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Sex Episode on the Cruise Liner

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Default Sex Episode on the Cruise Liner

Whenever we on holiday I noticed that my partner gets very much into the kinky mood. Not discounting previous episode of sex in a motel, hotel or lodge, this one seems to have taken a different episode.
On boarding a cruise liner unpacking our luggage in the cabin, thereafter getting ready for dinner, we both proceeded to the dining area and settled in comfortably. My wife was dressed quite different from her normal self and it kind of turned me on. Having dined at leisure we then proceeded to the lounge area and flopped onto couches, ordering our usual drinks. By some chance, my wife happened to drop her bag on the floor and on retrieving it, I caught a glimpse of her inner thighs, and so did some other folks. To everyone's amazement she had exposed her pussy as she was not wearing any panties. I didn't know what to say except that it was the first time she had gone panty less. I whispered in her ear and she gave me the nod that yes it made her feel more sexy and coupled to that she was bra-less as well.
I sensed that she was up to mischief, and just smiled as I knew that when we retire to our bedroom later, there’s going to be a mammoth session of sex before we rest the evening out.
My wife excused herself for a while to frequent the ladies room, and as she did not return for some time, I went around looking for her. To my surprise I found her in a secluded corner of the lounge, but not to much more of a surprise of what she was doing (I had seen her previously).She was giving this guy (who was sitting next to us earlier) an intensive blowjob, and as she was going about her expert task, failed to notice that I was seeing the scene play off. He shot a load and without blinking an eye she swallowed and cleaned him out. I disappeared quickly off the scene.
On returning a few minutes later she seemed very innocent except to say that she was just restoring some make up hence the delay. I just reminded her that there was a trace of some "toothpaste" on her lips and she blushed vehemently.
As we got back to our cabin room, I reminded her again about her mouth that had something like “semen” between her teeth. She laughed and without further ado, went down on her knees, turned around on all fours, lifted her naked ass, and offered me something she never did. I instantly had a hard -on as it was always my desire to screw her in the ass, but because of taboo, she always refused. I distinctly remember the words she used: "Fuck My Ass", in the process handing me some anal lubrication. I rubbed it in and around her anal area, and coming on over her, inserted my hardened penis into her tight hole. Penetration needed extra force, so with all my might I pushed hard and she responded by relaxing her muscles. I plunged in and out, she responded with similar forward and backward movements until we build up a perfect rhythm before she insisted that I offload my cum into her ass hole. The pressure was intense and I finally filled her asshole with a thick load. I was surprised that at the same time she went into an orgasm as well as she was all the time massaging her clit in drips and drabs and coupled to her new found joy, it drove her to ecstasy. I withdrew and she gently licked the excess semen off my flaccid penis, smiling and then admitting it's nice to have a load down your throat and up your ass in one night!
And so started our new adventures..Exploring beyond the boundaries.
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Sounds like the cruise was worth it !
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