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Only Black Cock I've Had

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Default Only Black Cock I've Had

Like many white homos, I've always been turned on by black guys. They just seem so damned studly to me. I've only had the pleasure of tasting one black cock in my life. Unfortunately, that encounter ended up being much less than it could have been. That happened a lot in my early days of homosexualizing, because I was often too nervous about sex with men.

Here's the story of my short encounter with a black stud back in the mid- seventies:

I was around 19 years old and was working in a restaurant at the time. Some friends of one of the waitresses used to come in and drink coffee while visiting her. One was a girl named Debbie who, she told me later, was mixed race- half black, half white. I've always thought black chicks were hot, too, so I was naturally attracted to her.

She had a black guy friend that hung with her named Greg. Not a bad looking guy, but a bit boisterous for my tastes. Besides, I was mostly in denial of my homosexuality at the time so I don't know that I thought about him sexually, at least in my conscious mind. Greg was just a friend of hers, I was to find out. They weren't sexually involved with each other.

Debbie and I ended up going out a few times. Greg usually came with us. Eventually, I ended up in bed with Debbie but, for some reason I seemed to lose interest in her after that. I think it was the crowd she hung with as they were a rough bunch into hard drugs and I didn't feel comfortable in that world. I decided I'd just let the relationship whither on the vine.

I wasn't done seeing Greg yet, though.

One night shortly after the last time I saw Debbie I was at home alone and drinking. As would usually be the case, the homo in me came out when I'd drink. I got to thinking about Greg and realized I was sexually attracted to him. I decided to call Debbie and tell her I was queer and that I was attracted to Greg. I call her and tell her I'm queer and am surprised to hear her say she already kind of figured I was. She also told me she'd let Greg know I had the hots for him.

I went to bed right after that feeling a little weird that I'd outed myself to her. I don't think I'd ever outed myself to anyone at that point in my life.

It wasn't more than 20 minutes after that I hear a knock on my door. I didn't get up. The knock continues and I hear Greg at the door announcing it was him. I got almost scared for some reason and lay still, hoping he'd go away. I have no idea why I would be that way when just 20 minutes before I was telling Debbie I had the hots for him.

The window on the top of my front door had always been broken and he reached in, unlocked the door from the inside and came into the house. Then he walked straight into the bedroom and stood there looking down at me.

Well, since he was there right next to me, I didn't know what else to do. I reached up, and started to unbuckle his pants but he finished taking them off by himself and lay down naked on the bed next to me. We started kissing. Deep, passionate kissing. He was a good kisser. After not too long I went down to suck on his already erect cock. It was a beauty. I can't say for sure, it being so long ago, but compared to my 6" cock it must have been at least 9" long, maybe 10. Yet, it wasn't so thick I couldn't easily get it in my mouth.

I relished that moment and sucked on him for what seemed to be at least five minutes. If that would of been me, I would of blown my load easily in that time, but he had remarkable staying power.

I really wanted to get him to orgasm and, quite honestly, my jaws were getting a bit sore from sucking on him. I wondered if maybe he'd cum faster if he was inside me. I moved up and tried to mount him.

I couldn't get him inside me. We were too dry. I needed lube. To this day I'll never understand why I didn't get up, go to the bathroom and bring back some vasoline- the only lube I knew of at the time. I'm sure I could have easily gotten him inside me once I lubed him up. I never had a problem getting things in my ass back then, except when I didn't have lube.

We kissed for a while longer with the head of his cock just barely penetrating me. About then he says, "I feel love, Fred". After probably about half an hour, I pretty much rolled over on my side and gave up, not believing the staying power he had. Not even pre cum came out of him.

After I rolled over, he got up, put on his clothes and left. The last thing he said was "I'll see you later".

He never did. A few days later he called to tell me an ambulance had taken Debbie to the hospital. She'd overdosed on heroin. I spoke with him for just a few minutes but we never brought up the subject of sex or getting together again and that was the last I'd heard of him.

Another big screw up by me. That could of been one of the most memorable sex experiences in my life: Not only a black cock, but the biggest one I've ever had the pleasure of. I turned it into such a fizzle.

If I could only do it over again.
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