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The Stairwell

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Default The Stairwell

After Jenna and I's first meeting, we knew we had to have more of each other...A LOT more of each other. So a couple days later we decided to meet up again. I was able to get out of the office for the afternoon and luckily her bosses were letting them go about a little early that day,so she would have some time before her husband expected her to be home. I had nothing to do with my afternoon, so I said I would come up early and she could sneak away for a few minutes and we could play a little somewhere in her building. We both thought this would be exciting and we were feeling really adventurous after our first encounter.

The whole time I was driving to her office, we were emailing sexy stuff back and forth, so that by the time I got there, I was totally worked up. When I got there, she was waiting in the lobby downstairs for me. She immediately pulled me into the hallway and we started kissing and groping each other. The energy was there again and if you can believe it was stronger than it was the first time. She only had 10-15 min before someone would come looking for her. There was an empty office space that we tried to go into, but unfortunately it was locked. We were both annoyed, but so worked up that we weren't about to stop. We had to find a place because we were both exploding with desire.

We went into the stairway and realized that underneath the stairs was blocked from view as long as anyone going in or out the door didn't look around the stairs, we would be hidden. There was something about the public nature of this that made it even more exciting. I pulled her under the stairs and we continued to go at it. There was no thinking involved. We were kissing and touching each other so perfectly. I turned her around so that her back was against my chest and her ass pressed against my throbbing hard cock through my pants. My hands reached under her shirt and rubbed her tits while i kissed her neck. She was grinding her ass into my cock that was getting harder and harder by the second. I slid one hand into her pants and felt how wet she was. She moaned a little as my finger slid between her pussy lips and gently stroked her clit. My lips found hers again and we were kissing passionately while i stroked her pussy and she rubbed her ass into my cock. The sexual energy between us was so intense. We hadn't said a word since we walked into the stairwell. Our bodies had totally taken over.

I turned her back around and pushed her against the wall. I kissed her lips, then her neck. then lifted her shirt and pulled her tits out of her bra and sucked her nipples. She moaned softly at this and her nipples got hard in my mouth and as i ran my tongue around them. I dropped down to my knees and as I did, I pulled her pants and panties down with me. I looked up and she was staring right down into my eyes. That same look she gave me in the car a couple days before. I put my arm under her one leg and lifted it slightly, and without losing eye contact, i started to slide my tongue over her soaking wet pussy. The instant my tongue touched her she shivered and started to breathe heavier. I worked my tongue between her pussy lips, licking her clit and running circles around it. She tasted soooo good and the soft moans she was letting out were driving me wild. Plus every time i looked up into her eyes I saw the energy and passion that pushed me further and further.

All of a sudden, the door to the stairwell opened. We knew we were hidden, but if the person had turned 2 feet to their right, they would have seen me on my knees, with Jenna against the wall, her pants down and tits hanging out of her shirt. I stopped licking, but didn't dare to move and make any noise. I looked up at Jenna and the look she gave me was half terrified that one of her co-workers would find us, and half "I don't give a fuck keep licking my pussy." We stayed just like that, not moving. It seemed like it took forever for the person to climb the stairs and go out the door at the top. When we heard the door close and no more footsteps in the stairwell, we both smiled at each other. We had just come so close to getting caught, but that seemed to only make us hotter.

I stood up and kissed her again so she could taste her sweet pussy on my lips. Then i asked her "Do you wanna get fucked?" She nodded and said/moaned "yes." I turned her around and put her hands against the wall. She leaned over so while I put a condom on. I put my fingers to her pussy and she was still dripping wet. I was so hard and pushed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. She moaned fairly loudly as i slowly slid my cock into her. She felt so good. Her pussy was wet and tight around my shaft. I started slow at first. My hands on her hips pulling her into me with each slow stroke. I couldn't believe it, but i was already feeling the urge to explode. Again, it was an amazing energy that was flowing between us. I started to fuck her a little faster now. Jenna looked back at me and those eyes were still showing me all the passion. She said "Cmon Scott, I am close already, Fuck me, cmon fuck me." I started to fuck her really hard now. The sound of my body slapping into her was echoing through the stairwell. I noticed how loud it was, but didn't give a shit at that moment. I felt her body tense up. She pushed back hard into me and let out a muffled scream. I could tell she was trying to be quiet. Her pussy contracted and squeezed around my hard cock. I felt the energy of her orgasm flow right into me. I held myself inside her as deep as I could while she came. I felt her legs slightly giving out, and I was holding her up by her hips. She leaned back and kissed me. I loved every second of her intense orgasm and couldn't wait to give her another one.

I was about to go back to fucking her again, and the god damn door opened again. We froze again. Now if anyone decided to look around the corner, they would see Jenna leaning over, hands pressed against the wall. Me with my pants around my ankles with my cock in her. We waited in silence. the person came down the stairs and went out the door. It dawned on me that anyone that was outside the doors of the stairwell would surely be able to hear the slapping sounds that were echoing through the stairs. I was definitely not holding back at all while I was fucking her. We realized that she had definitely exceeded her 10-15 min (probably pushing closer to 25) and that her bosses were probably looking for her. She would be done with work in about an hour. She said that everyone in her office would be leaving and we could go up there and have total privacy. I said I would go find a coffee shop and wait it out. I was so turned on and whoever had just come down the stairs had prevented us from finishing one amazing fuck. But I knew that once i got Jenna alone in her office, it was gonna be even better.

