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Erotic bath time at the farm

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Default Erotic bath time at the farm

This is a sexual fun event from 98/99 during our time in southern Africa. If you only enjoy stories involving penetration read no further.

We had bought a lovely 30 acre farm 60 kms north of our home city. The place was a wreck so we lived at our home in the city Mon – Fri; and spent Fri, Sat, Sun nights at the farm. We had two staff living in the outbuildings, and after two years of hard work fixing things they were valued members of our rural family.

By now the house was a lovely traditional farmhouse, and we had grown used to the running of a rural business with local staff. Basically, anything to do with the household was ‘Madam’s’ function. Everything else was the Boss’s task. No matter how we tried, this would never change.

The labourer was named William, and he had a good relationship with my husband. Elizabeth, our housekeeper ran the house whether we were there or not!!!

If you have read any other posts from me you know that I like to wear as little as possible. So, since our farm was in a sub-tropical valley, and summer time was hot and sweaty, you can guess my preferred dress code. We had not been there long when William caught me in a state of semi-undress. Early on a Saturday morning I was making coffee with our kitchen stable-style door open at the top. I was wearing only an African wrap tied at the waist with my breasts exposed. When I turned to get coffee mugs William was standing at the door looking at me, and only when I faced him did he ask for my husband. From that day on I was aware of him occasionally being around the house at odd times when he had no need, and early one morning I caught him in a dressing table mirror watching my husband as he ate my wide open pussy.

One very hot Sunday my husband had been at the local bar watching UK soccer, so I met him there and we had a few more cocktails with friends before deciding on an early night.

My husband enjoyed the rural life, and had adapted to a lot of the local ways. One of his favorites was the outdoor “shower”. It was a hose pipe with sprinkler head hanging from a tree in the driveway beside the house. He had copied this from William’s little house, and now rarely used the bathroom, preferring a cold shower outside. Our housekeeper had long grown used to seeing the boss in his African shower!! On this hot night, he handed me his clothes and was showering before I had the door open.

I was in the bathroom preparing a bath when he called out that he was getting straight into bed. Monday was a very early start to get to the city. The old house had doors in strange places and very odd windows. One door opened from next to the bathroom onto the back yard. I had opened this to get some air moving, and also opened the large window over the sink. As I did my girl stuff I was leaning against the cold ceramic sink, and was acutely aware of the way I was pressing my mound against it in a slow deliberate rhythm.

I was enjoying the sensation when I heard a sound outside the window. We had two huge dogs patrolling the farm that hadn’t raised a whimper so I knew it was William. When I asked the question he just said ‘Yes’ and appeared at the window. Obviously I was naked, but William just said ‘The water is off’ and stood staring at my breasts. I wasn’t about to wake my husband to find the problem with William’s water supply in the dark, so told him to use the hose right by the window, where it was also light. When he said I have no soap, I told him to start while I found him some.

I wrapped a towel around my waist, grabbed my husband’s shower gel and stepped outside. It was still really hot, so it was actually nice to be outside. William had started his shower when I held out the gel and squeezed it into his hand. There was nowhere to hang this hose, so I took it from him whilst he lathered up. There were some outside chairs standing beside the door so I took one and sat, while William washed his body. Feeling a little playful I occasionally sprayed him which helped relax a little tension between us.

He had kept his shorts on throughout his shower, so far!! When I told him to remove them and shower properly he, at first, refused rather shyly. When I asked him how many times he had seen me naked he replied “Sometimes”, which I knew meant that he had seen me many more times than I was aware of. I teased him that it was now my turn and that he couldn’t shower properly in shorts, so he turned away and dropped them. His body was tight from manual labour 5 days a week, and I was feeling a little naughty. When he turned to face me he was covering himself, with both hands but when I offered the shower gel he had to partially expose himself to accept it.

He was quite obviously semi erect, under his hand, so I squirted the gel directly onto the base of his shaft, and teased him to wash properly! He was still a little shy as he turned slightly away from me and began to wash himself again. I found this quite erotic, and slightly taboo. There were several stories in the valley of white women having sexual relationships with their staff. One ‘legend’ was a lady we knew well, who apparently serviced her staff of four young men every payday!! I had no intention of having sex with William, but I was enjoying myself, and judging from the motion of his arm so was he.

I decided to have my bath alongside William, sitting on the garden chair. I removed my towel and sat naked allowing the water to cascade down my body from the sprinkler head. It was quite deliciously erotic. The water cooled my skin, and made my nipples rock hard. When I took aim at my mound it felt good enough to make me moan aloud. William heard my groan and turned to look at me. He eyes were wide at the sight. I was lying back in the chair with the hose head resting between my thighs spraying water onto my pussy.

It was enough to make him turn fully towards me and I now also had a lovely view. His engorged cock was pointing upwards, as he held it in his right hand. He was, of course, cut and his knob looked delightful. I lifted the hose so that he had a perfect view of my pussy with my legs wide open. At that, he began to masturbate as I watched; now spraying my clit with a stream of water.

After maybe two minute William came with a delightful stream of semen spouting from him. I thanked him and sprayed his cockhead playfully to wash away the last of his juice.

I handed him my towel and told him to return it in the morning.

When I climbed into bed my husband asked what on earth I had been doing for so long, but he was soon asleep again. As he slept next to me I masturbated slowly to orgasm recalling my sexy shower.

Alex xx
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Gr8 post Alex!!! Good "clean" fun! haha
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Alex as usual you've posted another excellent sensuous erotic story, though no one actually touches anyone other than themselves. That's part of what was so hot & sexy about this one.
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brillliant post but i cant the penetration u promised
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Well written Alex. Erotic and entertaining! Just some erotic exhibitionism, visual fun and stimulation. Excellent post!
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That's a very sexy story!!!
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