhhhh...her butt hole had loosened up some but was still tighter of course than her pussy and i tried to hole back and managed maybe a minute or so of fucking her ass before i started to hump fast and Tiff had her head down and one hand over her mouth muffling her sounds with the other gripping the sink and i unleashed a big hot load in her and shot over and over as i hunched over her draining myself in her ass before pulling out to her whimper. She said...haaa..ohhhh... and moved to the toilet oh..shit ..shut the door and she sat there as i washed my cock off. Then she stood up and wahed up and made me open the door and peer out. It was silent except for hearing chairs being folded up in the basment again and we tip toed out with Tiff thinking wow we really need to be more careful she said but i was turned on knowing Elizabeth had watched again.The end of this story begins with Elizabeth and she deserves a post of her own so i will do hers next.
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Man i always dreamed of something like this happening at my church! Did you ever post the story of elizabeth?
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Default fun

cant wait to hear the pastor's wife story.
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