I went to a nearby shop and pulled out my laptop. Immediately hopped back online with Jenna and we picked up right where we left off talking sexy and dirty. She told me that the second person we heard coming down the stairs was her boss. Thank god he didn't take a whiff and smell the sex that was so thick in that stairwell. The waiting was torture especially since we were talking dirty to each other online. And to make it worse, Jenna's boss said they could all go, but he was staying to finish some stuff up. So I waited an extra half hour and finally she just told me to come back and we would find someplace to finish what we started.

By the time i got back to her office, her boss was still there and now we were running out of time again. Her husband would be expecting her home. There was not private place to go, so we headed back to the stairwell. I think both of us really enjoyed the fact that it was public and the chance of getting caught was pretty high. It definitely added to the excitement.

As soon as we were back there, the energy was intense again. We were kissing and groping each other. This time she reached into my pants and grabbed my cock. I was already rock hard and ready to go. The same time i put my hand on her beautiful wet pussy again and started to rub it. We were kissing and stroking each other, getting more and more intense by the second. She smiled at me and gave me that look with her eyes. She slowly slid down onto her knees and pulled my pants down. she took my cock in her hand and while she was staring into my eyes started to stroke it slowly. She took her tongue and ran it around the head of my cock and then slowly up and down my shaft. The eye contact she was making with me was driving me insane. Then she started to lick and suck my balls while she gently stroked my cock. I couldn't help moaning, it felt so good. Then she licked back up my shaft and took the head of my cock in her mouth and started to suck on it while her hand stroked up and down my cock. I couldn't believe how wild Jenna was making me. She started to move her mouth up and down my cock along with her hand stroking it. She was taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could with every stroke up and down. She stopped for a minute and looked up at me. Holding my cock in her hand and rubbing it on her lips and face. Those eyes again were driving me crazy. I have never been so turned on in my life. She saw that i was ready. I don't know what my face looked like, but something in my eyes told her i couldn't take it any longer. She started sucking my cock up and down again faster. Within seconds I moaned out "I'm gonna cum" She kept sucking and as my cock started to spasm, she sucked hard on the head. I came so hard and so much. I felt pulse after pulse. she was looking up at me while I filled her mouth with my hot cum. She kept looking in my eyes as she swallowed every drop of me. after she swallowed me, she slowly sucked me for a little longer. Gently teasing me as she cleaned up my cock. This was by far the best blow job I had ever had. Not only was it good, but that sexual connection that we have seems to make every orgasm so much more intense. I pulled her up, kissed her and held her. her eyes again totally captivating me. That look of desire and passion and I know that she was seeing the same thing in me.

I know that neither of us wanted to leave. We only wanted to find a private place that we could get lost in sex for hours or days. Unfortunately we had to go back to our "real" lives at that point. But I knew that it was not going to be long before I saw her again. I was totally addicted to that energy and sexual excitement we had and I could tell she was too.

I really hope Jenna is able to hop on here and share her side of this with you guys too. I love hearing her descriptions of our encounters and i know she loves to hear mine.

Hope you all enjoy,
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Reliving these moments are so intense...Scott's attention to detail is amazing. Our encounters are pure and hot and this one particular was incredible. It was the first time he was inside of me. When he entered me my body had a huge rush of geniune pleasure. I immediatly went weak in the knees. I would of given anything for a bed and a private room to truely give myself to him. But the sense of a public place (very public place) was so hot! When our eyes locked we had this incredible connection that nothing could break it.
I will post more later....
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As noisy with echoes as a stairwell is someone could have been eavesdropping!!! If so they probably enjoyed it! Great story!
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Now that was taking a chance! I guess it added to the excitement didn't it?
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When Scott told me that he was in my building my body went numb I was sooo excited. I ran downstairs and felt that connection immediatly. We kissed, omg he is the best kisser, ran my hands over his huge, thick cock and couldnt wait to get it in my mouth again. When he went down on me I felt weak in the knees. His touch was nothing I felt before. His tongue was teasing me and driving me wild. And the looks he kept giving me I knew he was enjoying it as much as I did. He turned me around and when he slipped inside me my body had a rush of pure pleasure. I would of given anything for a private room but kinda liked the idea of the very public place. Our bodies were slapping together and the smell of sex and desire was thick in the air. I felt him close and when he came it turned me was soooo hot. The second time he came back to the office I rushed to body going crazy. I was so wet and turned on that everything around me didnt exsist. I ran to him and kissed. Giving him a blow job was pure pleasure for me. I loved feeling that I drove him wild. His big cock tasted so good. I could taste his precum and throughly enjoyed was like a tease to me and made me want more a lot more.
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You get desperate and you gotta get it where you can, plus taking a chance adds to the excitement!
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Smile Wow!

That was extremely hot and I,m home alone. Where is that damn wall plug???
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